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Posted: 2/12/2018 4:01:01 PM EST
So I believe that after doing some 75 miles hiking with this pack it's time for a review of what I do and don't like and if I feel it is worth the $.

I started my new job last month as a Park Range at Big Bend National park and in my third week in three days they sent me to hike all the major spots that we get lost hikers  or people who get injured they wanted to see how fast I could get to the ends of these hikes.

Was hiking in areas that are flat elevation 3,200 to up in the mountains 8,020 feet above sea level. Hikes ranged from 4.83 miles round trip to 14.5 miles. Total I did 44 miles in three days I was hiking yesterday was a long 22 mile hike.

So the LA Police Gear Atlas 72 Hour Tactical Backpack. Now I have had hit and miss with LA police gear most of the time it's the quality of what they use. Torn pouches seams that become lose with heavy gear. I have not had that issue with this pack at all it's sturdy well built and there is a pocket for just about everything! I love that I have a single pocket for first aid kit my sat phone and anything else I need on a hike it carries with ease a 100 oz water bladder weight of my pack was around 35+ lbs. This pack is small enough to go on airplane had that checked out first hand the back support is nice did not have any back pain after the hikes and to this day.

Now the Cons for me. This is just me but I found that the yoke and shoulder straps could use more padding. Yoke keep rubbing on my neck so had to keep pulling up my shirt. Shoulder pads more padding please it's just not thick enough to be comfortable for long hikes. If they would make the padding twice as thick around the neck and shoulders I would pay twice or three times the amount they are asking!

If I can't spell or grammar sorry at about 2.8 miles from the end of my 14.5 mile mark that flu that's going around hit me and it was the longest 2.8 miles of my life I about passed out only .25 miles from my squad. So at home today with three days of R&R that I need! Have any questions please ask or if you want photos I'll post any requests. I do have photos of my pack but to lazy to walk and get my laptop! I'll post them when I feel up to it!

All in all it's a great pack and well worth the money that was spent on it! Will not be using it for long hikes but will still be my EDC!
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