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Posted: 7/8/2019 7:28:52 PM EDT
Just a quick simple question. Is there any good way to store egg noodles for the long term? I don't see anything available in freeze dried food items. (unless I didn't look hard enough?)
Link Posted: 7/8/2019 7:40:09 PM EDT
I suspect that vacuum sealed dry egg noodles would keep for a very long time.
Link Posted: 7/8/2019 7:52:48 PM EDT
I'd vac seal them and cycle them in and out of your freezer for a few nights before stashing them. That should kill off any weevils or anything else creepy that might have rode home in the package.

I eat a lot of ramen at the house anyway, but LOAD it up with rice/veggies/meat/egg .Every once and a while I get some stowaways from the grocery store, even though the bags are sealed.
Link Posted: 7/8/2019 8:08:54 PM EDT
Thanks the input! I had figured that vacuum sealing them would likely be the ticket, but I've been hesitant as I didn't want to badly crush and break the noodles. Maybe sealing them in wide mouth canning jars might be the ticket?
Any other ideas on how to avoid crushing them with vacuum packing?
Link Posted: 7/8/2019 8:12:06 PM EDT
I wouldn't worry about crushing them. They'll taste the same. Maybe some brands you would buy (or make), you can buy them in packaging that will be less prone to smashing them all.

I know on my foodsaver, I can stop the vac seal process early before there's a LOT of pressure, then it seals it afterward. Maybe just try to work on the timing too.
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