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Posted: 1/16/2021 5:28:15 PM EST
I started my day waiting on a lady to come out and pick up my daughters rabbits then I thought I was off to the gun show.   You can imagine my surprise that there wasn’t a gun show in Fort Worth.   Not sure what the heck is up with that unless I just am a week off.  

I had to remain in FW to meet a dude from Craigslist so I decided to roll my norm places and see if I could find some new places and boy did I.   First thing I noticed was the chaos at all the stores.  The second thing is the lack of inventory everywhere.  

Cool new place-  For me anyhow

KTF Collectables over in the hipster area off 7th street.  It was next to a cigar lounge so I’m sure most of the older gents here know the place.   I was shocked to see that he had stuff in stock on the shelves but it’s a lot of older stuff.  If you have time go in and check this place out.  It’s a small store with a ton of stuff in it other than guns.  The old guy was very nice.  He said he’s been there 30 years so I’m not sure how I have missed this one.

Firearms unlimited. I think that’s the name of it but it’s another one of those older stores with tons of cool shit in every nook and cranny.  

Defender had some 22 WMR ammo.  This was important because Somewhere before there I picked up a CMR-30 22WMR rifle.  I have had one on my radar for a while but never jumped.  Recently I have only found them in the $650+ range so when I ran across one sub $500 that they had been pre panic I snapped it up.  

One store had a ammo can with 200 rounds of FGMM 308 ammo for a buck a round.  Snapped that up because it’s something I use a lot.  

Cabelas-  appears to have been robbed also
Defender Outdoors- found some 22 WMR here
Academy (met my CL guy here and figured it was worth a peek.  It looked like they had been robbed)
Firearms Unlimited
Elk Castle or whatever it’s called now- some stuff
Pawn shops-4
Lone Star-  they probably had the most inventory of everyone.  Including a pre ban Hungarian AK and a nice lot of 1911’s.
Teskeys - not a lot here really

Link Posted: 1/16/2021 8:31:30 PM EST
I’ve go to Defender every time Im in town.  Used to be gun Nirvana
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