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Posted: 9/11/2004 4:55:39 PM EDT
This time I got to try out 3 more relatively unpopular loads in 7.62x39

Range is 50 yd, rifle is a VEPR K in 7.62x39 (no muzzle brake) with modified Bulgarian gas tube, BSA 8-32x44 scope, and Harris Bipod.

Federal Powershok 123gr PSP:
#1: 1.13"
#2: 1.56"
Avg: 1.35"
The brass cases looked fairly oxidized and it wasn't very "clean" ammo at the price. The only good thing I got out of buying Federal ammo is the neat plastic ammo holders!!!

Winchester Super-X 123gr PSP:
#1: 0.69"
#2: 0.63"
#3: 1.82"
#4: 1.7"
Avg: 1.21"
I used to think this would be the most accurate ammo available for 7.62x39 short of custom handloads... but I guess I was wrong (keep reading below). However, as you can see from the first two trials it shot very tight. However, I started doing 5 and 6 shot groups which screwed up the groupings. It seems that my rifle enjoys 3 shot groups and the 4th and consecutive bullets ALWAYS loosen up a lot.

Corbon 125gr JHP:
#1: 0.82"
#2: 0.63"
#3: 0.69"
#4: 0.63"
Avg: 0.7"

It's got the consistency that outrivals Barnaul, and comes very close to 1 MOA. However the price tag puts this at almost $1 per round. And yes, I spent almost $20 for those 4 trial runs.
Note: Corbon 125gr JHP shoots to the left by 2"-3" consistently. Everything else printed fairly close to bullseye or hit bullseye multiple times. Corbon consistently shot to the left and down.

Winchester USA 123gr FMJ:
#1: 1.065"
#2: 1.56"
Avg: 1.31"

I tested this before (read my "new results" topic) and there's not much change here.

Wolf 122gr FMJ (Polymer coated cases):
#1: 1.38"

I had one empty target and it was almost cease-fire, so I tried it out. As you know, Wolf is very inconsistent. I've seem 0.6" groupings and up to 5" groupings at 50 yd using the same rifle.

Federal American Eagle 124gr FMJ:
#1: 1.3"
#2: 1.13"
#3: 1.19"
#4: 1.57"
Avg: 1.3"

Not much new to report either, I tested this ammo last time and didn't see much improvement.

According to my own records, here's a list of ammo from most consistent to least:

Corbon 125gr JHP @ 0.7"
Barnaul 122gr JHP @ 1.01"
Winchester Super-X 123gr PSP @ 1.21"
Federal American Eagle 124gr FMJ @ 1.3"
Winchester USA 123gr FMJ @ 1.31"
Federal Power-Shok 123gr PSP @ 1.35"
Wolf 154gr PSP @ 1.37"
Wolf 122gr FMJ/JHP @ 2.25"

All measurements are averaged groupings at 50 yd.

Link Posted: 9/11/2004 6:05:16 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/12/2004 3:36:48 AM EDT
I shot both types of Winchesters for my caliber (USA FMJ and Super-X), the Super-X was $13/box and the USA FMJ was $8/box. I hope you didn't just toss the rest of the Super-X PSP in the trash! That was pretty expensive ammo!

I didn't know the term for those... fliers eh? Sometimes the fliers would get into my groups (Federal Powershok) so I couldn't determine which was the tightest group and just counted the 5 shot group.

Corbon would occaisonally have a few fliers but you could easily tell which of the 3 were in the tightest group (0.7") making tight triangles.

Ironically the Corbon loads were the best. They used the smallest bullets but apparently they did use magic pixie dust in the powder charge. They shoot extremely left though. I don't know why.

I still have a list of ammo to try but its basically remington, PMC Bronze, and Barnaul (it's STILL out of stock, argh....)
Link Posted: 9/12/2004 6:52:12 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/12/2004 7:36:22 AM EDT
If you want to get rid of some Winchester crap, I'd be glad to buy it at a reasonable price!

Federal, as you can see, wasn't anything to write home about. The cool ammo holders are a plus though.

If you ever get a chance to do some more ammo testing and have a few bucks to spare, try the Corbon. I was amazed to see such tight and consistent groupings from an AK/RPK.
If the ammo is too pricey I usually just buy 1 box (20rd) and split it into 4-7 groupings. Chances are if I can't get any decent groupings from 1 box, then there's no point in trying for more boxes.
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