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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/13/2003 11:36:39 AM EST
i own a few sks and alot of gun shops bash them as being cheap but hey i never had a mis fire or a jammed 1 as of yet and there so easy to feild strip ,,,,,,,,, whats you alls opinion on this ?
Link Posted: 10/13/2003 3:04:49 PM EST
They are cheap. A cheap price on a great rifle. In my opinion it is the perfect starter rifle for someone wanting to get into guns. $130-$140 for a NEW (at least unissued) rifle. You can't beat that. Cheap ammo also. I love mine. Well, I love all of my guns.
Link Posted: 10/14/2003 7:16:02 AM EST
They bash them because they are jelous. They truly have nothing else in inventory that can come close to the quality or functionality for the price and the profit margins on sks' are slim. The sks is the most popular deer rifle in WV and it drives the remchester folks nuts.
Link Posted: 10/14/2003 7:33:49 AM EST
My first rifle was an SKS and I loved it! I don't recall a single malfunction. I've "moved up" to ARs now, but I'd definitely like to get another SKS soon. Of course, that'll open up the door to all kinds of other 7.62x39 weapons.... I tend to buy in "caliber spurts". First it was my .300 whisper AR, then a .308 remmy because I could load the same bullets, now I'm looking at an AR10 because it's .308....
Link Posted: 10/18/2003 1:32:23 AM EST
sks is super cool. the coolest is the chinese one that take ak47 mags. just imagine having an sks carbine with hicap and bayonet. it sure makes one feel like they have a preban ak47 to some extend.

i wonder if yugo can be modified to take ak47 mags. i have a few hundreds mags and need more guns to give them a home.
Link Posted: 10/18/2003 3:37:00 AM EST
There are alot of so called gun people who turn there noses up at any millitary style gun,let alone an inexpensive one.These are the only types of weapons I own,except for 2 win 94 levers in 30-30(the orig assualt rifle)The gun club I belong to is a lot like that.It is like what a gunclub would be like if it was fucking ran by thurston howell the third from giligans island.I get out of my truck with whatever ak/ar/sks I brought see the douchbag standing there with his 2000 over/under trap gun saying "i say luvy,what type of gun does that nut have today".Sorry rant off.Just get tired of assholes telling me why my ak/ar/sks is bad,but there hunting gun is ok.
Link Posted: 10/18/2003 4:11:55 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/18/2003 4:03:41 PM EST
Snobs come in all flavors for about anything, and its no different for weapons. From the, "I don't shoot Russian junk" (that would be Chinese by the way :D ), to "Those toy calibers under 308..." to "I can hit it the first time, why would I need a semi auto..".

I don't get upset, I don't gauge how I feel about my stuff by what others think anyway. ;)

I have had my SKS for 14 years now, I have a jam or 2 using cheap ammo, but thats about it. It has takene more abuse than just about any other gun, and still worked. Can't say that about all of the others rifles I have had.

Now being a gunshop owner I bet they all would like everyone to drop $1000 to $2000 eveytime they came in. Heck I would like about a 500% increase in income too, I bet neither one will get what we want. :)

Link Posted: 10/19/2003 12:05:41 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/19/2003 1:31:00 PM EST
Sokay. They usually laugh at lever actions and old Mausers too.
Link Posted: 10/19/2003 5:26:00 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/21/2003 1:37:07 AM EST
Well, the SKS rifle has certainly given firearms of like caliber(762x39) a run for the money! It is every bit as capable as the Ruger mini-30, for example. You simply need to assure the overall condition and return policy of what you're buying- because in the SKS- you're certainly going to get what you pay for!
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