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Posted: 2/9/2008 5:51:23 AM EDT
[Last Edit: shadrach]
To: Editor LA Times Newspaper
From: Colonel Bob Smith


I have a story that I believe needs to find its way into the publics eye. You will no doudt find this to be difficult to believe. I only ask that you allow the facts and
witnesses to speak for themselves. I am of sound mind and body and currently hold the rank of Colonel in the Tennessee National Guard. I have seen action in
cleaning up the recent contagion all across this country as well as large sections of Mexico. I was atthe retaking of Nashville all the way through the last town to be cleaned-up, Vernon Utah.

 It is about the clean-up at Vernon that I am writing you. It was on the evening of July 18, 2009 that we first set up a perimeter around the town of Vernon. We launched a UAV to access the numbers of infected. The images relayed back showed as we expected approx. 4500+ walking dead. That night our unit was attacked by a few stragglers but, nothing unusual. On the morning of the 19th we recieved word that we were the last unit facing a town level cleanup. I was instructed to await
re-enforcements in the form of a mounted infantry unit that had just gotten finished in Salt Lake City. They would take a full day to make it to us but, we really
did not mind. It pays to have as much help as you can when you are facing 4500 living dead.

 The end of the fight was in sight and I was in no hurry to loose any
more of my men. I knew that the more force we could bring to bear the fewer men we would lose. On the day of the 19th no undead tried the perimeter from within.
A few were attracted by our noise and came in from the mountains. Other wise no activity. Mid-morning of the 20th our reinforcements arrived. After they were
briefed and settled in it was early afternoon. To late to start a sweep of the town and get it done by dark. So I made the decision to wait until the next morning
to clear the town. No activity at all came from within the perimeter that night. At day break we began to move into town from all directions at once.

 We reached the first houses and cleared them with no resistance. Several really dead "dead" were found with thier heads bashed in. As we moved further in all squads continued to report no contact and more recently dead undead. I made the decision to order a change of priorities from "sweep and clear" to "search and rescue" It looked
like we might have a civilian element working on cleaning out the town just as we were entering it. My heart jumped at the thought of finding survivors. As we continued to move into town reports from all squads continued to be no contact and lots of bodies.  

 If Ihad not seen the UAV images of thousands of undead just days before I would not have believed it. As we reached town center and other squads started to come
into view I reminded everyone to check targets before opening fire and keep a sharp eye out for the survivors. There is nothing sadder than a friendly fire accident. As we entered into the town square bodies were everywhere but, no undead. Near the center
of the square on a park bench sat a man in tattered clothes with a aluminum baseball bat accross his lap. I called out and he stood up and reached into his
jacket pocket and pulled something out and then turned around. My heart sank. He was undead. Long undead. He looked rough, like he could have been from the initial
out-break six years ago. But, oddly enough his stomach was not bloated from feeding and he was carrying the bat. As I was taking all this in, he held out a zip lock bag toward me with something in it. At the same time one of my men shot him in the head. I walked over to check the body as reports from all squads came in
that the town was clear with only this one undead found. After making sure he was really dead. I picked up the bag and realized it contained two small books.
A bible and a diary. After ordering the burning of all bodies I began to read the diary. The contents are below.


 I have decided to write the current events and keep a journal. I honestly have never had a lot time to spend just writing for the sake of writing so this is new to me. Here goes nothing I guess.
 I am 31 years old and a native of Arkansas. I have a lovely wife, Carollyn and two sons, Aaron 5 years old and Robert 17 months. I've worked at the sawmill since
high-school. Since I am not able to work I figured it might be help to keep things straight by writing them down.
 The trouble started a few weeks ago down on I-40 between Atkins and Conway. Reports vary a little but it seems that some type of chemical or medical waste
spill made a lot of people sick. Sick enough that they attacked the fire fighters and cops that tried to evacuate them. After that all hell broke loose. Martial-law has been declared and a curfew put in place. The talking head on TV is saying to stay
indoors and not allow anyone else into your home. For that matter don't even answer the door. I guess that whatever is making people sick must be airborne.


 The National Guard came by this morning and dropped off six cases of MRE's. They said they are doing "welfare checks" on residents. I think they are looking for signs of anyone being sick. It kind of scared me. They said that anyone traveling would be shot on sight. As they were leaving one of them lagged behind and told me that I should board up my windows and make sure that my doors were secured. He also told me to shoot anyone that wandered into the yard that would not answer when challenged or looked sick. He started telling me something else when his Sergeant noticed and told him to move his ass. Carollyn kind of freaked out when I told her. I'm glad now I spent my last bonus on a new rifle and a case of ammo.


 I have spent all day boarding up the windows and putting a locking bar on the front and back doors. Iused two heavy eyebolts, one on each side of the door.I screwed them into the studs and used a piece of 1/2 heavy conduit through the holes in the bolts to block the door.
 Carollyn thinks I am being paranoid. There was just something about the tone the National Guardsman used yesterday that made me take him seriously. The talking
heads on TV are saying the same thing as yesterday. They look distracted though and they have no footage of the accident. And whats even stranger is no
interviews with friends or relatives. I hate the "how does that make you feel" crap but, it is weird not seeing it.    


Trouble today! Since I could not go to work because of this damn curfew and no travel order. I decided to tinker with some projects in my shop. After getting dressed and eating breakfast I went out to work on my old 8N Ford. Since the National Guard was here it had been quiet. Almost relaxed. Usually you can hear trucks on the highway "over a mile away"using thier Jake Brake but, not this week.

As soon as I opened the roll-up door on my shop to let some light in. I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye down on the driveway. It was a medium built guy wearing jeans and a white tee-shirt that seemed to be covered in a gallon of blood. I kind of freaked out and slammed the garage door down on my foot. I think I am going to loose the toenail on my left big toe. Damn that hurt! Although it didn't slow me down much as I sprinted for the house.

After I got inside and locked the door, I ran and got my AR. As he made it up on to the porch he began to make a wierd hair raising moan and beat on the door. I told Carollyn to take the boys into our bedroom and stay there no matter what she heard. I hollered through the door that if he didn't leave that I was goin to shoot! No answer. I hollered again and the same thing, no answer. Carollyn started hollering that 911 was not answering, just a busy signal. I told Carollyn to close the bedroom door, "it's fixing to get LOUD!" I figured what the hell he might be deaf, I will give him a warning shot. Even a deaf mute should notice a bullet coming through the wall next to him. I looked through my Aimpoint and placed the dot about a foot to the left of the back door and fired. After my ears quit ringing I could still hear him moaning and slamming his fists into the door. Damn, Ear plugs! Where did I leave my ear plugs? After I got them off of the key rack and in my ears. I figured this asshole has had plenty of warning. Then I fired a controlled pair through the door at about chest high. He didn't even pause in trying to break down the door. I figured I must have missed. Even through the ear plugs I could still hear him hitting the door. Well if that didn't work maybe a few more will. I used the rest of the 28rds in the mag to do a "Z" pattern on the door. There was a slight pause but, not much. That was when Carollyn shouted from the bedroom that she had gotten through to 911 and they wanted to talk to me. I figured they were about to tell me that I had just shot a mental patient with spaceage body- armour or some shit. Then carollyn handed me the phone.

The woman at 911 dispatch wasted no time. She said that I needed to shot them in the head. Destroy the brain! Anything else was just making noise and wasting ammo. Also after they were dead use rubber gloves and drag them away from the house if the smell became unbearable. Do not allow yourself to come in contact with bodily fluids from the zombies. I was following her just fine until she said that. Zombies! I asked her if she was out of her mind. She told me not to waste her time, believe her or be eaten alive. It's your choice. Then she hungup.

I believed her. So I went to the back door and looked through the peep hole. Sure enough there he was covered in blood with at least a dozen bullet holes in his torso. But, he wasn't bleeding much at all. Just kind of oozing a little. I stepped back and placed the muzzle about where I figured his head should be on the other side of the door and pulled the trigger. Back up to the peep hole and sure enough he was down. After about fifteen minutes Carollyn and I had calmed down and I decided to go out and check the guy to be sure he was dead, and move him off the porch. I went out the front door and had Carollyn lock it behind me. I took my AR and four mags as well as my Sig 9mm with me this time, as well as some heavy rubber gloves. As I circled the house I spotted three more zombies headed my way from various directions. I love living in a rural area, otherwise I am sure there would have been more. Figuring that taking care of the ones coming my way was a priority I fired three shots and dropped all three outside the yard. As I approached the one laying on my front porch I noticed the kill shot had torn away the left top of his skull. And then the smell hit me. Awful, worse than any bloated dog beside the road. I nearly lost my lunch twice as I dragged the body outside the yard. By the time that was finished up two more had came into view. That was when it dawned on me that it was the sound of the rifle that was drawing them in. I decided not to shoot these two until I had figured something out. So I came back in and they are still out there. I am pretty sure that they have been joined by at least one other for a total of three. Carollyn and the boys are scared and so am I just to be honest about it. She is singing hymns to the boys trying to block out the sound those things are making. I got it go figure out how to get rid of them quietly.


I have spent most of the night looking on the internet about zombies and how best to deal with them. Couldn't sleep well for the damn things moaning and banging on the outside of the house. It is really taking a toll on Carollyn. I don't think she slept all night. Figured I would detail my plan for today in the event that things don't work out like I hope. Maybe someone can learn from my mistakes at least. First some details and observations "thank god the electricity and internet is still up". In my research it seems that blunt trauma aka. "beat thier brains out" is as effective as a bullet. The online info was/is not consistant about how fast these things can move and how intelligent. I have spent most of the morning watching the seven that have now gathered around the house. I can honestly say it appears to depend on the zombie. Some are in pretty sad shape "partly eaten or missing limbs,lots of bullet holes etc" these seem to not move very well or fast at all. Others that appear to be whole and undamaged move almost as well as you or me. As far as the intelligence it is hard to say. They appear to be distracted easily by movement and sound. Speech seems to be well beyond them as well as tool use.

