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Posted: 4/29/2015 9:13:14 PM EDT
The Coke method, I have read will remove the blueing, if blued. How is it on paint? I would imagine, it also removes it. Just asking. I need to clean up the inside of a mag. This seems the easiest route, but if it is going to create a goopy mess. I may need to go another route. I don't have garage area to work in. The outside of the mag is fine.

Thanks for any info or tips.
Link Posted: 4/29/2015 10:57:32 PM EDT
Done the Coke thing a number of times. It does not remove the paint.

It will remove the bluing.

Hope this helps.
Link Posted: 4/30/2015 7:18:25 AM EDT

Link Posted: 5/3/2015 8:19:19 PM EDT
That's because Coke contains a small amount of Phosphoric Acid, a well-known rust remover.
Link Posted: 5/4/2015 6:02:46 PM EDT
I've done this in the past, it's lengthy but I've had great results. I've done the coke method as well, just monitor it well or it will eat the metal.

1. Take apart, wipe down most oil, cosmoline, and any dirt
2. Boil in a cheap Wal-Mart aluminum pan
3. Take out and dry - hot water will evaporate faster
4. Put mags in 5 Gallon bucket with White Vinegar
5. Wait 24-36 hours, checking every 4-8 hours
6. Boil in a cheap Wal-Mart aluminum pan
7. Take out and dry - hot water will evaporate faster
8. Dip in paint thinner for 20-30 minutes
9. Quick bath in water
10. Take out and Dry
11. Use 0000 Steel wool to take the light patina of rust that will form immediately
12. Wipe down and paint as necessary
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