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Posted: 8/28/2018 10:12:40 AM EST
[Last Edit: 8/28/2018 10:13:52 AM EST by builttoughf250]
Valmet M76 223-

I bought five East German 223 Wieger mags To convert for the rifle.

I tried to convert one last night and one this morning.
An hour and a half or two each of hand filing / test / file / test / file. Mark it with a red marker, slide the bolt, remove material where the red marker is wiped off, repeat repeat repeat. I’m not interested in spending 700 on two original / factory mags. After the second mag was jamming the same way the first one was I even took a cunt hair off the underside of the feed lips to try to raise the nose of the bullet and it still jams, and the second bullet in the mag is shortened / pushed into the case. It sucks cause I have the mag locking in beautifully and I didn’t get excessive removing material anywhere. I filed and tested the fit the whole way.

Not sure if I even want to burning up another $50 into trying a Bulgarian mag or not
Link Posted: 8/28/2018 3:37:40 PM EST
Did you look at the pics I posted inside the "Valmet 3D ..." post just below yours? Are your mods basically the same -- you may need more work on the front especially to raise the front edge. Tony Rumore [Tromix] may also have advice if you post pics.

Link Posted: 8/28/2018 8:17:39 PM EST
I have browsed many online tutorials over the last month or so and used pics from them, and held my original Valmet mag next to it for a comparison also.

I spent a hell of a lot of time filing these little by little.

It doesnt matter how many rounds are in the mag, itll randomly jam while hand cycling while shortening the bullet under the one it jams on.

the ONLY thing I can think of is maybe I filed it in a way that raises the rear of the mag too much.

Either way Im not a happy camper !
Link Posted: 8/29/2018 8:00:25 PM EST
This is how I converted them for my Vepr 5.56

A short blurb on what to do to fit the Weiger magazine to my 5.56 VEPR. I do not know much about the history of the Weiger mags but they are top notch IMHO. I have a few Circle 10 mags which are great but its nice having a mix of quality steel and polymer magazine.

Basically there are two areas that needed a small amount of material removed from to fit the VEPR. The "pads" on the front of the magazine are too wide by .070" total or .035" per side needed to be milled off. There are two spot welds in this area and can be tough on an end mill. I used a carbide end mill and it cut easily. You can see the welds clearly once its milled down.

Clamped secure~

Once the pads were reduced in size the magazine could be inserted but still not lock in place. The rear face above the magazine catch made contact with the receiver. You can color it up with a Sharpie marker and see the contact point/s. My mags needed .025"~.035" removed to allow the mag to lock in place. I used a hand file with a non cutting safe edge and did this the good old fashioned way.

Now that my mags fit they have a few bald spots of bare steel.....

Rustoleum appliance epoxy (black, duh) sprayed on steel Weiger magazines. Let dry overnight and baked in the oven @ 400 F for one hour. You can definitely see how much shine the epoxy has air dried without heat cure ( bake ) then the change after baking. The stuff sticks to everything it touches....

Air dried overnight BEFORE baking, you can see the reflection off the painted surface~

Baking one hour @ 400 F yields a nice satin finish~

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