As far as dealing with these things quietly. I believe that sneaking out of the house and clubbing them in the head is my best bet. I intent to use a distraction to lure them to one side of the house and then sneak out the other side. This will allow me to take them on one or at most two at a time. Carollyn will be my distraction. I am going to get her to go up to our bedroom window on the second story front of the house and shout and bang on a pot. After at least six of them come into view, I am going to sneak out the back and use my key to lock the dead bolt behind me.

I have put on a Tyvex coverall, rubber gloves, goggles and dust mask. That should protect me from blood spray. Glad I didn't throw this stuff away after painting the house. Weapon of choice is my old aluminum baseball bat. Back-up is my Sig 9mm. Although I am going to try to not use it. Hopefully, I can get rid of these damn things and not attract any more. I have given Carollyn instructions that if I don't come back and speak when I bang on the door not to let me in. I hope and pray she listens.

If you find this honey, I love you and hope I will see you and the kids in heaven one day far in the future.

It worked!!!! WOOO!!!! The first couple of them didn't go down very quick. I had to figure out how and exactly where to hit them. After that it was just a matter of being quick on my feet and quicker to hit them. The ear seems like the best place to aim for when you swing. Further forward on the skull and you just make an uglier zombie when you smash the side of thier face. Further up and the blow glances off the top of the skull and no kill. Below the ear much and you of course hit the neck and no kill. I guess there is enough meat and tendons to soften the blow and not break the neck. I had to break some arms on the quicker ones that were really trying to make a grab for me. Other than that it went very well. Very little blood at all. I really think that the Tyvex coveralls, goggles and mask were overkill but, good insurance. Finally some peace and quiet. The boys are already asleep, Carollyn is about to doze off and I think she has the right idea. I am exhausted.


After yesterday we have started trying to get in touch with everyone we know this morning. No luck. Dialing the telephone will only give you a message saying that "your call cannot be completed at this time, please try again". Unless you call 911 and that gets you a busy signal. Internet is down to, it just won't connect. I guess we are cut off. We cannot see any of the neighbors houses from ours. Closest one is Bob Sanders place about a 1/4 mile up the road. I can see thier barn in the field that borders our land but, there has been no activity over there. I think that is a good sign. Bob would not go down without a fight. I would expect at least a lot of gunfire if he was having trouble and not just keeping his head down.

The boys like the MRE's. Carollyn thinks they're nasty. I'm kind of glad we have not ran out of normal food yet myself. It has been quiet around the house since yesterday. A few zombies have wandered within sight but, they seem to show no interest unless they see or hear some kind of activity. Hopefully they won't. The talking heads on TV continue to discuss this like it is just some kind of flu outbreak. I think the CDC has clamped a tight lid on what is happening here. That is the only reason I don't load everyone up and try to make it out of the area. I figure the National Guard was serious when they said they would shoot anyone breaking the no travel order. I have no doubt they would just toss our bodies in wereever they are putting the bodies of these damn zombies. I would just as soon not find out where that is under those circumstances.


It's about 2:40 A.M. The power is out and I cannot sleep. The thunder woke me up about 20 minutes ago. It's raining hard and the wind is gusting 30-40 mph. This is one serious thunderstorm. Everything seems secure. I'm hoping the power comes back on soon. Even though the house is set up on LP gas, having lights and the TV helps. I didn't even go outside yesterday, hoping not to draw attention to us. Makes for a long day with the kids. They are enjoying it. I have given up trying to count how many checker games I have lost in the last 24 hrs. I guess it is weird it takes something like the dead walking the earth to get me to play with my kids instead of working or hunting etc. Better get back to bed before Carollyn wakes up without me there and freaks out.


The power is still out. Water pressure is dropping to. I think the pumping station up the highway is without power also. We have filled all the jugs, bowls, bathtub, sinks, etc. with water but, it has slowed to a trickle coming out of the tap. Now I wish I had a well instead of county water.

Several more undead are visible. Most are in the distance, which is fine with me. I am setting up a routine to go look out the windows in all four directions once an hour. And toward the road every fifteen minutes. I am hoping to catch sight of the National Guard and let them know we are still here and alive. If nothing else it makes me feel better to know what is going on around us. I am carrying my Sig everywhere now and my AR-15 from room to room along with a bag of mags. Got to go now. I promised to go color with the boys.


I cannot breath. I cannot think. I know now the greatest sorrow a man can feel. How Lot felt when his family was took from him. It is my fault as much or more than God's. But, that does not stem the anger, the rage that I feel. I hope God can forgive my anger and channel my rage toward the source of this calamity. In writing I hope that someone else can learn something from this and perhaps not make the same mistakes I have.

It happened on the 12th. The water was shut off on the 11th but, we were able to store several hundred gallons of drinking water before we completely lost pressure. Water to flush the toilets was going to be in short supply as I didn't want to waste any of the drinking water to do that with. I came up with the bright idea to use water from the stream that runs on the north edge of our yard for that. Just sneak out, and get a couple empty five gallon buckets from the side of my shop to carry it back in. Before breakfast I did just that without a hitch. When I was filling the buckets I noticed several foot prints from the undead on the bank and bottom of the stream. I actually remember thinking "man, no telling what you would catch drinking that water". Made it back to the house only having to use the baseball bat on one zombie that noticed me. After I got inside I left one bucket near the door and carried the other to the bathroom upstairs. I dumped a cup of bleach in it and took another cup of bleach down stairs to dump in the other bucket, just in case we got some of the water on us while using it. When I got back to the kitchen I noticed the boys sharing a cup of something. I remembered Carollyn telling them they couldn't have anything to drink before breakfast otherwise they wouldn't eat well. So I asked them what they were drinking. Aaron told me water. My stomach fell. I asked him where he got it. He confirmed it was from the bucket I just brought in. I grabbed him and stuck my finger down his throat. He vomited. As soon as his stomach was empty I grabbed Robert and did the same. Both the boys were screaming and Carollyn came running in. After I told her what was going on she gave them Epichac and they vomited even more. Within fifteen minutes they began to run a fever. We got them upstairs and gave them both tylenol and tried to cool them off with wet rags. By noon they were having seizures and withering in pain in between. Robert went limp first. I thought he might have just passed out. So I went to the bathroom across the hall to get some smelling salts to hopefully brink him back around. Carollyn called out that it was OK he was awake now. As soon as she said that the screaming started.

I rushed back in and found Robert biting a large chunk out of Carollyn's arm. I pulled him off and threw him on the bed. He bounced back up and came at me. I kicked him against the wall, he hit hard and slid to the floor like a rag doll. Carollyn went and picked him up. His eyes were open but, they were not the eyes of my baby boy. They were the same as the zombies outside. Slightly cloudy without a shred of humanity in them. That is when Aaron setup in bed and lunged for me. I shot him in the head with my sig. Carollyn looked at me but said nothing. She carried Robert over and sat down next to Aaron and held both of her babies in her lap. I vomited. After I was finished I looked over at Carollyn and noticed all the blood running down her arm. I sat my pistol down and rapped towel around it to try to stop the bleeding. I decided I needed another towel so I went to the closet in the hall to get one. That is when I heard the gun shot. Ran back in and found Carollyn dead on the bed with our babies.

08/14/08 mid-morning

I could not bear the thought of going back in that room yesterday. Today I have to move them out of the house and give them a proper funeral. They have to be laid to rest. I'm going to go out with my bat and work a roughly spiral search pattern away from the house killing any undead I find. When I have cleared out several hundred yards I will come back and start working on the grave. It helps a lot to write my thoughts down. The house is so empty and quiet without them I have to focus on something else. Anything else.


The grave was dug yesterday but, I did not have time to move them before dark. I will do another spiral away from the house today and then move them out and lay them to rest.

08/15/08 Evening

It's finished. That was the hardest thing I have ever done. Shoveling the dirt on them was almost more than I could bear. I found Carollyn's hymn book and sang Amazing Grace before I covered them up. Carollyn would have liked that. I buried the boys with her, one on each side. I have cried until my eyes won't tear anymore. 46 undead yesterday 22 today. That has been my only comfort. I feel hatred and pity at the same time for whats left of those poor people. Seeing my neighbors, strangers, even two fairly close friends in this state of being is hard. I don't believe that thier spirit is still within that undead body that is walking around. But, I do believe that I am laying them to rest. At least keeping them from hurting anyone else. And as macabe as it is, I look forward to doing it more tomorrow.


Today I started using my AR instead of my baseball bat. I don't care how many come toward the noise just to be honest about it. Worst case senerio I get to see Carollyn and my boys sooner rather than later. I am glad I let Bob Sanders talk me into going praire dog hunting with him last year. After just one trip I was hooked. I bought my rifle when we got back and started practicing with it then. CMMG makes a fine SPR'ish rifle and Bob helped me spec it out to do double duty for a home defense rifle and a light varmit rig. All I have to do is throw a couple levers and change from a aim-point to a IOR 2-12X32 scope. The magnified optic makes it a lot easier to do head shots. Walking from one side of the yard to the other today I put down 82.

08/17/08 morning

I could not sleep last night. More nightmares. When the sun started to come up I decided I would get out and check on my nearest neighbor, Bob Sanders today. Piss on the no travel order and the soldiers enforcing it. If they are even alive. I need to get away from the smell of the bodies laying around the yard to. Its been hot and humid. The smell is enough to turn your stomach even in the house. I am going to pack-up some food,water and my weapons in the truck and go.

