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Posted: 5/4/2004 8:21:27 AM EST
Okay, I know this has been done to death, but since the search function isn't working, I'm going to ask here - I have a brand new Arsenal SSR-56-2 with the buffer in it. The manual says it will increase the longevity of the gun and internal parts. Can someone lay out the pros and cons to keeping it in and taking it out?

Link Posted: 5/4/2004 8:59:22 AM EST
I've had one in my SAR-1 for the last 4 years, it works fine and whether it has done any good or not I can't say, it certainly has done no harm though.
Link Posted: 5/4/2004 12:42:40 PM EST
Shoot it with it and without. Choose what you like better. Some of mine have it some don't.

Some have reported function problems with it in and none after they remove it.
Link Posted: 5/4/2004 1:06:51 PM EST
A buffer in an AK is like wearing a Belt AND Suspenders,
If it makes you feel more secure go ahead
Link Posted: 5/4/2004 3:35:06 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/4/2004 3:35:21 PM EST by Andreuha]
This increased longevity will only be noticed after 300,000++ rounds have been fired through the rifle (unless it's a Hesse/Vulcan ). Otherwise, it's all upto how it feels to you while shooting, and it's function while shooting.
Link Posted: 5/5/2004 4:25:40 AM EST
I have one in my Arsenal AK and BlackJack's in my other AK rifles. I haven't had one MISS FIRE in any of them. There's a guy on the AR15.com Georgia side that had his rear rivets gets really loose on a SAR 1 after 5000-7000 rnds. For that reason alone it doesn't seem like a bad idea to have one in it if it DOESN'T jam your rifle. It just absorbs impact of the Carrier and the rear Trunion. Which the rear is riveted. While most AK's seem to not loosen up and last a long time , it's just added security. If ya don't want it I'LL TAKE IT. WarDawg
Link Posted: 5/7/2004 3:25:07 AM EST
They also act as a gas check and prevent lube from being blown into you glasses and face thru the dust cover release button cut-out.
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