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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/25/2003 7:45:05 PM EST
Guys this alittle off but thought I would share. I went to a Feed and seed store to get the hungry bulldogs some food.I payed with a check .I threw my Drivers license up on the counter and the owner ( older guy ) said there ain't no need for that.( Small town, Georgia ) . He just glanced at it and made the commit that I was born the year he went into the ARMY (1967). I paid for my stuff and we had small talk and I finally asked if he went to Nam.He said yes he had.Spent 13 months there.I asked what MOS. He said 11 Bravo . I then asked what unit. He said with alittle bit of pride 4th INFATRY. I asked if he had been injured and he said no.What weapons he personally used. He said he was a M60 gunner alot , and carreid the M16A1.I asked how he like the weapons. He said all his worked fine. No problems . We talked alittle about our boys over in IRAQ . Funny thing was I was on my way to the range and had my rifle in my truck. As I was leaveing it dawned on me to holler at him to walk to my truck. I said to him I got something that you praboly haven't seen in a while.I pulled out my AR15A1 and as I was handing him it he really snatched out of my hand. He was thrilled to hold that rifle .He asked if he could handle it more.I said Hell yeah. He snatched the chargeing handle back and looked it over and telling me all about it. He was really kinda excited about seeing this old rifle he ain't carried since 1968 . It really made my day.Thought I would share. WarDawg
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 8:43:34 PM EST
Had a similar encounter a few months back. My wife and I were eating at Long John Silvers and I saw an older man wearing a ball cap, you know one of those veteran been there done that hats.LOL Anyway the hat said he was a Korean War vet and I went over and tolod him that my grandfather had been a Korea vet serving in the 1st Cav Div. I went on to tell him that I had served at Osan Air Base as a SP in the USAF. We had a neat little discussion about some of the places we had both been. It was great and the old vet seemed to appreciate a youngin' like me talking to him and somewhat understanding what he had done for us! Reminds me of another time at Cracker Barrel(wife doesn't cook much LOL!), I heard a man about 50 yrs old talking to his father who appeared about 75 or so. The son said Dad they got real good oatmeal here and you remember what your Dr said about your cholesterol? The older man sat there with his cup of coffee and a pack of Pall Malls and told his son that he had survived the Battle of The Bulge and that by God he wanted some gravy and biscuits with some sausage!! I couldn't help but snicker and think you're damn right you earned it!LOL
Link Posted: 11/26/2003 9:30:52 AM EST
Great story countiemountie. Reminds me of that scene in Grumpier Old Men where Burgess Meridith tells Jack Lemon off about bringing Lite Beer to the fishing hole. LOL.

Heck, I work with a 'Nam vet every day. He skipped out of school a year early and joined the Army in '67. In all he did 5 tours with the 101st. Nine Purple Hearts and some others but I don't remember which ones. He's all full of stories.

Bad thing is I've caught him in several lies, but I haven't let on though. None of the lies are associated with his time in service. Just stories and conversation about work and other things. Things that you don't need to lie about. One story from his time in service was when he came home from his first tour he bought a brand new '68 Camaro for $1500. That sounds about right, but he vigorously claims it had a sticker price of $11,000. He got the good price because the salesman dropped a zero on the paper work and didn't catch it. Now I damn well know 'vettes didn't go for over $10K in '68 let alone a Camaro. And that is the shakiest of the 4 or 5 lies I've caught him on.

I'm just forced not to believe a word he says. Including his service time and Purple Hearts. We generally wear shorts during the summer and his legs are scarred up, so he does likely have 1 PH, but maybe not 9. Or maybe he does? [:\]
Link Posted: 11/26/2003 9:49:44 AM EST
Yeah I would have to call BS on the bulk of it. 5 Tours???? 9 PH ????? To my limited knowledge a standard tour was like 12 0r 13 months for the first one. Then if you extended a tour from them on was 6 months increments . Thats what I think is right. Please correct me if Im off. I have a friend thats was a 63 Bravo attached to an Engineer unit. They went out mainly and hauled the blowed up equipment back to bases. ( Tanks, M113;s and ect...... He did two tours and signed up for his third and they turned his request down . He said they sent for a mental evaluation and denied him his 3 rd tour. He don't ever talk about Nam. I have to bring it up. But he's willing to tell his adventures and times over there.He told me he ain't no hero, just a young boy doing his duty. Quote " I was never in an Combat unit.My bases got shelled alot.We hit the bunkers and manned the M60's when that happened.He is very firm in his belief that only a few should get medals and he says he ain't one of them." He told me that he had a bunch of Nam pictures he took while over there.I asked if he ever wanted to ,to bring them to work so I could look at them. I forgot all about it. A month or two passes and he throws a big pack of pictures on my Tool box and says there ya go. I told him I would return them after break. He looks at me and says " you can have them if you want them.About 500 personal taken Pic's with his own camrea. I told him I couldn't accept them but thanks. He looked at me and said If you want them, I want you to have them.Ive been out of Nam since 1969 and Nobody has asked to see my Pic's of my time over there , EVER. He said I have all the memorys stored in my mind. You can have them. I mean what can you say when you hear something like that?? Thank you . WarDawg
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