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Posted: 1/14/2021 6:58:27 PM EST
Hi all, i've got some questions for the experts.  

Firstly, i'm looking at sources a BCG and Barrel for my build, but as you all know parts are a little hard to come by right now.  Through many referrals, i decided to head over to precision firearms to make some decisions.

Is anyone familiar with their house brand barrels, Samurai? What's your experience? How did they do?

Same question for their Super Match Grendel BCG. I'd hate to blow $220ish on a BCG for it to not be a great tiered item. If there's better out there, please make a suggestion.

I can't find any reviews for either of these items anywhere and was really hoping to get some actual feedback.

Their samurai offers the 12.5 in mid-length, and the criterion offers it in carbine length.  Which is preferred while suppressed?

Lastly, on their barrel block options, i'm assuming that i should be going with a .750, which is the smallest.  Is this correct? This will be for hunting so i'd assume smaller is lighter, and there's no need for a large diameter barrel unless it would have some effect on gas/suppressor.

Thanks for the help and feedback!

Link Posted: 1/16/2021 7:12:59 PM EST
Sixfivearms has 6.5 bolts in stock, and if close enough, 12" grendels due to be in stock within a few weeks.
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