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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/11/2006 3:06:22 PM EST
Hello Everyone,

As said, I am a complete novice to kit building and a newcomer to the site, so please bear with me and be patient. I do have a new GP WASR 10 (7.62 cal) and I am looking to build another Romanian from a kit, but there are so many kit sellers out there that my head spins trying to decide who to go with: "Cope", Tapco, Centerfire (their Yugo mags are great and hold the bolt open on the last shot!): whose kit is good/exceptional? I think it is Centerfire that is offering a "buy a Romanian kit, and get a Suomi SMG kit for $20.00 more" (I have always been fascinated with the Suomi), but how good are their kits? I notice that most of the kit sellers do not mention the condition of the barrel bores. I was leaning toward the "Cope" company kits, as they offer a G2 trigger with one of their kits and they offer "hand picked" (don't know if that is worth it though).
Then there is the decision about whose "flat bending jig" to go with. Some of them are real pricey ( I am looking to spend maybe $150.00 on this item) and haven't got a clue as to whose jig is really good and easy to use. Also, is their a good building tutorial available on DVD from some company? Regarding fasteners; what is the advantage of using rivets? Most quality rifles/pistols use machine screws, and it would seem that that would be a stronger option (although I realize that a stamped receiver is very thin and it may not work to put threads into such a receiver, but if that is an option, I do have a good drill press to act as a tapping guide). There is one other question that I have, and that regards "furniture". I happen to like the plum colored AKM or AK-74 plastic stock sets and would like to put one on my (factory built) AK-47. Yes, I know that this is not "correct " for the AK-47, but I like the looks of it, and it is just a WASR, after all. Would one of these sets fit if it is made for a stamped receiver? I look forward to any information that anyone out there would offer and I thank you all in advance for your patience with my many newbie questions.


Curtis (Woodsman22)
Link Posted: 3/11/2006 4:30:15 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/11/2006 4:31:12 PM EST by Real_estate_salesman]
I've bought kits from CFS and DPH. note that the bore condition is only an issue with Yugo kits.
I bought almost all parts (compliance and flats) from Tapco, but I did buy century compliance kits and spring steel flats from DPH last time, but havn't built those yet. I use buy home made bending jig.
I've welded some and screwed some, I plan on riveting the next ones, no trouble with any of them so do as you please.
Just don't buy anything from Inter Ordnance.
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