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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/4/2006 7:42:04 AM EST
The local gunsmith/builder that I had build a -74 for me said he would do this, but now that I have the parts he keeps saying "next month". I don't want to have to send this out to anyone and though I am sure Derek at AZEXARMS would do this for me, I don't have any plans to drive to Phoenix, AZ until the end of the month, if then.

I don't have a press. But have taken the FSB off of a couple SAR-1's and have put new virgin sight blocks on AR-15's, drilling the pin holes perfectly just by eyeing the holes in the old FSB and drilling them with my drill press.

Is the FSB on the SLR-105 an extremely tight fit that I will need a press to get it off and get the new one on. I've already got one of the cross pins out. The other one has given me a problem, but I haven't tried my center punch yet to get it started to punch it out. I also have a mapp gas torch if it comes down to that. The finish on the stock FSB doesn't matter as I will be putting the new one on. Then putting on the new one, is it going to slide right on? Will a mallet get it on (always worked with the SAR's I worked on) ? There are pilot holes on the new brake so I would think it would line up with the slots in the barrel from the original brake installation.

The gunsmith that told me he could do this told me he might have to press the barrel out of the trunnion. His verbal estimate was $30.00 for the FSB installation, if he didn't need to press the barrel out. He also does a great job of receiver selector markings, looks like he raised the price of these to $45.00, I thought he did it for me for $25.00 or $30.00 on my -74 build, I had planned on having him do it to this rifle(Bulgarian markings, it's Bulgarian after all). I've got a blast cabinet, airbrush, can probably phosphate the FSB and KG gun kote the FSB myself as I have everything I need.

Should I just cool my jets for another month and see if the gunsmith gets caught up so he can do this in March, April, May, June?

Should I call Derek at AZEXARMS and see if he can do it for me. He would probably be able to park the FSB for me. He did 2 of my AR uppers when he threaded them at his after the ban party. $75.00 each barrel which included a phantom flashhider for each rifle ($30.00 is what the price of the flashhider alone would have been) . This would mean driving to his shop, 140 miles each way.

Should I just put the SLR-105R up on the Equipment Exchange with the new front sight base and AK-74 muzzlebrake for a local face-to-face sale since Arsenal isn't going to be building these anymore? This rifle hasn't been shot only twice. Accurate as hell with a scope on it. If I should do this, what would a fair price be? I know how much I have into this rifle, but they aren't making them any more according to Templar. I don't really want to get rid of it. But ammo is all of the sudden hard to get and I have 3 rifles in this caliber.

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