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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/10/2006 7:23:16 AM EST

Wondering about a barrel library. Lots of us have unused bbls sitting around when they could be out getting shot & keeping warm. Most of us have all the parts we need to switch readily to another bbl. Why not loan it out?

Why am I asking this? It cost me $45 on the EE to pick up a used bbl so I could document my pistol. If there was a program to borrow bbls it might have cost as little as $10 in shipping. I now have a used 16" pistol bbl I have no use for, and would happily loan it out so someone else can document a pistol.

Suppose you'd like to try .204 Ruger. Someone tried it, is gonna shoot it again sometime when he gets around to ordering the dies, but in the meantime it's just sitting there. Email the librarian, make the Paypal payment to the owner, & it's on it's way! When someone else wants it, you drop it in the mail - double postage to the initial borrower, sorry. When the original owner wants to withdraw it from circulation, he just emails the librarian, & you drop it in the mail.

Want to see how well that fluted bbl of unobtanium shoots before you buy one? Shoot a used one, then return it to the owner. If you like the used one, you can make an offer - if it's declined, drop it back in the mail stream.

Some stipulations:

1 - factory ammo only, no, no, no reloads, even by a reputable reloading service.
2 - certain bbls could be specified as no Wolf.
3 - It's all an honor system - don't put something into the library you can't afford to lose.
4 - The borrower assumes all liability.
5 - The initial borrower pays the owner's postage via PayPal as well as the postage to the next borrower or the return postage to the owner. Owners may elect to donate the initial postage.
6 - The librarian(s) track the bbls & extend lending times (to a maximum) in order to minimize postage.
7 - Borrowers in People's Republics are responsible to not request bbls w/ banned features - the librarian may demand documentation.
8 - Borrowers of pistol length bbls are responsible for having a documented pistol or SBR stamp - the librarian may demand documentation before allowing forwarding.
9 - Owners may decide which class of postage the bbl will fall in - ie Express, Priority, or 3rd class. Borrowers are responsible for sending bbl on immediately in the designated class on expiration of the extension period or on receipt of librarian's email w/ forwarding address. Borrowers may elect to mail bbl in a faster class.
10 - Owners may w/draw bbl from the library @ any time @ the end of a lending period (for illustration purposes, say 3 weeks). The bbl must be shipped immediately to the owner on receipt of the librarian's email. If a bbl is purchased by a lender, the owner must inform the librarian so the librarian may inform the prospective borrowers.

For illustrative purposes, say the borrowing period is 3 weeks, and the extension period is 3 weeks.

Borrower A signs up for a fluted 20" target bbl w/ M1913 gas block. He pays $11.73 to the owner's Paypal account on the direction of the librarian. The owner ships the bbl to borrower A via Priority mail w/ a tracking #. Borrower A shoots the bbl for 3 weeks w/ factory ammunition. No one else signs up for the bbl in the 3 week period. W/out notification, the borrowing period is automagically extended for 3 weeks. A week and a half after the initial borrowing period, borrower B signs up for the bbl. The librarian notifies borrower A, who ships it to borrower B via Priority mail w/ a tracking #. A new 3 week period begins for borrower B on receipt. The owner decides he wishes to w/draw the bbl from circulation, and notifies the librarian. The librarian notifies borrower B, who mails it Priority mail w/ a tracking # to the owner @ the end of his 3 week borrowing period.

What say you?

Gig 'em,

Link Posted: 2/10/2006 7:50:46 AM EST
Sounds nice and all BUT...

look I dont use other peoples underwear. im sure in a perfect world it would be fine BUT
but there would be some probelems

#1 liability,liability,liability

see if it were tool you were borrowing i think it would be ok.

but i cant and wont risk my life trading barels with somone who has diff habbits than i do.

Hanna Chakarji

Link Posted: 2/10/2006 8:00:59 AM EST

It's wonderful to have the income to always buy new & never sell. Some of us don't have that luxury, and sell or trade our used bbls to acquire inexpensive used bbls. The liability issue is the same in this case. If one of our resident lawyers would like to write a waiver of liability for the borrowers?

Gig 'em,

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