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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/6/2003 7:20:40 PM EST
I posted this item and recieved the answer I think we all need to read and understand...and pass it on.

--------Thanks CJ

Scott King
Online firearm auctions

- CJ wrote =

YES, the freaking ban is going to sunset!

That's definite.

What's to worry about is whether or not new legislation will replace it.

The answer there is a pretty definite NO.

I say this because this isn't 1994, Clinton isn't President, and Republicans dominate politics now.

And, the Democrats haven't forgotten the BLOODBATH at the polls in the Congressional elections following the enacting of the '94 ban, in which case some FIFTY (or was it sixty?) Democratic congressmen who voted FOR the ban got voted OUT of office on their own re-election bids! An unusually high number, to say the least!

Any Democrat with a memory and/or a brain is now officially and formally GUN SHY. They want NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ISSUE, at least if they ever want to get re-elected!


Any new legislation to replace the ban or even extend the existing one would have to go through the same process as any other bill, which is that IT MUST PASS BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS INDIVIDUALLY. ONE IS NOT ENOUGH, IT HAS TO PASS BOTH.

In THIS Congress, there's a chance that such a bill MIGHT make it through the Senate, but there's practically NO chance that it'd survive the House. And if it doesn't survive the House, it's DEAD. Or, if it didn't pass the Senate, it'd be dead.

Both the House and Senate versions, assuming they both passed, would then go to committee for reconciliation, to ensure that the bill in its final form is acceptable to both the House and Senate, and then the final version gets voted on AGAIN by both Houses. But only if it got this far to begin with.

The President could STILL veto the bill, and if he hears the winds blowing hard enough so close to an election, he MIGHT veto it...but he won't because he'll never even see the bill on his desk. So he won't sign it, either.

Right now, we have the most pro-gun Congress we've had in at least the past thirty years, or at least, it's the LEAST anti-gun Congress we've had for that long

The House leadership has publicly sworn that no such bill will even get out of the House Committees for a floor vote, and those committees are controlled by friends of our rights.

The average gun owner is far more awake and aware of the battles over his gun rights now than ten years ago. We're more active, making more noise, and pushing harder at the ballot box. We've shown a willingness to make a politician's stance on firearms a critical factor in how we vote, and we gun owners have PLENTY of potential power at the vote box. It's safe to say that the gun owners of America have more than enough power to make or break virtually ANY candidate's election bid, especially if he has anything resembling a challenging contest already.

We're active, we're writing and calling our congressmen, and we need to do even more of that. Make sure they know that we're watching them, and if they screw us, they'll be unemployed when their current term is up.

Believe it. The ban will go away and won't be replaced. Not this time. Maybe some years from now, if we fall asleep, we may lose some of our rights to power mad socialist bastards again, but not here and now this time.

Mods, can we get this tacked, maybe? And turned into something resembling an "AW ban sunset FAQ", and lock any further new topics on this subject? This is getting freaking REPETITIVE.


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