08/17/08 evening

I found Bob. There were seventeen zombies trying to get in his house when I got there. After they were taken care of, I hollared that it was clear he could come out now. No answer. I shot a few more zombies in the distance and then approached the house. That is when I heard the moaning and banging from inside. I couldn't leave my friend like that. Broke my way in the front door and let him out. After I shot him in the head it was clear he had gotten bitten, many times. He had made it back inside the house and relocked the doors and died and then rose again like my sons had. Its like a sick, perverted parody of my Lord Jesus's rise from the dead.

I burned his body with a half dozen tires and some gas in the middle of his circle drive so the fire wouldn't get away from me. After that I took everything I thought I might need from the house. Of the most interest is his varmit rifle and ammo. Almost three thousand rounds of carefully crafted handloads. Also found his suppressed 10/22 and ten hi-cap mags. I am going to try the .22 out tomorrow to see if it will penetrate the skull and do enough damage to put these things down. I also found his scotch and cigars. I think I am fixin to drink some Johnny Walker Black Label and smoke a fine hand rolled Cuban to his memory. Rest in peace Bob


I woke up this morning sick and throwing up. I am not used to drinking more than a bear or two in an afternoon. That whiskey really had me tore-up. Everytime a breeze blows through the house I either vomit or dry heave. The smell coming from outside is bad. I am going to try Vick's on my upper lip if I can find some. I think I seen that in a movie before all this shit started.


The Vick's Vapor rub worked. Definately helped with the smell. I slept most of the day and almost all night. I don't think whiskey is for me. At least not that much at a time. The cigars are damn good though. I have to do something about the smell long term. I think I will drive over to Bob's house and drive his tractor back here. I'll use it to pile the bodies up so I can burn them. He bought a big John Deere last year to help feed his cattle. It's four-wheel drive with a front loader and has an enclosed cab complete with air conditioning.


The bodies are taken care of. I have spent the last nine hours burning them. Used a rick of firewood and some old tires to help get them going. Bob's tractor worked extremely well. After I got the wood and tires going I used the tractor to scoop up the bodies and dump them on the fire. Oddly enough the undead don't seem to be attracted to smoke or the smell of a fire. As usual this time of year the weather comes from the south-west most of the time so I built the funeral pyre north-east of the house so I won't have to smell it. I am amazed that the bodies burned so well. After a good fire was established and some of them started to burn I'm not sure you could have put it out if you tried. I'm not going to shoot anymore around the house if I can help it. Time to go get cleaned up.

P.S. The silenced, short barreled Ruger 10/22 works really well. You have to be careful to hit the brain, marginal/periferal skull hits are not effective. I have decided to replaced my SIG with the .22, it will go everywhere with me now. I have also replaced the scope on it with my AIMPOINT. It makes it a lot faster to get on target.

08/21/08 Mid-Morning

I am going to try to get out and see what is going on. Planning on driving over to Dover and see what is going on. That's my destination at any rate. Just took the tractor back and got my truck. I topped off on fuel at Bob's off-road farm use tank. Figure them trying to collect fuel tax from me is the least of my worries. Not getting much on the radio in the truck. All the channels I can pick-up seem to be playing pre-recorded messages. Fort Smith, Russellville and Little Rock channels seem to all be affected. Another bad night last night, more bad dreams. I miss Carolyn and the kids so much it hurts.

08/21/08 Evening

Finally made it home. Earlier today I wasn't sure that was going to happen. After I left home this morning I drove up to the highway over a mile away. There was no activity on the highway and very few undead in sight. Got a feeling I have attracted and killed most of them in the immediate area. About two miles outside of Dover on HWY 7 I started seeing cars pushed off the road. The road was tore-up. I think they were using a bulldozer to push the cars out of the road. More than a few of them had bodies still in them but, no undead. I figured this to be a good sign at the time. Boy was I wrong.

At around a mile from town there was a checkpoint setup. Three HUMMVEE's, a big armoured bulldozer and a nice bunker/fighting position built just off to the side of the road. There were bodies everywhere. The smell was intense and horrible. I eased to a stop fifty yards from the closest vehicle and waited. The last thing I wanted was to get shot by a National Guardsman. But, It became obvious that wasn't going to happen. It was completely deserted except for at least 250 bodies spread out on my side of the roadblock. I got out of my truck and walked up to the roadblock. I found four soldiers in and around the bunker dead and eaten. I am talking picked clean. Nothing left but bones, equipment and pieces of uniform. From the looks of things they were overran. It also looked like at least one soldier had managed to pull out at the end. There were still fresh tracks from a vehicle spinning as the took off headed toward Dover on the other side of the barricade. The HUMMVEE's were still in good shape. I started one just to see. But,I wasn't willing to leave my truck so I used the dozer to clear a path through the barricade. It took a little time to figure out but, that was only my second time running a dozer so I think I did O.K.

Dover has a population of roughly 2400. Everything almost looked normal as I entered town. There were a few bodies scattered around and some minor property damage but, nothing major. Until I got in sight of the police station/city hall. The two share a three story building downtown. The undead looked like maggots on and around a corpse. They were litterly swarming the building. The first floor windows were buried by the shear numbers of undead almost to the second floor. The second floor windows were boarded up from the inside. Most of the third floor windows were open. I can only assume for ventilation. There must have been thousands of undead. They were litterly crawling over each other trying to get to the living inside.

That was when one of them spotted me. She was wearing a red blouse and blue jeans. Must have been only about 15 maybe 16 when she died. After she started my direction several others noticed and followed. The more that noticed and ran toward me the more others also noticed and did the same. I made a U-turn and hauled ass. My arrival in town had not gone unnoticed however and several undead were out on the street as I was trying to leave. I avoided two but, the next one I hit hard. Steam started coming out from under the hood, several dash lights came on. I almost made it back to the checkpoint before the truck died. I grabbed my AR-15 and mags as well as Bob's 10/22 and ran the last 60-70 yards to the HUMMVEE that I had started earlier. The fastest undead made it to my truck as I got to the HUMMVEE. I drove straight home. I was still shaking when I started writing this. I guess writing it down helps, the shakes are gone now.

08/22/08 Morning

Big suprise this morning. There are at least 75 undead visible from the house. I think they kept going in the general direction that I was headed when they lost sight of me. My Lord only knows how many are up toward the highway. Or for that matter strung out all the way back to Dover. I plan on using Bob's 10/22 with the silencer to drop as many as I can from inside the house. Then fire a few shots with my AR and bring in the ones that are just out of sight and then switch back to the .22lr and finish picking them off. This may take all day or a few days but, maybe I can keep from ending up like those people trapped in the Dover City Hall.

Ammunition for the .22lr is not a problem. I had several thousand rounds for it before all this started and found more at Bob's place. Plenty of 5.56 also. I went back out to look the HUMMVEE over yesterday after I got finished with the journal entry. Found four ammo cans of belted 5.56 ammo in the back. No MG to use it in but, I was still glad to see the ammo. The radio in it doesn't seem to work. I think you have to enter some kind of code to use it. Also found a case of MRE's and several dozen bottles of water and a few cans of Red Bull in a ice chest. In the future I need to look abandoned vehicles over better. No telling what I left behind in the other HUMMVEE's.

08/22/08 evening

I am exhausted. I have been shooting these damn undead off and on all day. My best count is just under 800. Have expended over a thousand rounds of .22lr and 90 of the 5.56. Used the .22 all morning and then stopped to eat lunch. After eating I used the AR and ran two mags through it. Then I switched back to the .22 until about 3:00 PM when thier numbers started to slack off. Fired one more mag through the AR and drew some more in. By 7:00PM thier numbers had slacked off again. In the last thirty minutes before dark none were spotted. Boy, do I have a mess to clean-up tomorrow.

08/23/08 Noon

Just stopped to eat a little lunch and thought I would write a bit. Beats the hell out of talking to myself. Got a late start this morning. Had another bad night last night, more nightmares..

Drove back over to Bob's place and got his tractor again this morning. Used another rick of firewood, some diesel and more old tires to get the fire going. I've been working on this for three hours now and still have only put a small dent in the number of bodies I need to get rid of. In the tractor with the AC on it is bearable. Outside the smell is un-imaginable. I think it would be enough to drive you insane if you could not get away from it. Burning the bodies doesn't bother me most of the time. But, sometimes it does. The kids bodies are hard to watch burn. I know they are dead and cannot feel anything and that the old body has been cast off until resurrection on judgment day. Its just hard to watch.

08/24/08 Morning

To tired to write last night. I worked until dusk burning the dead. I'm not looking forward to this today. Several times yesterday I recognized bodies as I scooped them up with the tractor and dumped them on the funeral pyre. The random collection of people is hard to deal with. It might be the guy that delivered bread to the local grocery store or the local UPS driver or a girl you dated in high school. All dead. The faces are a blur until you recognize one and it seems to jump out at you. I'm so tired.

08/24/08 Evening

It's done.

08/25/08 Morning

Finished moving the bodies last night. They are still burning this morning. Bad thing is the wind has changed direction and it's now blowing the smoke to the house. I have to get out of here for a while. I'm going to head north on Hwy.7 away from Dover and see what is going on. The population is lower in that direction so maybe I can find a place to hangout for a few days until the bodies finish burning. If not, at least I can get away from here and get my mind on something else for awhile.

08/25/08 Early after noon

Spotted another survivor about an hour ago. He was alone on foot looting cars. I spotted him when I stopped the HUMMVEE to pee. I'm sure he didn't see me. Might be everything that has happened but, I got a really weird feeling after the initial elation of seeing him. A few years ago I went out spring turkey hunting and got the same feeling out in the woods. I decided to leave then and there. Less than a week later two game wardens were killed by a meth head who was growing pot less than a hundred yards from where I had been hunting. So, I have decided to just follow him and see what happens.


