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Posted: 10/14/2004 8:09:07 AM EDT
Just curious if anyone else out there has had this happen....
I bought an Armalite 2-stage NM trigger a few years back on sale at some store on commerical row at Camp Perry. I don't know if it was Fulton Armory or someone like that. Anyway, it was a sealed package. I installed the trigger and it worked great for a long time. Then, I started having problems. It seems that the gap between the secondary sear/disconnect and the sear (if I am referring to the right parts here?) opened up a bit and if I let the trigger off very slowly after firing a shot, the hammer would not catch on the sear but instead would fall again. Sometimes this yielded multiple shots. I looked at some other triggers and ended up taking mine apart and taking down a spot on the secondary sear/disconnect which allowed this gap to close. Well, I eventually took off too much (it only need a couple of thousandths removed). So, looking at other match triggers, I decided to add some epoxy on the rear of the trigger, drill and tap a hole and put a screw in which I could adjust the amount of gap in the secondary sear/disconnect. Problem solved... I have a safe and good feeling single stage trigger now. I only hope the epoxy holds up... so far so good.
Any one else have comments?
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