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Posted: 8/15/2004 10:53:14 AM EDT

Been measuring the OOW and comparing it to a romy receiver.

I have two concerns!

1. If you square the receiver to the front of the trunnion, I have a gap from carrier rails to lugs of trunnion of a full .270.

2. And when I measure from tip of receiver to the ejector, I am long .087.
So I take it I should go by that and file off .087 from the front so as to square off the receiver with the trunnion.

so now I would be left with a gap from carrier rails to lugs by about .183.

Is that o.k.?
Link Posted: 8/15/2004 2:46:03 PM EDT
The way I do it is to install the trigger guard and mag catch assy first then insert a mag and move the front trunion back using a c clamp to hold it in place untill the mag inserts nicely, not to tight or loose. and try all of your mags as they vary.
Link Posted: 8/15/2004 3:05:27 PM EDT
Thanks Robert,
You should be proud of yourself, The blanks I have bought from you are better fitting than this new oow receiver.
I am not kidding! I use some good calipers and allways compare to the commie receivers. Yours are the same. I got different measurements across the board on this other, but it is close enough to use.
Link Posted: 8/16/2004 5:32:46 AM EDT
So Robert sells blanks?

How much and what has/hasn't been done to them.

Link Posted: 8/16/2004 9:53:10 AM EDT
Pantera thanks I,m glad you like them ,just keep building, my dentist said he needs the money OUCH!

MIerinMD heres my website address http://www.bent-metal.com/ theres a link in the (Links for Builders) post at the top of this forum with some other good links


Link Posted: 8/16/2004 5:55:18 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/16/2004 5:56:55 PM EDT by Jicky]
I bought some 5.45x39 gauges from Bent-Metal.com a week or so ago...Great company!!! When I get this OOW rec build done I'll be building my next one with his blanks..Thanks again Robert!!! James
Link Posted: 8/16/2004 7:16:52 PM EDT
I just received a set of his 5.45 guages .They are perfect !
Link Posted: 8/16/2004 7:25:03 PM EDT
Those numbers look way off. Are you sure the receivers are for the same caliber?
Link Posted: 8/20/2004 7:23:19 AM EDT
I'm a relative newby here, but I've been on the AR-15 side for a while. I'm using a OOW receiver for my first build and comparing it to a Norinco. It's come out pretty even so far. I have a pre-bent blank standing by. In the mean time, I've got to say I'm impressed with your website Robert. I'll e-mail you about sending payment for a blank and rails.
Link Posted: 8/20/2004 5:20:01 PM EDT
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