Man talk about first impressions being right. Glad I didn't just walk up and introduce myself earlier. I followed him back to a single story 1800-1900 sq ft house located off the highway several hundred yards. The windows were covered with 2x4's and 2x6's spaced out about 1 1/2" to let air flow through. After he went in I had decided I was being paranoid and decided to walk up and knock on the door and introduce myself. Just as I was about to hit the door I heard a male voice calling someone a bitch and then several loud slaps. That gave me pause. I decided to see what I was walking in on. So I ducked over to the window and looked through the crack.

Inside was a living room with a overstuffed leather loveseat and couch. Each piece of furnature had a slender naked woman bent over the back of it. Wrists and ankles were tied to the legs of the furnature, ass high in the air. The guy I had followed was riding one of them, slapping and cussing. In just a matter of seconds he pulled out of her and pulled a used condom off and put on a fresh one and then started in on the second girl. I had seen enough. No way in hell could I believe that was anything but rape. I considered my options and decided that I wouldn't be able to break in and take him prisoner. Without a doubt the door was heavily barricaded from the inside. He was armed earlier with what looked like a M4 with a silencer so trying to take him without the element of suprise would be tricky at best. Even if I took him alive what the hell would I do with him. So I decided to play it safe and placed to muzzle of Bob's silenced 10/22 through the crack and shot him in the back of the head. He dropped like a rag doll. Fired two more shots into his ear just to make sure.

After that I looked around and found a shovel beside the house and managed to get the door pried open. Inside the heat and smell was incredible in the worst way imaginable. As I entered the living room and approached the women I could see that they were gagged with leather belts and struggling against the ropes hard enough to start tearing thier hands off. The eyes that looked back at me were cloudy, cold and undead.

After putting those poor girls out of thier misery, I vomited. I had to go sit outside for a while and get my head straight after seeing all that. Then I searched the house for supplies. Found a lot of canned goods and cereal as well as the silenced M4 and an FN made belt fed 5.56. I think they call it a M-249. The four ammo cans I have at home, I think will work in it. Only found a partial can of ammo with the M-249 but, it looks the same.

I am going to go home now.

08/26/08 morning

Got home last night just before dusk. Downed two tumblers of scotch whiskey before I even tried to go to bed last night. I just kept having nighmares. No wonder I guess, with everything that has happened. Yesterday really bothered me. It's one thing to put them out of thier misery and dispose of the body. It's another to use thier retched condition to satisfy your carnal cravings. That pervert was the first living person I have ever killed. Really though that it would bother me more than it does. It just doesn't feel like murder. More like shooting a coyote before he kills your chickens.

This morning I went in the bedroom Aaron and Robert shared. Ended up sitting on Aarons bed crying for over an hour. Found his little Bible that he got when he started going to sunday school. I have been reading it eversince. Revelation, Psalms just kind of skipping around. Prayed for the first time since I can remember outside of church.

Going to go figure out how to work that M-249. It just might come in handy for slowing down large numbers of undead by shooting them in the legs and pelvis.

08/26/08 Evening

I think I have the M-249 figured out. That is a pretty cool piece of hardware. But, after shooting it I really think it is going to be of little use against the undead. Its bulky and hard to get a head shot with. In trying it out 15-20 undead came out of the woods. Tried shooting them in the legs but, they didn't slow down as much as I had hoped. You just have to hit them to many times to really slow them down.

08/27/08 morning

Out of coffee, except for that nasty freeze dried stuff they put in the MRE's. Water is still holding out pretty well however, in a week or so I will have to start rationing. I have put some containers out on the roof to catch rainwater. Now I just need some rain. Plenty of food just nothing fresh.

It might sound weird but, after praying before bed last night the nightmares were a lot better. Mind over matter or power of faith, call it what you will. I can't get the folks stuck in the Dover City Hall out of my mind. I wonder if there is anything I can do for them.


I spent yesterday reading all of the books in the house related to medicine and disease. Carolyn had several on childhood diseases and immunology. As well as what to ask your doctor and one really interesting book on commonly prescribed medicines and thier uses. I think that what ever it is that makes the undead, undead is a virus or a bacteria. Thinking back to the way my boys died, I believe thier bodies reacted as if to a massive infection. Have put together a list of the top three strongest and most broad spectrum anti-viral medications as well as antibotics. I intend on starting to take one of each type as soon as possible.

Getting bitten is a real danger and it scares the hell out of me. It's possible taking those drugs as a precaution and getting them into my system before being contaminated might give my body a fighting chance if I do get bitten. The side-effects may be unpleasant but, what other choice do I have. I am going to try to circle Dover tomorrow and come into town from the south. There is a mom and pop drug store over on that side of town. I hope I can get what I am looking for there.

Hopefully I can also get a look at the situation around City Hall while I am in town. I figure that my last visit lured away some of the undead and might have given them a little breathing room. Maybe I can do that again and lure more of them out of town to the south and then lose them before I circle and make my way home.


Busy day yesterday. Just got home and unpacked. I left out yesterday just after sun-up. Using backroads and cutting a couple fences I made my way around Dover. I ended up coming out on HWY.7 about two miles from the south side of town just after noon. Contact was light with the undead up to that point. Only twenty-one were encountered and destroyed prior to entering town. A lot of stray dogs seem to be moving around. Spotted several packs of them. None approached, even when I stopped for a break. They seemed to be hesitant to get close, very standoff'ish. Looked healthy enough though. They appear to be completely unaffected by the disease or what ever it is that is causing the undead.

While I was stopped I spotted two C-130 transport planes. They were flying south of me roughly parallel to I-40 headed toward Little Rock. Even though they were to far away to get thier attention, I still need to find a flare gun or something similar. Just in case.

Dover was quiet as I drove in. I had a feeling from last time that it would not last. I decide to go slow and try to get to the drug store first, before looking around to much.
The store was intact and I had to break-in. It was breathtakingly hot inside. The temp has been in the upper 90's for weeks but, inside that store it felt 120+. I did manage to find the drugs that I was looking for. Also got three cases of bottled water and two cases of gatorade. On my last trip out carrying the gatorade I almost ran into an undead. He must have seen me carrying out the other stuff and came over for a meal. He damn near got me to. I managed to shoot him right at arms length. Scared the hell out of me. After that I decided to load up and get moving.

As I drove north on main street, town almost looked normal. Until I got within sight of City Hall. There were still hundreds of undead around but, no City Hall. It was gone, burned to the ground. Several buildings adjacent to it also burned. Instead of thousands of undead there were only a few hundred and most of them partially burned and not moving so well. Mounds of bone and severly burned bodies mixed with the rubble where the buildings had once stood. I hoped like hell that the survivors had made it out before the fire.

I decided that my plan to draw the undead out of town was in need of revision. If there were only a few hundred of them I could clear the entire town. Take back what belongs to the living at least. I said a quick prayer and then went to work. Managed to get the HUMMVEE crossways in the road and started shooting at them from the vehicle. After two magazines they were getting pretty close so, I decided to put some distance between me and them. I headed back out of town the way I had came. A few hundred yards down the road I stopped again and fired three full mags and part of a fourth before backing off even more. They came at me with an intensity that I can only describe as frightning. On the seventh mag my AR jammed hard with a double feed and I had to switch to the M4. It jammed a couple times but, nothing I couldn't clear quickly. After over twenty mags and a dozen moves the undead seemed to just stop coming. After clearing the jam in my AR and cleaning it and the M4 I drove back into town. Counted 423 undead laying in the road.

When I got back into Dover, I just started driving around looking for more undead to shoot. Backstreets, alleyways all over. Several times I stopped and shot the windows out of homes and shops just to let the damn things out so I could finish em off. I pulled in at the grocery store when saw something move out of the corner of my eye over in the parking lot. It was not undead. They were buzzards. Lots of them. And lots of bodies to. Not the bodies of undead I am sure. The buzzards and flies and such don't seem to be attracted to the bodies of the undead. The closer I looked the more convinced I became. All twenty-three of them were dressed in civilian clothes and there appeared to be no head wounds. Most of the bodies were picked pretty clean and almost all of the skulls were visible. None of them looked to have been shot or clubbed. That was not the case for two other bodies that appeared to have been dragged off to the side. They were intact except for thirty+ bullet holes in thier torsoes and portions of thier skulls blown away. Those two, the carrion eaters had not touched. There was also a lot of 5.56 brass on the ground in an arc around the door to the store. I am just guessing here but, It looked to me as if these civilians had been waiting to get in the store back about the beginning of the outbreak and two undead had showed up. When they did, the law enforcement or soldiers guarding the store freaked out and started shooting randomly at living and undead alike.

After taking a good look around outside I went in the store. The place had obviously been looted. But, a lot of good stuff was still either on the shelves or scattered on the floor. I took the oppertunity to get several cans of coffee and packages of T.P. Also got batteries and canned goods along with everything else that looked interesting and or useful.

As I started loading the HUMMVEE I noticed it seemed to be getting darker and the wind was howling. A large storm front looked to be moving in from the north-west. By the time everything was loaded it was starting to rain. I got out on the road and started heading for home the visibility dropped to almost zero. I decided to stop in the road and wait out the worst of it. I made sure all the doors were secure and settled back and listened to the rain fall. Remember looking at my watch a little after 8:30. That was the last thing until I woke-up this morning with the sun shining in the bullet resistant window of the HUMMVEE. The front that passed through cooled things off and actually made the air smell clean. I ate breakfast sitting there in the HUMMVEE and went ahead and took the anti-viral and anti-biotics.

