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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/8/2006 1:27:40 PM EST
I live in the radford/blacksburg area of Va and I was just wondering if anyone had an info on 3 gun comps. Id like to go watch one someday but the closts i could find was over 3 hours of driving to richmond.

Link Posted: 1/8/2006 1:38:45 PM EST
I hope you find something.. 3 Gun is a blast (no pun intended)

as was suggested to me, don't just go and spectate, show up with your stuff and have some fun.

seriously. just bring what ever you have in a rifle/sg and pistol and go with that. You'll have fun.

Link Posted: 1/8/2006 1:49:59 PM EST
Well richmond and north carolina seem to be the clostest to me. I know there probably not close to me and no course has the same set up, but does anyone have any videos or links to videos I can check out. Id rather watch a 3 gun comp first so I dont look like an ass or hold anyone up. Plus after I get a rifle and put it together I think Im going to have to get another holster for my glock.
Link Posted: 1/8/2006 4:25:18 PM EST
In NC you generally have for monthly matches, Oxford, Bunn Level, Wilkesboro and Carthage. There are two biggies shot in state that are pretty much acknowledged to be "must do" events. The Recon at Oxford in June/July and the Fayetteville FOP. The Recon is more military oriented while the FOP match is more SWAT type of stuff.

As far as not having stuff, what do you have now? I started with a FAL, Mossy 500 and 1911. All three have been replaced so now I'm shooting an AR, Remmy 1100 (near CM spec) and Glock 21. AR is the newest and will see its first match at the next Wilkesboro shoot. It's a DPMS upper with 20in SS barrel, comp, A3 uppper, Eotech, tac latch, JP trigger, A2 stock on RRA lower. The Remmy started life as a garden varietly shotgun but has been in the mad doctor's laboratory and is no longer the 1100 it used to be. I ditched the 1911 because the Glock is easier to shoot for me with arthritis in the hands, hold more ammo, and is way less finicky about what it eats. I'm using a Fobus paddle hoster and mag pouch.

Here's a couple of good websites to check out-

#1---- http://www.brianenos.com/forums/

2 http://www.3gunmatch.com/

3 http://www.3gunrules.com/gettingstarted.php

4 www.uspsa.com

As far as rules go, you'll find that every match has its local ground rules and are usually based in either IDPA or USPSA. Of the two, I prefer USPSA because they usually let you loadem up. IDPA can be a bit of a pain in that regard. IDPA more "tactical", I really don't think so, they're both games with different flavors. Either way, dive in and start shootin, decide what you like and get trigger time. A word of warning, this is the most addictive shooting sport known to man with no known cure. Only the symptoms can be treated through repeated therapy involving large amounts of ammo and range time.
Link Posted: 1/8/2006 4:34:28 PM EST
Im most likley building a deltong kit this month. Then Im going to need a thigh holster. As far as I have; glock 23 compact with two 13round magazines and a winchester 1300 with 6 shot side saddle and 5 shot side saddle on the stock. Thats why I want to watch to see what Im getting my self into efore I look like an ass.
Link Posted: 1/8/2006 4:57:31 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/8/2006 5:01:05 PM EST by Gregory_K]
In IPSC rules Pistol has to be on the belt. thigh holster is a nogo for ipsc.

for more 3 gun info as in gear and places to shoot.

Brian Enos
Link Posted: 1/8/2006 5:00:51 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/8/2006 5:01:21 PM EST by SWO_daddy]

Originally Posted By UrbancommandoX:Thats why I want to watch to see what Im getting my self into efore I look like an ass.

I don't shoot 3-gun (yet), but I have heard that same comment from guys wanting to try highpower.

The only way to look like an ass is to be unsafe or not follow guidance. How bad or good you shoot does not figure in other shooters' judgement of you. At least it doesn't in my sport, and I bet 3-gun's the same way.
Link Posted: 1/9/2006 3:00:43 AM EST
+1 on safety

SWO has that one correct. We don't care how you shoot, just show up and shoot what you have, follow the RO and SO instructions, and be safe. The RO and/or SO will be directly behind you, and every other shooter for that matter, to monitor the stage for both scoring and safety. There's also usually a shooter's meeting just before a match. If you make sure to tell the Match Director when you sign in that you're new, he'll be sure that you receive a detailed safety brief that the rest of us have already gone through. It's really basic, the range is usually cold- no loaded arms except at the start line, follow the 180 rule- don't sweep yourself with the muzzle or point it anywhere other than downrange, AD, ND and dropped weapons are an instant DQ. AD- accidental discharge, ND- negligent discharge. Like I said, the guys running the match aren't jerks, but want a safe and enjoyable match for everybody.

If you don't have a holster yet, don't get a thigh rig for this game. It's a nogo in both IPSC and IDPA. From the guys I've seen using it where it was legal for that specific match, it was also slower on the draw. Another word of advice, get a couple more mags for the Glock and AR. I'd suggest at least 4 reliable mags for each. Also, get a good quality pistol belt to hang the holster and mag pouch on. Price isn't usually an indicator, there is an Uncle Mike's belt that's around $20.

