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Posted: 5/5/2003 8:38:37 PM EDT
First I was wondering if the wolf type ammo will work in veprs and if it will be any more accurate?  Especially how well will 7.62x39 wolf ammo shoot in a vepr compared to a cheaper AK like the SAR1?

Maybe the 5.45 chmabering will be better with cheap ammo?

I'm planning on the VEPR 2 for now.

Link Posted: 5/7/2003 4:33:23 AM EDT
It is odd that you should ask this question. Recently a friend and I took my Vepr K 7.62x39
my Krebs M3A 7.62x39 and his STOCK (complete with NASTY trigger slap) SAR1 out to a local range with a mixed bag of Wolf and Barnual HP and FMJ. Now the only one of these rifles I have actualy tested for accuracy is the Vepr K and I know that with Corbon 124s I was getting 1.75 consitently at a hundred ( the best was 1.5) But on this day of casual shooting, using Wolf and Barnual clearly the best grouping gun of the bunch was the SAR1 I suspect in part  because fo the Trigger slap we weren't trying to do doubles. I know with Wolf in My Vepr K in usualy it opens up to aroun 2.75 to 3 at a hundred.
Page AK-47 » Russian
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