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Posted: 7/24/2013 4:36:19 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/24/2013 4:38:10 PM EST by ColdBlood]
I got some of this reman ammo (all I could find) about a week ago....180 grain Nosler ballistic tips. I normally won't buy reman ammo, but all the local shops sell "On Target" stuff and the other calibers I've tried have always been reliable and fairly clean...not terribly accurate, but not ridiculous either. Plus, they're a real business and have been around for years, and I'm sure they would take care of it if they blew up my gun.

Now to my point - I have fired this "On Target" 300 BLK stuff from a 16" rifle and a 9" pistol (both AAC uppers, which have nitrided barrels...should be stainless accurate). Fired from a bench with sandbags, I can't get it to shoot 5 shots into a 3" group at 50 yards to save my life. I even threw a 3-9x trijicon scope on the 16" to make sure I had a good sight picture. I'll put 2-3 rounds right on top of each other on rare occasion, but then it'll fling one 3-4" off. One round at 50 yards was nearly 6" off. I have a 28" steel popper out back at 150 yards...I can hit it with boring consistency with any of my 5.56 AR's (hell, I can hit the 4" gong at that distance all day long from a bench). With this 300 BLK ammo, I'm lucky if 1-in-5 is a hit. Sometimes you'll see them impact the backstop 8-10" off. Not exactly "On Target".

This is my first experience with 300 BLK. I'm hoping this is just shit ammo and not indicative of the accuracy it's going to have.
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