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12/11/2018 1:58:31 AM
Posted: 8/21/2018 6:20:57 PM EST
[Last Edit: 8/24/2018 4:01:10 PM EST by lariatdrvr]
Found the time to go test for the Ace.

I took 2 types of ammo with me, one brass ZQ1 and one Wolf steal cased polyformance…
ZQ1- Fairly tame for a 308. Brass ejection was everywhere. Cycled fine. Dented mouth and a dent in neck and a few with a dent in the main body of the brass case. I may be able to salvage it. Accuracy sucked with this ammo. Shooting at 50 yds to sight in the ACOG. 2" groups. But was more concerned about function.

WOLF- Even more tame than the ZQ1. A lot more accurate. about inch group at 50 yds, even a little less. I can live with that. BUT, Wolf would jam. Case stuck in chamber. Break out the cleaning rod to knock it out. Very disappointed. I have a lot of wolf. But have other guns shoot it just fine.

ejector would rip the case rim. Will try some other lots later.

I like the recoil and the feel of this gun. I think it was a very good purchase. Always been a big fan of 308. Carried a M60E3 in the Marines.
Comparing it to my go-to AR it weighs about the same. I run a TA33 Acog on it.

That's it for now...…..

Just got my 308 ACE pistol with SB brace in today.
Been on the fence for awhile about this thing due to the price.

But I have been looking for a SHTF gun in 308 and something that wasn't too heavy.
I have a SIG716 patrol and it is 10 pounds easy, with no optic. I thought about the ACE rifle but wanted that shorter barrel.

I looked at the PTR91 pistol as well as the STG58 style pistol from DSA. Got plenty of mags for both but the ACE just kept popping up.

My first take is that it is a little heavier than I expected. But with ACOG it is 9 pounds. And the gun feels great. Very solid build. I have smaller hands so the mag release is just a little bit of a reach for me but nothing bad. Ambi realease at that. Bolt will stay open on last round witht he sr20/25 pmag But not shot it yet so that could change.

I like the tritium sights though with glasses its hard to see the front sight post, still a good option.
I have already tried a few slings but that will be work in progress it seems. Not sure if I will keep the ACOG on it but will work for now.

The folding brace is very stiff. But doubt I will ever fold the thing. A neat function to have just in case.

The handguard covers come off easily but are locked in place. May try some other types of covers just to se how they feel but factory do feel nice.

I hope to get to shoot it on Friday, next day off, then can give a bit more info on how it functions.
Here are a couple of pics.

Link Posted: 8/22/2018 12:01:28 PM EST
Nice. Don't see many owners of the 308 pistol version.

If its anything like the other ACE rifles I've encountered, the front sight post needs to be screwed almost all the way out (up) in order to get a zero.

Almost to the point that you'd think the post would fall out. May not be an issue on yours, but I wouldn't doubt it based on what I've seen. Might save you some money in ammo during the sight-zeroing phase.
Link Posted: 8/22/2018 12:06:52 PM EST
I would like to get into .308, but the weight, cost to operate, and shitty options keep me away. I would love a scar 17s but I am not wiling to drop 3-4K on it. But I would never use a .308 as a go to war platform unless it's for distance. Even than, other calibers work better.
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