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Posted: 12/31/2003 2:28:34 AM EDT
between a stock weaponlight and a personal light turned into a weaponlight...momentary switch, mount etc etc.  I love the function and look of the M962; but if a converted G2 will work for ALOT less.....think I would go with that.  Do the conversions really work.  I know I would need a scope mount or a fobus mount but what else.  What is a Z32 Shock Isolate Bezel and what is it used for?  I'm sorry for the stupid questions,  I'm new to long guns and would like to learn from the pros here before I waste my money or heaven forbid screw up my new AR.
Link Posted: 12/31/2003 5:19:40 AM EDT
Battery retention.

The G2 doesn't have a ledge to keep the batteries from impacting into the lamp assembly.

THe weaponslights have that ledge, keep the shock away from the lamp.

VIP in a heavy recoil weapon like a shotgun, not as critical in a 5.56mm like the AR.

Still, since my life depends on it, I went for a weaponslight from Brightflashlights and stuck the G2/Z32/Fobus on my secondary weapon.

The shock isolated bezel is only part of the solution.

The weapons lights also stop the batteries from jamming forward into the lamp assembly.

I tried the 6P route, but decided to upgrade to the weapons light to ensure it's survival, and mine.

I've put my 6P on a secondary weapon now.

Loads of pics:

[b]SF223AC battery  (note, mine was cut accidently, so I just taped it together)[/b]

[b]Z32 anti-shock bezel[/b]

[b]6P vs Z32 bezels[/b]


[b]6P - note NO battery retention[/b]

[b]6p vs 950 weapon light - note retention of batteries[/b]
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