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Posted: 9/14/2003 7:11:26 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 11/11/2003 12:31:43 PM EDT by Zhukov]
Please add your personal experience with IGMAN/HOTSHOT ammunition to this thread. When you do, please give information about:
1) Ammunition used (SS109 only ?)
2) Firearm used in
3) Approximate number of rounds fired.

There is a very high degree of confidence that the Igman black-tipped ammunition is identical to the HotShot green tipped ammunition.

Let's limit this to .223/5.56 ammunition, since this is an AR-15 forum. No offense to the guys with AR's in other calibers, but we all know that .223 chamberings are the most sensitive.

I am trying to solicit only information about your PERSONAL experience with this ammunition. If you haven't used it, then please don't clutter up the thread. Information about proper functioning (or lack thereof) is obviously the most important, but factors such as the accuracy or other peculiarities you've noticed are informative also. If you have had problems with this ammo which were severe enough to cause you to stop using this ammo, then please describe them.

This post is part of a larger information-gathering effort I'm trying to start about ALL ammunition popular in AR's:
Link Posted: 9/14/2003 11:42:18 PM EDT
Sorry, I voted before I read the topic rules. I will still give my view even though it is not on the .223 6.5X55 Swede - extreeme low velocities, 100% jacket/core separation on every recovered bullet. 8mm Mauser - same.
Link Posted: 9/15/2003 10:24:28 AM EDT
I have 2000 rounds landing at my doorstep today. I will let you know by the end of the week my results.
Link Posted: 9/15/2003 11:01:11 AM EDT
Shot 5 boxes through my 20" HB yesterday. No failures of any kind. If I took my time I could keep them all in the 10 ring from bags at 100 yds. I'd say it was well worth the $170 delivered price from AIM.
Link Posted: 9/21/2003 6:33:11 PM EDT
My beloved Bushmaster has KB'd today using this ammo. I will be putting together a nice pictured post explaining what I've figured out. It could be my AR's fault but the ammo is still a possibility. More to come.
Link Posted: 12/11/2003 7:18:31 PM EDT
HotShot 223 at Century. This is great ammo at a great price for SS109 62gr FMJ ammo. It's brass cased and the sealent on the primer does not come off and gum up your rifle. I've shot about 500 rounds out of a Carbon-15 Model 97 with 1 FTF (gun needed some lube). I can't see past 25 yards anymore, so I have a 1.5 x 4.5 scope mounted on it. At 100 yards, lying prone and using my mag pouch as a rest, I was getting 2" to 4 " groups with one 1 1/4" group. BTW, I'm not known for my marksmanship. With a higher magnification and a sandbag rest, this ammo should be sub MOA. At $150/1,000 rounds delivered, this is a great buy. HotShot is made by Igman for Century, the only difference being the packaging. The cheapest I've seen Igman for is $180/1,000 + shipping. Allan Schisel
Link Posted: 12/11/2003 9:31:25 PM EDT
I've only shot 200 rounds of it, no problems. I would buy it again.
Link Posted: 3/15/2004 11:15:01 AM EDT
No problem with 5.56, but I haven't tried to reload the cases yet. In 6.5mmx55 I had pierced primers, primers falling out of the case and disappearing to lord knows where, and most of the cases were covered in a smelly black soot, as was the bore and action. I had a hell of a time loading it. broke a de-capping pin on one round with a sub-standard flash-hole, and some primers wouldn't fit tight into the pocket. Other than that the 5.56 burns clean and seems to be fairly hot, if not to M855 spec. P.S. I fired five rounds of 6.5mm out of my rifle today (from different box) and no problems, so maybe it was a bad lot. The only reason I got the guts to use Igman in the AR after the 6.5mm fiasco was that my friend had burned off 500+ rounds of it in his bushy with no problems.
Link Posted: 3/15/2004 12:43:03 PM EDT
I have put around 400 rounds through my BM 14.5" M4gery with no problems whatsoever. Seemed alittle dirty to me, but it could have been the bit of CLP I used before firing. Not up to par with IMI and some LC M855 I've shot, but better then all the other SS109 I've shot.
Link Posted: 8/9/2004 4:25:56 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/9/2004 5:20:56 AM EDT by Coolio]
This past Friday (8-6) I got to the firing range with my chronograph and worked with my handloads. While I was at it I shot some Olin/Winchester M855 and some Ingman "Hot Shot" SS109 62gr. Green Tip. Here's my results (I'm including the Olin/Winchester M855 as something to which to compare the Ingman SS109).