On the way north out of town I stopped at the road block and searched my old truck. Managed to find my old baseball bat and binoculars.

09/01/08 morning

Not much going on this morning. It's nice to have real coffee again. Got up, ate breakfast and took the medications. I am taking a little over the maximum dose for both of them. No side effects yet. So far no undead spotted this morning. I think I am going to drive over to Bob's offroad/farm fuel tank and fillup the HUMMVEE. Almost ran it out of fuel with that little trip into Dover.

09/01/08 evening

Went over and got the Hummer refueled. Spotted two undead on the way over, destroyed both. The things seem to just wander around. When something gets thier attention they move toward it. Weird thing is they keep moving in that general direction until they either identify whatever it is or something else catches thier attention and lures them in another direction. On the way back I spotted another pack of dogs and noticed several undead following them. I was curious how this was going to playout so I just watched. When the undead were at a distance they were obviously tracking the dogs movement. As they got close the undead seemed to lose interest in the dogs and started moving toward several birds that were maybe fifty yards beyond the dogs position. When they approached the birds and got close enough to identify them they seemed to mill around until the dogs who had started to move off got thier attention again. That's when I decided I had seen enough and shot all seven of them with my AR.

I have taken the silencer off of the M4 and put it on my rifle. It definately takes the edge off of the sound of the shot and seems to make the noise non-directional. The undead obviously hear the shots but unlike un-supressed fire they don't start moving in your general direction if they don't visually spot you. I like that. I didn't like the point of impact change that it made when I put it on but, I got my zero re-established quick enough. Time for a little dinner and some more pills.

09/02/08 morning

Woke up this morning feeling pretty good. The coffee tastes better than usual. It was almost cool last night, that sure is a welcome change. The weather has taken on a cooler, fall feel. The heat lately has been oppressive and very draining on top of everything else that has been going on.

Today I am going to start a series of patrols. I am going to check out all the communities in the immediate area. Hopefully, I can link up with other survivors. Also need to find a good portable AM FM radio. There is the military radio in the Hummer but, I can't figure out how to work it. Finding a CB radio would be sweet too.

Going to the Scottsville area and maybe further today. Possibly all the way over to the Hector area. Scottsville is a small community with one gas station and maybe two dozen homes. If I don't meet much resistance there I will go further and check out Hector. It is a fairly large town for this area. Two gas stations and a bank as well as a grocery store. It is only a little smaller than Dover.

I'm taking most of the rest of the 5.56 ammo with me. Only have a couple thousand rounds left. I'm going back to using the .22lr for most of the shooting. I need to find some more ammo soon.

09/02/08 evening

Just got back in from taking a look around over toward Hector. It is a mess over there. But, first things first. Went through Dover this morning and managed to find a good radio and a shit load of batteries.

All the local stations are either off the air or they are still broadcasting a pre-recorded message about staying home and getting off the streets. At times I caught fragments of what sounded like a news broadcast on 89.1 FM but, it kept breaking up to the point I couldn't follow what they were saying.

I traveled east out of Dover on HWY 27. Encountered a few dozen undead between here and Scottsville. In Scottsville it looked like someone had the bright idea to use the new Baptist church as a shelter. There were over fifty undead surrounding the building trying to get in. I killed them off using the same method I used in Dover. Once that was done I drove up to the front of the building and hollered that it was safe to come out. I didn't get an answer. That gave me a bad feeling so I used a ladder I found on a truck in the parking lot to get to a second floor window that was not boarded up. The scene inside was something I'll see in my nightmares. There must have been at least a hundred undead inside and almost everyone of them had to be under ten years old. I can only guess that people figured what was coming and had taken thier kids to the church to try to protect them. But, it didn't work. I was not willing to leave them like that, so I got a five gallon gas can from the Hummer and soaked the walls of the building down and then lit it. As the building burned I shot the ones that managed to get out. There were several. After a half hour there was nothing left moving in the fire so I headed on toward Hector.

Over a mile from the junction of HWY 27 and HWY 105 the road was blocked with cars. I got up on top of the Hummer with binoculars. Up at the junction it looked like several military vehicles were parked and had a roadblock set up. The undead were everywhere. dozens trapped in the vehicles and hundreds more on foot. As they started noticing me and moving my direction I decided to get my ass moving. Once I got back to the church I turned around and backtracked to see how many had followed me. Over two dozen had seen me and were running down the highway as fast as they could in my direction. After I took them out I headed home. I am beginning to lose hope of finding any other survivors.

09/03/08 morning

Had a hard time getting to sleep last night. Having a hard time getting going today. Nothing really wrong, just don't feel good. Tried some powdered eggs for breakfast. Now I know why I have never eaten them before. Having real coffee is still nice though.

I'm going to go toward Russellville today and see what is going on in that direction. I figure I know but, I still have to go look and see for myself. Thing is there are 50,000+ people that used to call Russellville home so, I figure this could be tricky as hell. The idea of 50,000 undead trying to eat me is enough to stand my hair on end and my knees a little weak. Figure I will ease up to the edge of town and try to get a feel for the situation instead of driving right in and getting myself eaten.

I am catching bits and pieces of the news on 89.1 FM. They are reporting large outbreaks here in Arkansas as well as Mississippi, Georgia, Texas and Tennessee. The CDC in Atlanta was overran by the undead yesterday. Federal troops are trying to retake most of the city right now. They are reporting "PROGRESS". The war in Iraq is over. All our troops are being pulled out to come back home and help stop the infection. They are describing an almost Saigon like pullout going on in Baghdad. Talk about history repeating itself.

09/03/08 evening
Just made it back in from Russellville. There is nothing left in that town for me. I drove down HWY 7 until I got within sight of the subdivisions north of town. Just from the highway it was obvious that the place was overran. Hundreds of undead milling around and more than a few National Guard or Army uniforms mixed in as well. I looked long and hard of any sign of life and found none. So I turned around and headed home. I had no desire to get any deeper into that mess.

09/04/08 morning
I wokeup this morning early with a bad rash on the backs of my legs and on the sides of my chest and stomach. I figure it is the antibiotics and antivirals. Rash is listed as a side effect on both. I took some benadryl. Hopefully that will help. I don't like taking it as the stuff really makes me sleepy.

09/04/08 afternoon
I have slept most of the day so far. Just woke-up and fixed another pot of coffee. I hate taking benadryl or any medicine for that matter. Have to go into Dover tomorrow and see what else I can find that will do the same job without the drowzyness.

09/05/08 Morning

I have just finished cleaning my rifles and am fixin' to drive into Dover and see what I can find for this rash. It has gotten better since I started taking the benadryl but, not gone away. Hope to find some of that oatmeal soap or something similar.

09/05/08 Afternoon

I can't believe I was so stupid. Managed to mess around and got myself bitten. Went to the drug store and started looking around for something for this rash. Guess I didn't close the door behind me. As I was standing there reading labels I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. As I turned, what was left of a 20 something year old woman grabbed at me and tried to bite my face. I got my forearm under her chin and we fell backward into the shelves. Struggled for several minutes until I managed to breakaway and bash her brains out with a walking cane that we had knocked off the rack.

After I calmed down I started to check for bite marks and sure enough, I found one on my upper arm. Barely broke the skin. Guess I get to see if this medicine will do the trick. It's been over three hours and I am still not running a fever. The my boys started running a fever almost immiately. That might be a good sign or not I don't know. Might get to go see Carolyn and my boys sooner rather than later.

09/06/08 Morning

I have upped the dose on the antiviral and antibiotics by 20%. Slight fever this morning 100 degrees. I'm not sure that I would have noticed it if I was not paranoid about showing signs of infection. Bathing with that oatmeal stuff helps. Still using the benadryl to. Just not as big a dose.

Dreamed about Carolyn and the kids last night. They were playing on a merry-go-round and kept asking me to come play with them. The whole time I couldn't move. Really frustrating dream. Went out and picked some wild flowers and put them on thier grave first thing this morning. I miss them so much.

09/06/08 Evening

Went driving around this afternoon. Shot seventy-two undead. Went up HWY 7 and turned off on La Rue Ridge Road. Keeping to the secondary roads I kept heading east. Didn't really have a destination in mind, just wanted to get out of the house. Stopped for lunch when I got hungry and listened to the radio.

The National Guard and regular Army have managed to retake Atlanta. But, on the downside most of Oklahoma City has fallen to the undead. They are warning people to turn themselves in if you have been bittten. Or turn your loved ones in if they have been exposed. They keep making vague references to a possible cure that will be available in the near future. My grandfather used to say "I may have been born at night but, it wasn't last night." I can tell you here and now that there is no cure for the elderly grandmother and member of my church that I saw today. With her throat partially torn and eaten away as well as most of her left fore-arm nawed down to the bone. There is no coming back from that. After that I couldn't listen any more and turned it off.

Johnny Cash kept me company the rest of the afternoon. That song "God's Gonna Cut You Down" got stuck in my head and I have been whistling it eversince. Seems kind of fitting in a way.

Fever isn't bad. Just kind of feel achy and a little to tired. Going to go get some sleep now and hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

09/07/08 evening

Just wokeup. I slept all night and day. It's just getting dark outside. When I opened my eyes I honestly thought that I had woken up just as the sun was rising. Then it dawned on me that the sun was rising on the wrong side of the house. I have slept almost 24 hours straight. Kind of scary, never done that before. Got to get up and take my meds. and get something to eat. I'm starving.

09/08/08 Morning

Just got up, feeling pretty bad. No energy and fever is bad. My arm is bad sore and there are red streaks running up it all the way to my shoulder. I'm pretty sure that is a bad sign. Having a hard time keeping my meds down. Or breakfast for that matter. Prayed for over an hour this morning. These days I'm finding it easier to talk to GOD than it has ever been before. It always made me feel somewhat self-concious and a little silly. Not anymore.

