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Posted: 8/28/2004 7:07:44 PM EDT
Hey all, this is my first post, and it's quite a complex one (in my situation, at least).

First, I want to say hello to all those in the AK47/AR15 community, and I appreciate you taking the time to read this post, - I know that you don't have to help me, but I have the feeling that this community is helpful, and I show my gratitude.

The dilemma I put myself in revolves around the AK47. For many eons I have been fascinated with this firearm (although, I have been interested in firearms in general for a while), and something about the the AK47 just intrigued me. I had my heart set on an AKM underfolder (I'd spin the gears after the 13th).

I did a little bit of research around on the net, and I found many AK47/74/AKM/Krink parts kits at many different websites. Floridagunworks, K-VAR, and Tapco to name a few had parts and/or parts kits. The parts kit I had chosen (not yet bought though) lies here, and with that lies the first question. Would this parts kit be feasible with a standard OOW or other AK47 receiver? I am assuming that I would need a receiver for the parts kit, and from what I hear, an AKM requires a special receiver that is slightly angled to accept the rear trunion with a folding stock (and some holes need to be drilled for this). Hearing this, I went and searched for an AKM receiver, and I found one on Gunbroker.

It seems to be a Vulcan receiver that was made especially for the AKM series of AK47s, and it can be found here. The description states that an AKM parts kit would work for this, and all it needs is a hole in the rear of the receiver to accept the folding stock. From what I pitifully know about the AK47 receiver, the standard receiver has an 'open' end, which was meant to accept a wire/fixed stock. AKM receivers have a plate soldered/welded on the rear and a hole drilled on the aft sides to accept an underfolding stock. Many have told me that there are rear extensions which can be used to block up the 'hole' and would then provide holes for the stock, but I would prefer to drill the holes and whatnot myself instead of using an aftermarket device. (Any comments against this idiocracy would be appreciated).

Trunion Troubles

Trunions fly over my head - I don't know what they are, and I don't know what they are used for, but I know that they are important (to combat the scowls this sentence is getting, look at this h.gif). The parts kit in the link above doesn't tell buyers whether rear and front trunions are included, but I asked a frienda' mine and he said that he could see the rear trunion attached the folding stock and the front trunion connected to the barrel assembly. Would that rear trunion (please take a look at the photo and see if the trunions actually exist) have to be attached to the rear of the receiver? Would that require a lot of cutting, dremelling, and all sorts of other heavy metal work? It seems that it shouldn't, otherwise a parts kit would be a living Hell to complete into a working firearm, but maybe that's the case and I don't even know it. How would I complete this project? I really want to get intimate with the AK47 in terms of understanding how it works, and how to put it together. If I had extra money, I'd buy a SAR-1 complete and take it apart and screw around with it, but I have my heart set on that AKM, and I'd like to start tough and jump into the dirt teeth first.

(I'll be sure to replace NFA parts with semi-automatic US made counterparts)

Any suggestions and help for me on this project would be strongly appreciated.

Link Posted: 8/28/2004 7:15:13 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/28/2004 7:47:39 PM EDT
I'm assuming ORF is Ohio Rapid Fire? I checked their website under the "Our own AKs" section and they don't seem to have any underfolders - I'm sure they'd make some after the 13th, but I'd really enjoy building one. I guess I could buy a complete one and take it apart, but I'm willing to learn from scratch on building my first one since it'll be a long time since I'll have enough cash to buy a parts kit and receiver.
Link Posted: 8/28/2004 8:23:53 PM EDT
How about something like this?

Basically brand new AK-74 parts kit with a folding stock. Personally I like under folders better then the side-folder. Just look for a kit you like, and then purchase a folder separately. To my knowledge any stamped under folder should fit a stamped receiver.

Link Posted: 8/29/2004 11:34:05 AM EDT
That looks like a nice kit, but I notice that the stock is not attached to the rear trunion, so it would make it much easier to attach it to an AK74/47 receiver right?

Check out this picture of the parts kit I was interested in:


You'll notice that I circled the underfolder connected to the rear trunion (I think) in red. If I were to get this parts kit, how would I attach that to a separate reciever? Would it fit normally to an AK47 receiver, or would I have to do additional metal work to remove that rear trunion?

Thanks for responding though, I appreciate it.
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