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Posted: 12/21/2003 4:09:27 PM EDT
I am in the process of deciding which AK copy is going to be my first.
The VEPR rifles seem very appealing to me, I am not going to ask the question over at the Russian rifle section because I am looking for an unbiased opinion.
Are the VEPR rifles to the AK-47 world what the Carbon 15 rifles are to the AR world? Meaning are they so specialized that only a few standard AK parts would fit?
In my case I currently have an ULW Bushmaster 16" rifle with stubby stock and a standard 20" bushmaster rifle. I like the fact that I can get mil spec parts just about anywhere to fix my rifles should they break. Can I say the same for the VEPR?
There does not seem to be any type of VEPR owners group, ect to ask these questions. Does this mean there is a lack of owners or interest?

I am leaning toward the Vepr K in 7.62 because

1) ammo is cheap and plentifull and all I will be shooting is the cheap Wolf ammo
2) I have shot a vepr before and in SHTF if I run out of ammo the rifle will make a good club too. :-)
3) The trigger is great
4) High cap magazines are cheap

1) Heavy as hell, add a bipod and some goodies and it becomes a bunker rifle
2) Some non standard parts, I'm not sure which parts and if this is a legitimate concern or not

Other rifles I am considering are the: SAM-7, SSR-85C

Also 16.5" vs 20.5" barrels, is there major loss of ballistics with 7.62 like with 5.56?

Will I regret getting a VEPR over the other rifles? Meaning if I picked up an SSR-85C and shot it would I wish I had it over the VEPR?

Thanks for any guidance
Link Posted: 12/21/2003 7:51:04 PM EDT
Other than some unique stock fit details, all AK stuff fits VEPRs as very universal. The x39 round shoots just as well from 16 as 20, so I'd get 16" unless you prefer the extra sight radius with irons.
Either the VEPR or SAM7 will weigh about 1-2lbs more than a std stamped AK, but fit/finish are first rate and the bulk smooths out the shots.
SSRs can be very nice, and there are also several examples this year of guns being sent back for stuff that should never have left the shop.
Link Posted: 12/21/2003 8:01:01 PM EDT
I'd go with the SAM-7, that's what I got and I love it.  Perfect, not a single complaint to speak or mummble about.

Actually I take that back--get the SAM-7S for the optics rail.  It's just a little more $, and then you have other options than irons.
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