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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/23/2006 4:33:56 AM EST
I have a Kreb's KTR-03S in 7.62x39 and I want to start practicing to get into 3 gun this spring and summer. I will be shooting a Saiga 12 and a CZ-75 SP-01 or one of my 10mm full-size pistols with extremely downloaded 10mm.

Because the KTR-03S only weights 7.5 lbs. (actually feels more like 6 lbs. when shouldering, very light), it has the regular AK muzzle climb, even with the AR style birdcage flash surpressor/brake with slots only on the upper half. I think it would be beneficial to thread on an effective compensator like a Jerry Miculek brake to give me faster sight aquisition, especially if everyone else will be shooting .223 AR's. I have shot AK's with the '74 brakes on them and they are pretty effective at lowering recoil and stopping muzzle climb.

I believe the muzzle is threaded 14x1mm LH like most AK's but I need to check that at home. Does anyone know if there is a Miculek type brake in 14x1mm LH? Are there any other types of brakes I should be looking at? AMD-65 brakes seem to somewhat help, but they increase flash more than any I have seen and don't really reduce recoil that much.

Miculek Brake
Link Posted: 2/23/2006 7:30:04 AM EST
[Last Edit: 2/23/2006 7:31:56 AM EST by postban]
Tough to get serious muzzle taming in 7.62x39. The Miculek barake works so good on the 223 because of low projectile weight and higher gas volume/projectile weight ratio.

A Miculek "type" brake would work, so would and Armalite 3-slot type. Also a Bushmaster y-comp too. I had a custom 3-gun rig built with a 3-port, brutal on bystanders but great for eliminating climb. All these designs would be less effective on climb due to the v/p ratio though.

all are gonna have to be custom threaded though. Contact Jayso at IGF, he is who threaded/attached my breaks (during the ban)

pic here
Link Posted: 2/23/2006 8:40:40 AM EST
AK-74 breaks are suposed to be the best at reducing recoil... At least the History channel said so!
Link Posted: 2/23/2006 8:25:07 PM EST
You can get a U.S. made '74 brake for little cost. $20.00. These are readily available in 14mm LH thread configuration. "socandyman" had them for the aforementioned price.

Quite a bit of blast, however, compared to a flash suppressor.

Link Posted: 2/23/2006 8:36:02 PM EST
The Rom. slash cut works for me. I'm shooting 3gun w/kobra on side rail and drum

I really lean into it, no muzzle climb... front sight rotates from 12 oclock to 11 oclock and back as weapon cycles.... without slash cut, it doesn't do it, so seems the climb turns into a managable twist, is that same for you guys?

I also have 74 style on another, it's OK too
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