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Posted: 5/1/2004 5:50:33 PM EDT
I really really like the Colt finish(aluminum anodizing).  

How does Bushmasters compare?
Link Posted: 5/1/2004 6:02:51 PM EDT
The finish of my old 20" XM15 was about the only thing I liked about the rifle

It was deep black and not splotchy. I'm not sure if Bushy sealcoats their present weapons, my old rifle didn't appear to have it.

The Bushy lower I have in the safe looks pretty even too, although I'm still not sure about the sealcoat. Maybe one of the Bushy experts can tell you if they follow the print with the finish.

My wife's carbon 15 "Lady" has that funky Birdseye Maple finish , so that one doesn't count.
Link Posted: 5/1/2004 6:03:52 PM EDT
Com'on, someones gotta have an opinion!  

Edited to add:  LOL CJ! you got a reply in just as I was typing this.
Link Posted: 5/1/2004 6:08:57 PM EDT
Bushmaster does use the nickel accetate sealer.My 3 preban bushies are nice and black although earlier rifles have machine marks here and there.I just bought a post ban bushy lower in anticipation of the ban going away,the finish and machining are Damn near perfect.
Link Posted: 5/1/2004 6:13:45 PM EDT
I don't have a Colt for comparison but the finish on my BM uppers is even, flat, and unquestionably black. I purchased a complete CMP rifle about 4 years ago then picked up an A3 complete upper assembly about 1 year ago. My new A3 upper seems to match the lower from my complete rifle of 4 years ago perfectly

Link Posted: 5/1/2004 6:22:53 PM EDT
The last couple of BFI recievers I have bought have great finishes.  Very black with a rich texture.  Better than RRA or Armalite.

Some of my older BFI stuff is nothing special.
Link Posted: 5/1/2004 6:56:26 PM EDT
I only have good things to say about my Bushy's finish.  The finish is great and seems to be have more of a deep texture than some other rifles.  That is highly debatable though and could be argued over for years but the main thing is that I know I've had NO problems or negative issues with Bushmaster's finish.
Link Posted: 5/1/2004 7:46:02 PM EDT
I'm no expert, and was holding out for a Colt, but had the opportuity to buy a hardly used Bushy from my Buddy, and the finish is great, in my opinion  -- and I am a 1911 Colt Guy that is really particular about finishes....

Link Posted: 5/1/2004 11:23:17 PM EDT
Most of the purple AR's I've seen over the years have been Bushies, including one of my own rifles. I haven't seen one recently, so maybe they have the problem worked out.

Link Posted: 5/1/2004 11:38:48 PM EDT


My wife's carbon 15 "Lady" has that funky Birdseye Maple finish , so that one doesn't count.

I does she shoot? I have been thinking of getting one of those or myself.
Link Posted: 5/2/2004 3:31:48 PM EDT
Current Bushmasters are deep black and very pretty.
Link Posted: 5/2/2004 4:16:19 PM EDT
I just purchased a new bushy M4 w/the new izzy brake.It is really neat looking except...... after the ritual cleaning and oiling of a new gun I noticed that the hand guard ring , the charging handle latch and both elev. and wind. rear drums had that dreaded purplish tint. Any one else have this too?
Link Posted: 5/2/2004 5:53:06 PM EDT

new bushy, colors match very nicely.
Link Posted: 5/2/2004 8:18:19 PM EDT
mine still looks good after 1 year and 2K rounds

Link Posted: 5/7/2004 9:33:32 PM EDT
The finish on my my Bushmaster is very good - no complaints. The only issue I had was that the lower receiver had some slight dimples in the area above the grip, that appeared to be texture from the forging. It is not an issue with me however.

Does anyone else have this on their weapon?
Link Posted: 5/7/2004 10:59:03 PM EDT



My wife's carbon 15 "Lady" has that funky Birdseye Maple finish , so that one doesn't count.

I does she shoot? I have been thinking of getting one of those or myself.

Overall my wife is thrilled with the light weight and manageable size of her new rifle. The LOP is perfect for her too-you couldn't ask for a better fit.

We have only had it out twice so far, so out of fairness I'm going to withhold judgement until the round count is higher and it's fully broken in. There were a few FTFs and a couple of FTEs initially, but the FTFs were magazine related. Once we ditched the factory Bushy mag the feeding problem stopped. The FTEs happened during our first trip to the range-it ran fine the second time out.

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