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Bronze Team Member Benefits:

$24 / Year

Expanded Search Ability
Access to the site search (new search engine for 2010!) which allows you unlimited searching with full parameters. Search for authors, subjects, and dates for discussions which have yet to be archived. Non-Team are limited to 7 day subject searches only in the technical areas of the site.

Special Site Tools
Special resource tools include expanded subscriptions, a custom board feature to create from your favorite forums, and customizable options for other tools. Blogs are also available for team members and will be updated for a better integration and nicer look. We also have a few "backdoor" site's available for team members looking to surf the site from sensitive locations. (SSL option included!)

Archive Server Access
Utilize a highly flexible search engine to find archived data from the past. Our archives include everything ever posted from the beta days of the site. The archive search engine will also be updated in 2010 to allow for easier complex searching!

Avatar and Team Member Title
You will gain the ability to upload your custom avatar (gif or jpg) to the media server where it will show with each of your posts. Please make sure to keep these within the minimal image restrictions.

Member Only Forums
As a Team Member, you will gain access to a growing list of private forums. These forums include the team clubhouse, for general discussions free from trolls, as well as a job listing forum, and the popular BOTD/HOTD forums.

Increased Instant Messenger Tools & Storage
Extended tool options including custom folders to help you organize your messages, huge storage space, contact lists, and more.

Site Enhancements
Site customization options to tailor to your mood. Currently we offer a number of skins (color styles) to the site's interface and have plans to expand this to allow the modification of layout and display options.

SEBR/SER Discounts
An even LOWER price on our Special Edition (Black) Rifle projects done every year! These custom configuration rifles are a limited run project with a special SEBR engraving to mark the year.

Team Member Appreciation Event!
We will give away at least one rifle away each year. We will also give out any number of items donated to us throughout the year. This has been a tradition for us and the advertisers here to say thank you for your support!

Thread Tracking
Jump into discussions where you left off. ( Last Read Post ) There is no limit to the number of threads which will be managed and they are automatically purged when a discussion goes to the archives or when your account is downgraded.

*Membership terms are one year from date of purchase or your current expiration date, whichever is later. If upgrading membership level, any remaining time will be prorated. Team memberships are non-refundable.

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