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Posted: 5/20/2005 11:14:01 AM EDT
Ok I've been tinkering with my 300/221 for awhile now. I have a load that duplicates the Corbon 220 Subsonics on paper, but does function my action. I'm using 11.0 gr of AA-1680. With my setup cases/primer/seat depth etc... I'm getting the same sight settings on the Corbon 220subsonics as I am with my 220gr subsonic reloads.

My AR cycled fine with lockouts on my last round. My problem and question is....That it failed to extract on several cases. I've examined the extractor and it looks fine. Unknown if the spring is strong enough or not though. The second possibility could be that the action is trying to pull the casing out before the pressure has went down (or the bullet has left the barrel)

I'm shooting a 300/221 16" barrel, CAR length AGT full open and with full size stock and buffer setup. Is there any signs that I can look for to indicate which it may be?

I'm going to replace the extractor spring 1st then if that doesn't work I'm going to be clueless.

I did notice that I could hear the bullet impact at 100yards and also on the recoil I could see the bullet right before it struck the target at 100yrds. That was funny. It didn't leave oblong holes. The bullet was stabalizing. I don't have a Chrono, but I would say they are in the 850-1000fps range.

Anybody have any input I would appreciate some thoughts on this one.

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