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Posted: 3/17/2011 9:39:52 AM EST
I just picked up a Primary Weapons MK216 (still in waiting period jail) which is an SR25 based rifle. I also have a brand new Remington 700SPS Tactical in .308. PWS claim the MK216 can do about .6 MOA with match ammo. I am unlikely to be shooting beyond 200 yards any time soon. It occurred to me that the PWS might shoot nearly as accurately as the 700 and was considering selling the 700.

Am I likely to see a dramatic improvement over the claimed accuracy of the PWS up to 200 yards with a factory spec, box fresh 700 SPS Tactical? I'd rather sell the 700 and put the money towards good optics for the PWS if the 700 isn't going to do much more as it stands right now. BTW I understand as the distance increases the 700 will start to pull ahead but that is not going to be an issue for me right now.


Link Posted: 3/17/2011 10:35:54 AM EST
I cant say anything about the PWS as I dont own one. However I do have a .308 700 sps tactical... After removing that crappy Hogue stock that came with the Remmy I added a B&C medalist stock and groups are sub-moa at 100 and around 2" 300 yards with handloads my cousin made up for me. Some factory ammo I used did 3.5 at 300yards and Sub-Moa at 100. To me nothing beats a good bolt gun for accuracy. I know some will beg to differ bit its just my opinion.
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