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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/14/2003 1:49:49 PM EST
Articles like this really irritate me. What ever happenned to the basic rules of gun handling? I, and millions of others, follow these rules and haven't had any neglegent accidents. The liberal that wrote that article tried, with his best effort, to make this mandated smart-gun technology seem like the reasonable thing to do. In reality, smart guns were an idea concocted to prevent policemen from being shot with their own gun. When the idea was proposed to law enforcement it was immediately shot down because officers want a weapon that will work when it has to. The bottom line is that smart-gun technology is nowhere near reliable, and the premise that some very fragile computer chip can withstand repeated recoil, rough handling, etc. is a faulty one at best.
They also stress how this new technology could make a stolen weapon nothing more than a "rock". Think of all the intellegent criminals out there. They always beat the wrap. It has been suggested that in the case of a smart computer chip all a criminal would have to do is cook a stolen gun in the oven for a while to fry the chip and then he's got a working gun again. Not to mention that this technology would take time to actually make the weapon functional. Maybe up to 2 seconds, (if ever), for all the safety electronic checks, or laggy radio signals to be functional. 2 seconds is a long time in a life or death scenario! The technology doesn't work and would only open the firearms manufacturers to a whole lot more law suits and these suits would be warranted in my opinion. When you buy a weapon for self defence and it may not work for what it was designed and marketed for there is a liability issue there.
They also talk about how educating kids doesn't work, and even if it did it would be far too tolling on an already over-tolled school program. Talk about propaganda! This totally goes against their "If it saves just one child, wouldn't it be worth it?" statement. We're talking about saving kids from accidental deaths and their saying it's too much work for teachers to take 15 minutes one day or homework to teach the golden rules of weapon handling. It's the case of liberals living in denial about what the right thing to do is. Instead of teaching kids about guns and the "real" dangers they would rather close their eyes and pretent that they don't exist,convincing themselves it's "for the child's sake" and if they never bring up that there are guns in the world kids won't ever want, play with, or even see them. Talk about self centered delusions. Delusions that might get their kid accidentally killed! The bottom line is if kids are at least as smart as most of us were as children, they can learn the golden rules of gun handling with a little patience and reinforcement.
I remember the first time I shot a 12 gauage shotgun. I was 10, and though I had shot .22s and other rifles prior to that with proper adult supervision, of course, that 12 gauge scared me! I knew with the first recoil, loud bang, big frozen pumpkins it destroyed as well as the large snow drifts in the brush that it disintegrated, THIS WAS NO TOY! Yes, I had fun, but I felt an overwhelming RESPONSIBILITY come over me with the fun. Firearms above all else at a young age with the proper adult supervision, again, taught me a sense of responsibility that was FAR FROM SUBTLE and easy to miss like so many other PASSIVE teachings we hear as a kid. IE, how many times did you have to hear, "Please don't play with that hammer, you'll hurt yourself!" Mom was being subtle in a kid's sense and passively telling you that's it's dangerous to play with hammers when you've never done it before, (and you thought she didn't know what she was talking about)and until you hit your finger, (usually within a minute), and "hurt yourself" did you listen?
Enough of my tangent! All I'm saying is that liberals apply these dumb founded ideas with funky stats and such a reasonable tone trying to make those opposed to their ridiculous notions look unreasonable and irresponsible. In actuality, teaching kids to respect guns is the responsible thing to do! For it, and only it, will save kids from accidentally hurting themselves or worse. In what liberals consider wisdom, (keeping the teaching of gun handling away from children), they're forgeting that children won't be prepared for when they see a gun in the "real" world, and they're doing the most selfish and unintelligent thing imaginable. They're letting their kids go into a potentially fatal situation with the thoughts that "If this was a really dangerous thing mommy would have told me about it and showed me." Hey, it's the USA they can choose not to teach their kids about guns, but I don't want my kid hanging out with any kid that doesn't know to respect and see a firearm for what it is. Something that can kill you, even if you didn't mean it and you are sorry. Respecting, and even a little fear of, firearms is a prequisite to the golden rules, and the respect should never go away either. Some people loss sight of this fact, and that's when accidents happen. Such is the case with that negligent baby sitter! The jury found the design faulty?!?!?! (sounded like a 1911 design to me, and there's nothing faulty about it) If he had learned to keep the gun pointed in a safe direction, and keep his finger away from the trigger while unloading the gun (only mentioned time and time again in any owner's manual) that poor kid wouldnt be paralized. We live in a blameless society where "NOONE" is every responsible. We've shifted the responsibility to the tools that people use instead of the PEOPLE that use them. What are we teaching our kids by wrongfully shifting blame like that??? It's as if smart guns will make all safe handling techniques a thing of the past. "Oh, I pointed it at you?? Don't worry about it, this gun is linked with a chip in my brain and won't shoot anyone that's my friend!" Would you trust that technology?? ??? Sorry it went for so long! These things get me started!
Link Posted: 7/14/2003 2:18:20 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/14/2003 2:19:11 PM EST by tlnzz]
If these people are really interested in gun safety, why don’t they recommend and support firearms safety being taught in Elementary schools across the country? I didn’t say firearms training. I said firearms safety. [:\]
Link Posted: 7/14/2003 3:39:28 PM EST
My simple reply is simply this: doctors, politicians, and governments gone crazy have killed many more people than have privately owned firearms. What is more distressing is the article about the Massachusetts town that refuses to issue firearms licenses, so that new buyers are denied their rights, and current licensees will be felons when their license expires. This is why we have to back a federal law that forbids cities and states from requiring any sort of license for firearms ownership. This includes New York City, Washington DC, and states like Illinois with thier "FOID" card.
Link Posted: 7/14/2003 4:31:57 PM EST
It has gotten to the point that products must now be designed to keep stupid people safe. I HATE my new lawn mower. That safety handle drives me nuts every time I use it. I have to buy a used power transformer to run my Lionel train set. The gov't considers my $4,000 collection to be a child's toy and will not allow Lionel to make a high output transformer. I have to double flush the toilet every time I take a sh*t. The flow restrictor on my sink doesn't allow enough water to properly clean my razor. I had to sign a waiver to set my water heater at a proper 140 degrees. Every time I get in the car I have to buckle my seatbelt. Every time I ride my Harley, I have to wear a helmet. ETC. ECT. Now they want to mess with my guns. Our freedoms are disappearing daily. Philip
Link Posted: 7/15/2003 5:11:50 AM EST
Yep. It's the way of the future and it is unstoppable. Consider this; 2 politicians running for 1 vacancy. Politician "A" says to the masses, "Vote for me. I'll take care of you. I'll keep you safe and make you happy. I'll provide you with jobs and give you food, cars and housing. I'll provide for your every concern." Politician "B" says to the masses, "It is your responsibility to look out for yourself. There will be no free hand outs. I will keep government out your way so you can pretty much do what you want but you better keep in mind the consequences." Who gets elected?
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