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Posted: 12/31/2022 3:31:54 PM EDT
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In their upcoming offensive to defeat the Fifth Panzer Armee and Panzer Armee Afrika, American II Corps under Omar Bradley had to build up supplies.  It was slow and the British planners wanted to second the Americans by having Brad delay his offensive one day after that of the British and this would allow for the buildup of supplies.  Brad was not going to sit on his hands and agree to British affrontery.  Earlier the British wanted to split up the II Corps and give its unit secondary roles in support of the British offensive.  Brad had Ike agree to change this and concentrated the II corps in Northern Tunisia.  To allieviate the supply issue, Brad temporarily stripped his divisions of their tactical vehicles and lent them to the Quartermaster.  The supply picked up but not enough.  So, Brad ordered the truckers to drive with their lights on at night.  When cautioned that the German aircraft could spot them and inflict losses, Brad responded that their losses from the Luftwaffe would be less than from driving accidents.  Brad was able to stock up sufficient supplies for the II Corps to launch its attack on Bizerte on the same day the British 1st and 8th Army launched their attack.
Link Posted: 1/5/2023 12:41:30 PM EDT
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Churchill asked Brad about how the Americans were able to supply the thrust south from the Cherbourg Peninsula.  Churchill was aware of only one supply road. Brad told Churchill that the Americans were using two roads with one of them being bumper to bumper.

Regarding the liberation of Paris, Brad wasn't interested.  He knew that if the city were liberated, they would have to feed them (pages 386-7) and that would divert supplies from the armies advancing towards Germany.   The Swedish Counsul met with German kommandant in Paris von Cholitz who didn't want to surrender to irregulars of the FFI but would surrender to regulars.  As the Swedish Counsul was sick, his brother who was of French citizenship hopped into a citrogen adorned with Swedish flags to meet the allies.  He was escorted by a German staff car with Herman Bender who was instructed by von Cholitz to help them get through German lines. (p390) They did and word got to Patton and then to Brad and thus it was decided to send Le Clerc supported by the 4th Infantry Division.  Brad also wasn't interested in having a parade but DeGaulle wanted the Parisans to be assured that the Allies were there to stay.  Hence the 4th was ordered to attack eastward through Paris and the victory parade (page 395).
Link Posted: 1/17/2023 12:52:14 PM EDT
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There's a book out now about how Eisenhower's broad front strategy prolonged the war.  I haven't read it, but what I know of Monty and his hoarding of supplies for his set piece battle, it makes sense that the war was prolonged b/c it placed brakes on Patton and other American armies advancing on Germany.  The book is Daniel Colley's The Folly of Generals: How Eisenhower's Broad Front Strategy Lengthened World War II.  Without having read it, I think the author's thesis has a foundation of troof. (I've read Ike's Crusade in Europe, both of Brad's bibliographies, Patton's War As I Remember It).  I haven't read Monty's book yet.
Link Posted: 5/17/2024 10:29:30 PM EDT
I think Ike`s broad front strategy was probably the correct one. Too often early in the war  Germany was able to exploit weakness in their opponents line to maximum effect with the combined arms of the Blitzkrieg and defeat numerically superior forces.

When he allowed an attempt at a  narrow front campaign with Market Garden, the germans defeated it and threw it back. The broad front strategy forced Germany to fight on Eisenhower`s terms. That`s why when a lot of officers were panicing in the opening phase of the Battle of the Bulge, Ike saw it as an opportunity to finally destroy German forces in the west out in the open.
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