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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/14/2006 12:57:51 PM EST
I have a sar 1 and I need a optic for it.

I am really stuck on the fence between the two? I think they are both great optics from what I have read, but I would like some input on them. Thanks
Link Posted: 1/14/2006 7:17:58 PM EST

Originally Posted By GuitarGuy:
Without question go for the Kobra. At that range the AK is devastating. The best way to take advantage of its strenghts is with some type of red dot. The kobra is russian, so is the AK, makes sense right? My 2001 SAR-1 is awesome with the kobra. Offhand shooting out to 100 yards, its fully capable of hitting a torso sized target easily. I have taken it one step further and have hit 6"x12" railroad tie steel plates at greater than 100 with it. You cant beat the kobra or other red dots for situational awareness either, both eyes open, full view of your area, cant beat it. Dont waste your money on cheap red dots, the recoil of the AK will break em all, belive me ive wasted hundreds on inadaquate sights, get the Kobra, then when you have the scratch get a 4x PSOP russian scope for when you want to take the weapon out further. The AK is often overlooked in the accuracy department, in no way am i calling it anything more than acceptably accurate, but i think youll be impressed. Remember, it was only designed to hit a torso sized target at 300 yards. Most combat occurs much closer than that (incidentaly so does most range shooting hehe). If you get the bird up your ass you might try mouting an EOTech in a scout mount setup on an Ultimak gas tube rail, but for that price you can get the Kobra and a russian scope. Have fun man. Enjoy the SAR let us know how it turns out.

AR's are more reliable than you might think, but remember, AK's are more accurate than you might think.

That being said, i do not have experience with the PK-AS. I do belive that it does not sit over the bore in the least, and therefore you will have to use a more heads up shooting stance as you may not be able to atain a cheek weld. But as i have experience with the Kobra, i can tell you that it is outstanding and easy to adjust and operate, there are situations where you may want a larger reticle such as rapid close range shots, the Kobra can accomodate this. It certianly gets my vote, and Tantal is the man to get it from, good price, and he even stocks spare parts for it should u need them.
Link Posted: 1/15/2006 11:56:18 AM EST
[Last Edit: 1/15/2006 12:00:17 PM EST by DOE]
I too sat on that fence, before deciding on the PK AS. I have the military PK AS. The one that does not have the dimming red dot adjustment. It does not sit above the bore. If you are left eye dominant and shoot with the rifle on your right shoulder, then it's the PERFECT set up with a great cheek weld. Good optics.

I like the ability of using the circle and dot as a ranging scale, and the ability to use the standard black dot should batteries ever fail for the red dot. Mine is calibrated for the 5.45, as with the ballistic cam, so for 7.62 it will be different for the various ranges. It also allows you to use the rifle sights. Russian version of the EoTech. Very well built, rugged, and heavy.

The PK AS V sits over the bore. I think the Kobra does the same thing. That said, not much experience with either Kobras.
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 11:28:34 PM EST
The over the bore version of the PK-AS was designed for a chin weld, not a cheek weld. The Russians prefer the chin weld because they claim it makes their target engagment even faster than with the chin weld.

The black dot is a nice feature and someone mentioned the PK-AS is built like a "brick shithouse" from a review I read a few months back. I would get the PK-AS because the Kobra's battery life is just too short. The PK-AS battery life is even shorter but it has the black dot option and I would use the red dot for low light conditions.
Link Posted: 1/18/2006 3:55:02 AM EST
If you can adapt to left eye use then the PK-AS gets the nod from me (gotta love that "no batteries in daytime" feature) but if not there's nothing wrong w/the Kobra, either (IMHO the PK-AS-V sits too high, higher than the Kobra). 80+hrs on a good set of lithiums isn't bad plus I have *lots* of AA rechargeables to keep it going. They both have their strengths and weaknesses (I have 'em both and like 'em both), pick the one that best suits your particular needs. HTH...
Link Posted: 1/22/2006 10:51:33 AM EST
I was just thinking of getting the PK-AS for the second time. I will get it since I've been toying around with my AK's and realized that with both eyes open the PK-AS should work perfect.
I will order one from posp.ru, they run at $195 shipped. I don't like the kobra's for some reason, they just look too breakable to me, and they run on batteries all the time, the PK-AS doesn't.
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