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Is America Broken?

Blog Post

If anything has been made clear with the election of Donald Trump, it's that the "tolerant and loving" liberals of this country do not tolerate or love anything other than their own opinions. So is America broken with her people divided enough to not even being able to accept a new president?

It is perfectly acceptable to not be happy with the results of a Presidential Election when the candidate you support does not win, but the vitriol spewing from the left has been intolerable. When Obama was elected, many of us on the right accepted his victory and hoped for the best. We were not out there rioting. We were not dragging innocent people from their cars and beating them. We were not kidnapping folks and torturing them for exercising their right to vote. Instead, we moved forward with our lives and watched a man with no real experience take over the White House. We watched a first lady, who hated this country openly, move her family into America's most sacred home. In short, we ACCEPTED the results of our fellow Americans.

These days, it's safe spaces and [insert your choice] live's mattering that are valued more than opinions. The leftist movement is being replaced with the cry baby movement, with it's champion being Bernie Sanders, a man who embraced the very people who not only stood against his supporters and cheated him from a fair election. This mentality was summarized so perfectly by Sanders, when he accepted his "defeat", pledging Clinton his support, and then running away to a brand new vacation home. How can anyone be surprised when his supporters, who are unable to even LISTEN to someone with a different opinion, are acting in such a poor manner and represented the worst in America. Many of them have been publicly calling for the murder of folks, including the new President! When did this become acceptable behavior in any society!

So as America begins the Trump era divided, we will see if people can learn to give the man a chance or simply close their eyes, cover their ears, and scream as loudly as they can until the next election. I, for one, am happy to give the man a chance as much as I was willing to give Obama a chance. They are both Presidents Of the United States Of America and deserve at least that much.

Posted: 1/13/2017 7:16:48 PM
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