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Posted: 10/5/2004 9:48:08 AM EDT
Hey guys. I'm crossing over from the AR side and getting my feet wet over on the dark side as you call it. Since I was used to how the AR15 goes together, I figured the AK would kinda be the same. I figured I'd buy the reciever first, then decide on what type of AK I would want to make it into. I got a stamped reciever for 7.62 from ORF and ordered some parts kit from someone on gunbroker.com.

It came in today but now I have a problem. I now noticed that it just doesn't go together with a pin that I can remove at will, but rather several rivets throughout the reciever. Now my reciever doesnt have those rivets, let alone holes for them. Does anyone know where I could get this put together? Or am I SOL? Or am I possibly over looking something and I can really just put it together (please be the case).

Also just a quick question. I know that there are a bunch of varients like SAR1-3, WASRs, etc. but what would mine be considered? On the auction it says its from an actual Russian AK47 and has all the Russian markings and crap. If I am able to put this together I would like to know what it would be called. Thanks for any help.
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You can do a screw build with 10/32 allen screws like I did. I know people will start screaming that Mikhail didn't mean for them to be built that way, but if you don't have a 12 ton press, the rivet jigs and don't want to press your barrel out and back in (headspace) it works and looks great. A little Loctite and the hardened steel screws are as strong as rivets.

If you plan to do it yourself, I can help you along. The only tools you'll need that you might not have is a drill press, dremel, a tap handle and a few 10/32 taps. Tapping the hardened steel trunions for the 10 screws is the biggest bitch. Don't forget that you'll need to comply with the parts count issue.

Here's mine:
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