There are a number of classes that you could fall into. Local matches usually break into Irons, Open and Optics. From what you're describing, if you have irons on the AR, then you'll be shooting with the irons guys.

At the match, you'll be "squadded" with about 8-12 other shooters. Their abilities will vary, it's a very rare situation where you're in with only other noobs. We try to be sure that new guys have experienced guys to help them along through the match. If you've never done this style of match, it really helps to have a few less things to worry about by being in with the old hands. Hey, we all had to start somewhere. Your squad will be assigned a starting stage, it might be stage 1, or 4, or 8, you never know. From wherever you start, each stage will then be shot in order and each squad will rotate to the next stage as the squad in front finishes. It's a lot like a shotgun start in a golf tourney.

The only advice past what you already have, help with setting steel and pasting targets. Follow what the old guys are doing there. Listen, observe, get addicted.
Link Posted: 1/9/2006 5:12:38 AM EST
Excellant thread!
Dave, where do you shoot.
I'm interested in starting in 3 gun.

Johnny C!
Link Posted: 1/9/2006 7:06:16 AM EST
Next 3 gun match I'll be shooting will probably be 3/4 at Wilkesboro. It's an IDPA club match. Mag capacity is limited, but it's still worth going to shoot.

There are other matches at Carthage, Oxford, Bunn Level and Raleigh. Entry fees are usually $20 for non-club members. Round counts vary, go prepared typically with 250 rifle, 250 pistol, 50 slug, 50 buckshot (00, #1, I use #4), 125 bird (many use 7 1/2 shot, I have better results with #6) and you'll never have an ammo issue. That's not to say you'll shoot all of it, but better to have and not need than.... Most matches will publish a round count, but bear in mind that published round counts are based on you popping every target exactly correct the first time, all steel falls first time, etc. The list I gave you will suffice for about any club match. All you will need to do before the next match is replentish the ammo locker. Big matches are an entirely different animal and can eat up lots more ammo.

Go to -


and do searches for 3 gun club matches.

The "definitive" site for 3 gun big matches, info, gear, etc, as well as other competitions is-


There is a whole section devoted to 3 gun issues, guns, techniques, gear, etc.

As for big matches in NC, there are two "must shoot" matches per year in state. The Recon match, aka Carolina Tactical Invitational, is in late June/early July at Range One in Oxford. The second is the Fayetteville FOP match, last held in Sept. of 05. The Recon match is great fun, mostly a military type of flavor. The FOP match is more SWAT/assault stuff. One cool thing about the FOP match is the shoot house. It's a 360 shoot house, done both lit and dark with flashlight usually entered after the door is blown, yes blown open. More than one shooter has felt pretty stupid standing stunned at an open door after the charge goes off. You'll also shoot out of a rappelling tower, armored personnel carrier, police cruiser, police bike, shotgun assault through woods, you get the picture. Rifle shots can get out as far as just over 200yds.

If you're shooting an AR platform, a standard AR milspec sight can be a bit dicey at that distance with a milspec .072 front post. I'd recommend making a cheap adaptation and install a NM front post at the very least on irons. IIRC, the NM post is .050. That .020 can make a difference in a hit and miss due to how much of the target is obscured by the larger post. That doesn't mean an AR carbine isn't effective, just that the standard stuff needs tweaking. We just installed a NM front post on my son's AR last weekend, the post was about $9 at the gun show and it makes a world of difference. Also, I can't emphasize enough having extra pistol and rifle mags. You will need them, but don't let that hold you up from a match if you don't because there's usually someone there who will lend a mag or two. Most guys who shoot 3 gun are great folks. You'll also need some method of carrying extra shotgun shells. Walmart has a buttstock carrier that holds 5 shells and many 3 gun guys buy one or two and put them on their arms so they can reload quickly.

I think the most cool things about 3 gun are movement and variety. No two matches are ever the same, even if held at the same range. You will always have to move from position to position, shoot from award stances and think through what you're doing while under pressure to be both accurate and fast. I've shot a number of types of comps and this is the only one that gets my adrenaline pumping and will keep my interest going because you never shoot the same match over.

Johnny- PM me if you're interested in Wilkesboro and I'll send directions. It isn't easy to find the range. And don't blame me when you get addicted to this stuff
Link Posted: 1/9/2006 12:34:13 PM EST
May not want to start out with one of the big matches. A good place to start is right near Richmond at Black Creek; we have date info on our forum in the section called "3gun" at www.shootersparadise.com We also do 3 gun and are just north of Quantico. Also, if you look at the post on "november 3 gun" there are videos of our last match to give you an idea. Another option: Tim Templar's IDPA match with either rifle or shotgun side-match at Cavalier near Richmond. OK- so its not all 3 guns. But its still a good place to get a taste of the sport.

D.C. Johnson
Link Posted: 1/9/2006 1:18:13 PM EST
+1 on starting out with local club matches. Big matches are much more serious about classes and what you're using. Clubs will work with you as they want you learn what the game's about. Again be warned, this is the shooting sports version of crack laced with crystal meth. One toot and yer a goner!!
Link Posted: 1/9/2006 1:37:13 PM EST
+1 on Black Creek.
I found that the most important thing after safety is to bring a chair
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