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Posted: 9/9/2004 4:21:42 PM EDT
Well, in 3 days and 4 hours, the AWB goes buh-bye, barring the summoning of the Dark Lord and some major grovelling in the Pit by the Democrats.

Has anyone put together any kind of reference as to which manufacturers will be making what available, and which dealers will be stocking it?

I know this isn't 100% AK-related, but it pertains to all stuff.

For example, I've got a couple of SIG P229's that I'd love to have some more 12rd mags for - has SIGarms made any announcement that they'll either A> immediately begin magazine production and sales for the civvy market, or B> an announcement that they will not be doing so. If A>, has any large dealer come forth stating that they'll be carrying mass quantities, so order now?

SIG's only meant to be an example - I'm sure that all of ya'll out there will be wanting new AR mags, new Glock mags, new Beretta mags, etc.

Just curious if such a resource (a webpage, a thread here, anything) exists.

Muchas Gracias, mi AK-amigos!
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 4:42:18 PM EDT
I think most of the major manufacturers are doing the wait and see thing. From a business perspective it's smart. They don't want to be stuck with inventory they can't sell.

I did read some hopeful news from Armalite, they are taking cash prepaid pre-orders on Post-Post ban guns. I think they even trademarked the Post-Post Ban saying.

I've been asking local shops if they were taking pre-orders for Glock LEO mags yet. CDNN was selling off their used LEO only mags for $12 ea. I bet they raise their prices come September 13th!
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 7:38:32 PM EDT
Armalite has been the only company that has openly announced their plans. The rest have been playing "wait and see".
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