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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/26/2002 4:58:07 AM EST
Hello. First post here. I'm looking for a combat gunsight for my Bushmaster XM15 V-Match and I think I've settled on the ACOG TA31F. What I need is a sight that will provide for quick target aquisition at close range and also to engage targets with precision out to at least 300 meters. Will the TA31F model fit the bill? If not, which model (ACOG or other) will? Is there a big difference between the TA11F and the TA31F? Also, which is the correct mount for the Bushmaster, the TA51 or TA51W?

Thanks in advance,

Link Posted: 10/26/2002 5:08:00 AM EST
Frankly it's more than you need for 300 meters. Note the retical that goes out to 600m.

I'm using a TA50-2 compact ACOG 3x and I've shot matches on a military pop-up range from 25 to 500m, and it worked great. Triangle reticle.

TA31F - 4X - 5.56mm calibration - 1.5" eye relief - add-on flat top mount

TA11F - 3.5X - 5.56mm calibration - 2.4" eye relief - built-in flat top mount

TA51 mount - picitinny - USE FOR AR-15

TA51W mount - weaver mount - might not fit AR-15

There is a difference between the picitinny and the weaver mounts. You don't want the TA51W
Link Posted: 10/26/2002 5:09:43 AM EST
If you buy the TA31F, you wont need the mount, it comes supplied with the scope. If you should happen to need one, you will want the TA51 mount.

Biggest difference between the TA31 series and the TA11 series is the size of the scopes and the eye relief. You wont much notice the half power more with the TA31 or the half power less with the TA11.

TA11 is a noticably larger scope. It offers more generous eye releif than the TA31 series. If a little tight eye relief bothers you, you might consider the TA11.

If shorter eye relief doesnt bother you too much, and really, its not all THAT tight, I would easily recommend the TA31. It has all the same features in a smaller lighter package.

The Chevron reticle of the TA31F you are choosing gives up a little speed over say the donut reticle of the TA31, but it will be a lot easier to be accurate with the chevron reticle out at 300 yards or so.

I think people just have to figure out what sort of shooting they'll be doing most with the gun these optics will be mounted to. If you'll be doing more long range and accurate type shooting, with some fast paced CQB drills, the Chevron is an easy choice. If you will be doing the opposite... a lot of fast paced CQB shooting with some longer range and percision shooting, a reticle like the donut might serve you better.

Good luck! Let us know how you turn out! And we always like PICTURES!
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