Ingman SS109 "Hot Shot" 62gr.
Average velocity: 3,059.05 FPS
Hi: 3,091.64 FPS
Lo: 3,007.14 FPS
Extreme spread: 84.50 FPS
Standard Deviation: 27.80

Olin/Winchester M855
Average velocity: 3,091.42 FPS
Hi: 3,123.55 FPS
Lo: 3,051.11 FPS
Extreme spread: 72.44 FPS
Standard Deviation: 24.91

The above data results from one ten shot string of each ammo type. While I was at it, I also shot ten additional rounds of each for accuracy. This was a rather informal test, but this is what I did. Two three shot groups and one four shot group at 100 yards. The Ingman gave me an average group size for the three groups of: 1.5" and the Olin/Winchester gave me an average group size for its three groups of: 1 5/16".
The gun used was a Bushmaster A3 w/20" chrome lined, 1:9 twist. The optical unit was a Burris 1.5x6 x 40 scope which is mounted on an A.R.M.S.#5 multi base with Leupold medium rings.
The Chronograph used was a Gamma Master Chrony. Readings were taken 15 feet from the muzzle.
The conditions were: approx. 72 degrees, sunny, dry, very little wind.
I only shot a total of twenty rounds of each ammo, but there were no malfunctions nor problems of any kind. Based upon the above results I would conclude that the two ammo types are very closely equivalent. Certainly the Ingman does not seem to be related to the NATO stuff that has been loaded down in order to work in the SA-80 Bullpup.
Link Posted: 8/10/2004 2:00:36 PM EDT
After buying 2000 rounds of Oly SS109 and having nothing but problems, I only bought 200 rounds of IGMAN SS109 to try out.
It ran fine in my cherry Colt preban carbine, no problems at all.
As a side note, and I might be a little weird, but it seemed like it gave off a slightly sweet smell as you fired it.
Link Posted: 8/18/2004 6:22:07 AM EDT
After using up most of my South African surplus and not really getting the results I wanted with the PMP I decided to try the Igman. I picked up a case of the black tip ss109 on sale at AIM for $159 per k. In two previous trips to the range I was getting decent 2 to 3" groups out of my post ban colt carbine. This week I went to the range with the Igman ammo for some informal plinking. After about 100 rds, with breaks in between for cease fires, I experienced a ruptured primer. It was the first round out of a new mag and it blew all kinds of smoke out. I then noticed the case did not eject and it had blown out the bottom of my mag. I then manulay ejected the case with no problems and noticed the blown primer. The case was intact other than the primer and the previous rounds did not show any indications of a similar problem.
After some advice from others I will check firing pin for issues to see if this might have influenced the round. The rifle itself was not damaged and had only 5k rounds put through to this point.
After my inspections I will determine whether to continue to use this ammo and consider this a one time fluke.
Link Posted: 8/18/2004 7:00:13 AM EDT
I have fired close to 1500 rounds of this ammo and have not had one malfunction. My only complaint is next to Lake City it "seems" not to be loaded as hot. This is only going by the recoil felt.
Link Posted: 9/15/2004 7:28:31 AM EDT

tagged, I've had no problems with it.
Link Posted: 9/17/2004 2:11:15 AM EDT

About 100 rds out of a 500 rd case so far thru a DPMS Classic A2 1x9 at 200 yds.

No issues, good accuracy.

My DPMS seems to do very well with 62gr, so I hope to try more soon so I can get a good comparison to Win 62, my favorite target ammo.

Link Posted: 10/15/2004 7:15:32 AM EDT
Link Posted: 10/27/2004 3:23:02 PM EDT
Mantis, no need to bump these polls they are links from this stickie here.

Miller, waiting on those results Bro!

Link Posted: 1/9/2005 6:35:38 AM EDT
So far my M4gry LEGP and my 20" 1 in 7 kit rifle (M&A parts) love the 62gr hotshot ammo. I have had no problems whatsoever. Accuracy is good and can be better (operator needs to shoot more) I will pick up more at the next show.
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