09/08/08 Afternoon

More bad news on the radio. The plague has spread along the length of I-40 east and west. From coast to coast outbreaks have been reported. Unconfirmed outbreaks have even been reported overseas in europe and asia. Revelation talks about the plagues being poured out upon the earth. Looks like a plague upon the earth from where I sit. They have said repeatedly that from being bitten you only have a matter of hours until you die and turn. So maybe the meds are helping.

I don't believe in suicide but, I can honestly say I have been thinking about it. Really don't want to end up like Bob Sanders. Undead, trapped in your own home until someone finally comes and then, maybe you bite them. Not cool at all. Scares me worse than the thought of being dead. I don't want to be the cause for anyone else ending up this way. So I used red spray paint and painted on the outside of my front and back doors. "CAUTION ONE UNDEAD INSIDE!" At least they will have a little advanced notice. Just in case.

My body aches all over and the fever is getting worse. My joints hurt really bad. Chills and shaking are bad. Hard to concentrate. Tylenol and Ibuprophen don't seem to be taking the edge off at all. I'm going to call it a day maybe some sleep will help.


An Angel of the Lord appeared to me this morning. I was woken by a brilliant light. At first I thought that the sun was coming up and shining in the window. Then I heard his voice. He said, "Rise Son of Adam". Just hearing another voice in person after all this time was enough to make me jump up out of bed. And then I seen him and went to my knees. He was bright and pure and terrible all at the same time. He commanded me to rise and look upon him and not worship him. I rose and looked at him. He was tall, dressed in armor and held a great sword. He said that, I had been chosen as the sharp edge of the Lord God's will. I felt faint and I started to argue with him that I was almost dead of this plague and would soon become one of the undead myself. Then he raised his hand and touched my shoulder. I felt the pain leave my body and an incredible feeling of peace and wellbeing took over. He explained that I was to go forth and help rid the earth of this plague, tip the balance of the fight. And when the plague was over, I would rest until my day of judgment. He handed me his sword and dissappeared.

After a few minutes of shock, I looked down at the "sword" and realized that I was holding my old baseball bat. Sat down on the edge of the bed and tried to gather my thoughts. It didn't work to well. I sat there until the sun was streaming into the room through the window. That was when it dawned on me that I was not breathing. I kind of panicked. After I calmed down a little I tried to take my pulse and couldn't find it. That is when I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. My face was grey and lacking in color. Not at all feverish or flushed like I have been for the last several days. My skin looked like that of the undead that I have been seeing so much of but, my eyes still hold the life and shine that they always have. After that I took my temperature still a little unbelieving. It was 82' F.

In a little while I managed to get a grip on myself. It began to sink in that I was dead. Not really dead but, undead. The implications of that gave me pause. All of the undead that I had seen were just bundles of carnal hunger. No thought, no reason, nothing but the desire to attack and eat. But, there I sat with the mental abilities that I had been blessed with all my life. All of what was me still intact but, now with all the strengths of the undead as well. What's more, I felt good.

I decided to get dressed, maybe for the last time. After a little indecision I got out my favorite clothes. My most comfortable Red Wings, most comfortable jeans even a jacket as the heat didn't seem to be bothering me anymore. Then I picked up the baseball bat and went down stairs. As I was walking through the living room I saw the Razorbacks baseball cap that Carolyn had given me for my birthday hanging on the closet door knob and I put it on. Gotta support the home team even if they are likely undead and may never play another game. Went to the kitchen and got a big zip lock bag and put this diary and Aarons little bible in it. As I walked out of the house I used the last of the can of spray paint to remark the doors "CLEAR NO UNDEAD". I left the doors unlocked just in case someone else needed shelter. Then I went over to see Carolyn and the boys one last time. After praying to GOD to watch over them and asking for guidance I started the Hummer and drove toward Russellville.

When I got there I began to realize just what a large job I had ahead of me. There were hundreds just on the road into town. After a little bit I decided to see how they would react to me. I was more than a little suprised. They simply ignored me. Only when I spoke did they react but, as soon as they got close to me all interest was lost. It was very liberating not to be afraid of being bitten. I spent the next two or three hours just walking around bashing out brains. Then it dawned on me that if I could draw them in to me, I wouldn't have to move around so much. I found a car with a live battery and an alarm system after looking for over an hour. Once I set it off they began to pour out of the wood work so to speak. I killed thousands in the first couple hours. The bodies got so thick on the ground I couldn't walk. I had to shut the alarm off and move to a different location. Did the same thing over and over until it got to dark to see. I'm sitting in the last car writing by the light of the dome light. I'm still not even the slightest bit tired. I think I will try to use the head lights and keep working.


Been a busy day. Used the headlights of a couple cars to light up the street last night until the moon rose enough to work by. I think I am coming close to having all of the ones that are close enough to hear and not trapped in houses and businesses taken care of. Instead of a steady flow of curious undead I am only getting a trickle now. Before thier numbers started to trickle off I counted how many I managed to lay to rest in one hour and it ended up just a little over one thousand. Going to start doing a little door to door and see how that goes. This is more than a little gorey but, the since of accomplishment is gratifying. A lot like splitting good white oak firewood. Really feel like you are getting something good done.


Not having to sleep or eat is affecting my since of time. According to my watch three days have passed since I last wrote but, it doesn't feel like it. Been a busy couple days.

Did a lot of door to door searching in Russellville and got a good look at all but a few of the outlying businesses and houses. Basically if it looked like soeone had tried to barricade the building or more than a few undead were trying to get in. I would search them and try to find anyone still alive. Mostly I just drove around and let the undead chase the Hummer. When I had enough following me to make it worth the effort I'd stop and club them all. They are still attracted to moving vehicles like a dinner bell. When I get stopped they swarm the Hummer until I get out and then they just act a little confused and mill around until I take care of them.

Found some places that I think people had tried to hold out and looked like they had either starved out and moved on or had simply been swarmed by extremely large numbers of undead. Several fires have occured in Russellville. In some places whole city blocks are nothing but ash.

Some time day before yesterday, I began to move up the interstate headed west. I flipped a coin to decide which direction to take. So far there are sections of the interstate that are just a jumble of cars and trucks and undead. Between these gridlocks it is clear and easy driving. I figure that soon enough I will find a section of wrecked cars that I cannot get around and I will have to leave the Hummer. But, until I do I just stop and make some noise until the undead lingering around come to check out the vehicle. Then I take care of them and find a way around the wrecks and stalled cars to keep heading west. Slow going but, what else do I have to do?


Bad couple of days. I guess just I hadn't thought this all the way through. It started yesterday morning just after the sun came up. I was making a detour around a jumble of wrecked cars on I-40. I drove up the embankment and through the fence on the north side and started to make my way to a county road that I could see running parallel to the interstate. I had to stop just as I got on the dirt road and untangle a piece of fence that got caught on the Hummer. When I got out I heard gun shots in the distance. After I got moving again I headed in the general direction that the shots seemed to be coming from. After stopping several more times to get a direction on the sound. Wasn't long until all I had to do was follow the undead that were headed in the same direction. They were attracted to the sound like a dinner bell ringing at a church function. I finally found the house. It was a nice two story brick and cedar number set off in the woods down a long drive. Completely surrounded by undead. There were at least two hundred in the yard and fifty+ following my Hummer. The gun shots were coming from man in a second floor window.

I stopped just within sight of the house and got out. The undead following me litterly knocked me down trying to see if there was someone else to eat in the Hummer. After I got back to my feet, I began to work the crowd with my baseball bat. It didn't take long until I had the yard clear and noticed that the shooting had stopped as well. I called out "Hello in the house" a mans voice called back "Hello in the yard". I nearly fell out laughing. Not really sure why it just struck me as funny.

Undead stragglers kept interrupting the conversation but, we managed to get introduced by yelling back and forth with me keeping the yard clear. The man was Fred Johnson and there were two women with him, his wife Sue and her cousin Janet Freeman. They also had eleven kids with them but, I honestly cannot remember thier names right now. Most of the children were not thiers. They were what was left of a group that had tried to drive out of the area several weeks back. They had lost fourteen adults and two children before finally deciding to stop and try to wait it out.

They said they were out of food and would be out of water tomorrow. In desperation Fred had decide to try to shoot the undead in the yard and make it to London, the nearest town to find supplies. They offered to let me stay if I had not been bitten and would help them find what they needed. That's when my heart fell. Up until then I had forgotten I was undead. Got the distinct impression that if they found out I had been bitten they would apologize and shot me in the head, just to be on the safe side. Not that I could really blame them. I offered to go alone and get what ever they needed if they would give me a list. Fred offered to unbarricade the door and come with me but, I declined his help by saying they needed to stick together and let me work alone since I was used to it. He seemed so relieved it was almost comic. They got a list together and tossed to me. When I approached the house to get the list Fred asked me if I was alright, said "you look kind of pale". I told him I was fine just been spending most of my time indoors lately.

Thier list included a lot of things in large quanity. I told them it would take me several hours to find everything and get back, so just stay put and don't go anywhere or shoot anymore. I tossed them what was left of the MRE's and bottled water out of the Hummer to tide them over.

As I drove around raiding houses for what they needed I began to get pretty down. Through this whole thing I had hoped to find other survivors and not be alone anymore. Reality on the other hand says that while I can help them and feed them. I can never be with other people again. After almost nine hours of looking I managed to find almost everything they had on the list plus some other things that weren't on it. I went back and unloaded everything onto the porch and told them I would stand guard so they could get it inside. When they were done they all invited me in to eat with them. I declined and excused myself saying I had already eaten while I was driving back. Instead I would go get a truck I had seen up the road and carry away the now very dead "undead" covering the yard. They offered to help but I could tell thier hearts were not in it.

