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Posted: 10/2/2004 5:48:21 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/2/2004 5:49:28 PM EDT by Jeepcreep]
Link Posted: 10/2/2004 7:35:51 PM EDT
Sorry man, I am one of those guys in the 'other soooooper secret' camp....
ALL of the color in Russian wood resides in the varnish itself, not in staining the wood.
So although I think you are on the right track as far as obtaining the right colors, filtering off salts etc.,
you will strike out every time if you begin by staining the wood itself....

As well as having the right tinted varnish, you really have to start off with new, clean, virgin, in the white, wood. So all you guys out there with greasy used PLO kits, forget about it... look for the real thing!
There *is* a certain 'magic' with Russian wood finishing techniques, and so far I have only seen a handful of people come close. Nobody does it like Svetlana.


Link Posted: 10/3/2004 4:05:39 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/3/2004 4:07:31 AM EDT by Jeepcreep]
Link Posted: 10/3/2004 4:42:24 AM EDT
Link Posted: 10/4/2004 7:01:18 AM EDT
Jeep, those look great! Who might carry those finishing products? Are they something I can pick up at my local Lowes or Home Depot?
Link Posted: 10/4/2004 8:38:07 AM EDT
Hehehe, you don't need a magic wand, just a chemical engineer huh!?
Jeep, ya gotta remember I am most definately sick in the head, and I will settle for nothing less than the original... I have dealt with the PLO wood for about 5 years now, and I have yet to see any 'come back to life'. I can also smell, see, and feel refinished wood a mile away and I just would never use it on my stuff that's all... I think you have a good technique for replicating it, which should satisfy most of the guys out there, except for the criminally insane ones like myself

(man these emoticons are wierd!)


Originally Posted By Jeepcreep:
The first set of wood was done with tinting the varnish in a chemical lab(by a professional chemical engineer) The second set IS a set of PLO Russian wood, that was refinished using my second method. The wood looked so bad before I started I almost pitched it, but it has the same serial number as my kit. It is also a myth that you must start with virgin wood!

This is 20+ year old used Chinese Chu wood:

This is a sample from what I have in stock that I keep waiting on a project. I can tint the stain to match the other wood pieces and match it. You just need need to have a bit of wood refinishing skills, not a mystical wand!

Link Posted: 10/4/2004 8:40:42 AM EDT

Originally Posted By CAMPYBOB:
Nobody does it like Svetlana.

i've seen dragunov wood i wouldn't start a fire with.

Hey, even the magic wood workers ocassionally exceed their daily 50 grams of Vodka and
produce some random results...old world craftmanship!!! Some would call it 'variety'
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