When I got back with the flat bed truck I could hear them laughing and joking and talking about food inside the house. After six loads of bodies I couldn't take it anymore. I found myself starting to hate them for having something I couldn't have anymore, life. But, I couldn't blame them. The undead are to blame for me losing my family and my life. Not these poor survivors.

I spent all day today getting them more supplies and weapons, as well as killing all the undead within miles. Just before dark I left saying that I had forgotten to get something. They all waved like they knew I was never coming back. Interesting fact about the undead. They can still cry.


Been meaning to sit down and right for the last several days. It's just that I find it easier to keep busy and not think to much about the state of things.

On the 16th I drove to within sight of the nuclear plant south of the interstate on Hwy. 333 close to London. They seemed to be holding thier own well enough. Teams of what looked like uniformed security with M4's were backing up others in fire fighter turnout gear as they used flamethrowers to burn the undead outside the fences and those that had gotten stuck in the barbwire coiled on the ground and on top of the fence. After a couple hours a bulldozer with an enclosed cab was let out of a series of gates and pushed the still burning bodies away from the fences and into a large pile. From the looks of things this was a regular occurance and everyone involved, well trained. The bulldozer was even washed off after it came back in. There were a lot of normal healthy looking people inside the main fenced area milling around camper trailers and RV's going about regular day to day activities. They even appeared to have a large garden growing. Almost everyone I could see through my binoculars was carrying a gun. I kept my distance.

That afternoon I got back to clearing the interstate headed East. I made it into Fort Smith two days ago. The interstate between London and here was thick with undead and several traffic jams that required detouring for miles around. It took a full ten days and nine nights to clear I-40 of undead from London to Fort Smith. The I-40 corridor should remain fairly clear for some time. Even though the undead move around, they generally only do so to investigate some sort of stimulation. If they have no reason to travel they will just stand there until something new attracts them.

Since getting to Fort Smith I have been working a spiral search pattern mostly on foot from the city center out. I am trying to clear every building and street all the way out to beyond the outskirts of town. Judging from the city map I managed to find I have more than a weeks work ahead of me, even using a flashlight and working around the clock. I've found that I can still sleep, it just isn't necessary. It's more like meditation now and it helps to do it every few days just to organize my thoughts.


Eight days since I wrote last. Doesn't feel like it. Maybe I need to stop and organize my thoughts on paper more often. Time seems to be slipping by faster every day.

Since I last wrote I have been continuing my work on cleaning out the Fort Smith area. Until three days ago everything went smoothly. This city is in much the same shape as Russellville was. It's just bigger. There have been several fires in town. Sam's and Lowes and everything around it burned to the ground at least a few weeks back. Looters maybe, or lightning? The signs near the road are all thats left to tell you what was there.

Two days ago I started to clear the Fort Smith regional airport. There were a lot of undead around. More than I would have expected. Litterly thousands of them were trapped in the terminal. Hundreds more were wandering around the buildings and aircraft. It took several hours to clear the terminal. After that I found a yellow pick-up with the keys still in it and a large very approperiate "FOLLOW ME" sign on the back and just drove around letting the undead do just that, until I would stop and bash thier heads in. Thats what I was doing when I found a service building on the edge of the airport property. It was over close to the helicopter landing area, completely surrounded by undead. It was a two story structure with large roll-up doors on the first floor and a couple windows on the second. A banner that looked to be a recycled bed sheet hung from one of the windows facing the helicopter pad. In bold letters it said "ALIVE! HELP!". I got excited, finally more survivors.

As I approached I could tell the first floor had been breached. My excitement faded. One of the roll-up doors had creased near the middle and the right side had came loose of the track that held that end of the the door. I guess the weight of the undead bodies pressing against it had become to much. After I cleared the first floor of undead I got a good look around. There was a large vehicle service pit in the floor and some roll around tool chests as well as a large flammable liquids cabinet. A stair well led up to the second floor. It had been barricaded with furniture and wood crates. There were several undead bodies scattered around the bottom of the stairwell. The survivors had at least put up a fight before the end. The still animated undead were so thick in the stairwell and upper floor that I had to drag thier bodies down stairs and then outside after using the bat on them.

Found the remains of at least six survivors upstairs. I say at least six but, it could have been more. The skeletons were stripped of flesh and even the bones were gnawed and broken into smaller pieces to get at the marrow and brains. The most identifiable pieces I could find were six lower jaw bones.

As I was looking around I noticed a closet that I had not searched so I tried the door and found it locked. When I forced it open I discovered a little girl "maybe six or seven years old" curled up on the floor. She was horribly thin, her lips had dried and cracked and bled freely. Now they were nothing more than scabs. I honestly thought she was dead. Then she wimpered.

Just to be honest I was shocked she was still alive. I told her "it's going to be O.K." and that I would take care of her. I looked around for some water and spotted several office style water cooler bottles over by the wall. Opened one of the bottles and found a stack of foam cups in a cabinet by the door. Helped her to sit up and take a little of the water. I knew that to much, to soon could make her sick. I didn't let her have more than a few ounces that first drink. As I sat there on the floor cradling her, I realized the horror that this child must have experianced in the last few days.

Just the sounds alone of the undead eating alive and then fighting over the pieces of the people she had been up here with. It must have been awful beyond measure. The thought made me mad. So mad I began to shake. I had failed to protect my children. This child would live, even if I had to move heaven and earth she would live. If I needed any more incentive to hunt the undead to the ends of the earth I had it.

Glanced up at the closet door knob. It was one of the kind that you can lock from the outside but, can only unlock from the inside. Someone must have put her in that closet and then locked the door, giving her the only chance left at life. I said a quick prayer for thier soul. Then I gave her some more water.

A plan began to form. I had to get her out of here and back to London Ar. The group at the nuclear plant had seemed to be doing quiet well for themselves. Besides my consience had been bothering me for not at least going back and telling Fred Johnson's group about the other survivors.

I gave her a little more water and then gathered her up. She was so light and felt so frail and thin. Carrying her in the crook of my left arm still allowed me to use the baseball bat with my right hand. I was sure she would get a lot of attention from the undead still prowling the grounds of the airport. Sure enough, as soon as I stepped outside with her, I spotted at least a dozen undead. They all seemed to pause and then run in our direction. I got mad. For the first time since I had that dream, I actually felt like the sharp edge of the Lord God's will. They would not touch her. It enflamed me that they had even seen her. As I carried her toward the "FOLLOW ME" truck they came at us, and they all fell.

When I got her in the truck we headed toward the highway that runs in front of the airport. A mile down the road, I stopped to let the undead that had followed us off of the airport property catch up. I moved twenty five really "dead" bodies off of the highway afterwards. Then I drove to the CVS pharmacy that I had cleared out a couple days before. When we got there she appeared to be asleep. Checked her pulse it was good. She had curled up into the fetal position on the passenger seat. I told her that I was going to be right back and not to open the door. She mumbled O.K.

When I went in the first thing I got was a box of latex exam gloves and put a pair on. I knew I was a likely carrier of the virus or whatever this disease was. I just didn't want to accidently infect her. Then I got Gatorade and more water, also some kind of kids Ensure for her to drink. Got some canned meat, fruit,energy bars and three kinds of cookies and crackers. She needed clothes as sometime in the last couple days she had soiled herself. This stores offerings were slim but, I managed to find a pair of shorts and a tee shirt that I thought would fit her. Got some baby wipes and powder for the clean up.

When I got back outside she was sitting up in the seat looking around. As soon as she had seen me, she disappeared down into the floorboard. Got to the truck and knocked on the glass and waved at her. I told her "I'm a friend". As soon as the words left my mouth her expression changed. She smiled. I opened the door and introduced myself. She didn't answer when I asked her name. Then I asked her if she was hungry and she nodded. Opened a box of crackers and handed her two. She snatched them from me like they were going to disappear. She choked she was trying to eat them so fast. I offered her a small bottle of Gatorade. It to disappeared.

She began to open up as she sat there eating and drinking. She told me her name was Amy. She wanted to know where Miss Eve was. I asked her who Miss Eve was? She said she was the nice lady who had been taking care of her since her mommy had gotten sick and went to see God. I asked when had she last seen Miss Eve? She said that it was a long time ago when Miss Eve had put her in the closet and told her not to come out. Miss Eve had told her that the bad people who couldn't talk were coming and she had to stay in the closet until someone told her to open the door. She went on to say she heard bad noises but, noone ever told her to open the door. Then it got quiet and she got scared that they had forgotten about her. She had started to open the door when a nice man came and told her not to. I asked her what happened to the man. I will never forget her responce. She said that he had held her hand until the door opened then he had to leave. Then she asked me about Miss Eve again. I finally told her that Miss Eve had had to go see God to. She started to cry, I held her for over an hour until she remembered she was hungry.

After I got her fed and cleaned up, we headed back to the center of town where I had left the Hummer. It was almost dark when we left Fort Smith. The going was slow but, we managed to make it to Fred Johnson's place just after 9:00 the next morning. She slept most of the drive.

Fred, Janet and Sue as well as all the kids were still there and very suprised to see me, let along my little passenger. Introductions were made and after a quick looking over by Sue, Amy went to play with the other kids with a smile on her face. I couldn't help but think how resiliant kids are. That's when I got busy telling the adults what I was thinking as far as moving them over to the relative safety of the nuclear plant. Fred and Sue were had no objections however, Janet brought up a good point. How did we know that they would be welcomed, let along treated well? I had to agree she had a point and so I said I would watch them for at least a day and if everything looked O.K. I would then make contact and ask if they were all welcome before we risked moving the kids.

I left after saying goodbye to Amy. She cried a little but, I told her I was going to be back tomorrow. Thats when Sue and one of the older girls offered to find her some more cloths. She liked that idea and disapppeared into the house with a smile. On the way to the nuclear plant I stopped at a Dollar General store in London and found a pair of cheap two-way radios and some batteries. Then I spent the rest of the day watching the activities at the plant. Twice watched small groups leave the plant and come back a little over an hour later. They appeared to be foraging for supplies. After they got back back all the members of the foraging party were strip searched "even women" once they got inside the first gate of a two gate setup similar to a airlock. Then the vehicles were searched with a lot of attention paid to the undercarriage. All the while this was going on very serious looking guys watched with rifles at the ready. When the all clear was finally given hugs were exchanged and hands shook. Then they went all the way into the plant.

The second group came back with one of thier men wounded. I could tell something was up just by the way everyone kept an eye on him after they got out of the trucks and the search didn't start immediately. Then I spotted the bandage on his left hand. Under the watchful eye of the serious looking guys with M4's he spoke for a little while to a woman and two kids inside the fence, then they turned away and went inside a nearby building leaving him at the fence. One of his fellow foragers took out a pistol and ejected the magazine then handed the gun to him. He took it and shot himself in the head. Then the search process went on without further incident. At least it looked like he got to say good bye to his family.

After dark a band started playing and some of the folks danced or just sat and listened. Lots of people gathered around a building I think was the communal cafateria. Most went in and then came back out a few minutes later with a tray of food and a cup to eat on picnic tables outside. By eleven the place was quiet, except for the occasional guard walking the fence there was little movement.

Another foraging party left a little after seven the next morning. As soon as they were out of sight I approached the fence with a walkie talkie in one hand another on my belt and my baseball bat in the other hand. I timed my approach to intersect with a guard who was patroling the fence on the inside. He seen me coming and called the sighting in on his radio as I approached. I interupted and told him I wanted to talk to someone in charge. Then I tossed the radio over the fence to him and held up the one I had on my belt. I told him I would be on channel "1" then walked away. Before I made it back to my Hummer a guy named Sam Wilson came over the radio asking me to identify myself. I told him who I was and what I had in mind. I figured there was no since beating around the bush. He said that the other survivors would all be welcomed if they would consent to being searched to make sure that they were not infected. He went on that it would be helpful if they could bring a large camper and as many supplies as possible. I asked him what specifically. He answered that everything was in short supply so anything would be welcome. I told him to monitor the radio and tell his men to expect a camper coming down the road in the next day or two.

 When I arrived back at the Johnson's place I was bombarded with questions.  Couldn't blame them. They all knew what they had here, litterly no idea of what they would have there. The shear responsibility of taking care of all of the children weighed very heavy on them. I told them that I could within reason gurantee them a safe trip and then went into detail about what life appeared to be like over there. The news of a strip search before being allowed to enter was almost to much. Sue and Janet both reminded me very forcefully that they had in thier care seven teen or slightly younger pre-teen girls. They wanted me to tell them that an exception would be made for them to give these girls more privacy. I of course couldn't. Told them that I suspected the public search was to show everyone that new comers and returning foragers were safe to be around. I figure that at some point someone had concealed that fact that they were bitten. Now you must prove that you are safe! The discussion lasted for over an hour, in the end they all agreed to go.

 Something of a shopping list had been forming in my mind for a while. I described to them what I had been thinking. Two large SUV's "Suburban or similar" each pulling a medium size camper trailer along with a U-haul or similar full of food and supplies. The van that they had driven here "a slab sided plumber's van with no rear seats" would be left behind. Janet volunteered to stay with the kid's while Sue, Fred and myself drove thier old van into Russellville to liberate what we needed. Fred carried the M4 I had given him and Sue carried Bob's old short barreled 10/22. Fred insisted that I take my old AR-15 back. I must say that I missed having it around. You might say that I feel a little nostlgia for it.

 Fred drove and Sue rode in the front of the van while I crouched slightly behind the seats giving Fred directions. Both of them commented on all the undead bodies we drove past once we got into Russellville. When they began to speculate on what had caused the destruction of so many undead, I simply told them "I did it.". Both of them just kind of looked at me and then changed the subject. The closest car dealership sold Ford's. We found two approperate vehicles. One Expedition and the other was a F-250 four door. Both four wheel drive and both diesel. I wanted diesel's because fuel is so much easier to get. I have found that car's and passenger trucks are almost impossible to siphon fuel out of. Large over-the-road diesel trucks are easy to siphon from and most carry at least a hundred gallons so they are an almost perfect fuel station.

 After getting keys located we loaded up and headed to a camping/RV dealership near the interstate. Sue rode with me in the F-250 while Fred followed in the Expedition. Sue had suprised me by riding with me instead of Fred. After we got moving she just kept looking at me, a few minutes of that and I asked her "what's a matter". She hesitated and then said "are you dead"? I thought about how to answer her but, I couldn't come up with a really good answer. So I reached in my pocket and handed her this diary. She was still reading it when we got to the camper dealership. I just left her in the truck while I got out and talked to Fred. In a little while she got out and handed me back the diary, then she looked at Fred and told him "He's O.K.". I got the impression I had just passed some sort of test. Fred just nodded and then smiled. We got fuel out of a tank there at the camper dealership marked "for generator use only" and then set off to select the campers.

 Sue and Fred looked at several and decided against them all. The inside of this one is an awful shade of pink, that one has the bed's in the wrong place etc. Finally found one that they liked. There was an identical looking one sitting right beside it. Sue jogged over to it and started to pull the door latch. As she did I hollered "let me check it before you go in!" She nodded and let me open it up. When I did a zombie seemed to explode out of the door. I barely managed to get a hold on him as he tried to get to Sue and Fred. I got it in a choke hold with my left forearm under his chin. He was struggling and wriggling so hard I was afraid I wouldn't be able to hold him. Finally managed to twist his head sideways and up hard enough that his spine snapped. The look on Sue and Fred's faces were truelly priceless. I'm not sure what scared them more. The zombie doing a jack-in-the-box impression or the fact the head was still looking at them and snapping it's jaws. Either way I kind of wished that I had a camera.

 When I stood up and started to brush myself off, Sue without saying a word fired a dozen rounds into the poor undead bastards head. I got the impression it pissed her off that the damn thing had scared her so bad. After she finished I finally managed to get a good look at him. He appeared to be a latino maybe 20-25 years old, had on a "Service Department" uniform with the camper dealerships logo on it. There was a nasty bite mark on the heal of his right hand. The knuckles were busted pretty bad on both hands. I figure he must have put up a fight and finally managed to take shelter in the camper after being bitten. They of course decided against the camper he had died in but, we managed to find another that they liked. Got everything hooked-up and then raided the dealership for all the accessories for the campers that were needed.

 By noon we had everything ready to go, so I had them drop me off at a dealership that rented U-Haul trucks on thier way back to the house. I selected the largest truck the dealership had and drove over to Wal-Mart. Most of the non-perishable food had been cleaned out of the front of the store but, in the back on the loading dock there were several truck loads of non-perishable basic foods. Things like canned and dry beans, canned stew and soup, rice, canned ham, vitamin supplements. Just about anything you could think of that would last on the shelf for any length of time. The good news for me was it was all still on pallets so, I just used a forklift to load the truck. Also added things like Kotex and diapers as well as all the over the counter medicines I could find. By the time I got back to the house it had gotten dark. We discussed it and decided to make the trip to the plant first thing in the morning. I used that night to make sure the road to as well as the area around the plant was clear of undead.

 I managed to say goodbye to Amy the next morning. It wasn't wasy, I think she knew something was up. Kept asking me which camper I was going to live in and if she could stay in to same one. Finally Sue overheard and distracted Amy until we were all ready to go. Sue drove the F-250, Janet the Expedition and Fred drove the U-Haul truck. I led the way in my Hummer. When we got close to the plant I tried the walkie talkie and managed to get Sam on the radio. I told him what to expect. When we got there they were ready and recieved everyone without a hitch. I felt so relieved! Until I actually seen them inside the fence I didn't realize how afraid I was that I would somehow get them all killed or worse. Talk about a relief.

 As I started to drive away everyone except Sue tried to wave me in to be searched. I could see Amy crying as I turned the Hummer around. I'm glad she couldn't see me crying too.


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great story
Link Posted: 4/9/2008 3:46:24 PM EDT
Wow!  800 is a lot of zombies to kill in one day.
Link Posted: 4/9/2008 5:32:46 PM EDT
Wow! 800 is a lot of zombies to kill in one day.

800 is a lot of anything to kill in one day.
Link Posted: 4/10/2008 1:51:57 PM EDT
[Last Edit: shadrach] [#44]
08/23/08 Noon

Link Posted: 4/10/2008 3:56:26 PM EDT
Raping the undead! Man, thats a new twist but if zombies ever happened you know there would be some demented living individual that would get off on it. At least that silenced M4 will allow him to pick off the undead at a greater distance than the .22LR.
Link Posted: 4/10/2008 4:01:24 PM EDT
Interesting but

Link Posted: 4/10/2008 6:02:44 PM EDT
Raping the undead.  Wow

Link Posted: 4/11/2008 9:55:58 AM EDT
Kinda reminds me of the guy in FIDO that had the zombie girlfriend...
Link Posted: 4/11/2008 4:30:09 PM EDT
TAG, great writing.  Keep it up!
Link Posted: 4/16/2008 12:52:51 AM EDT
[Last Edit: shadrach] [#50]
08/26/08 morning

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