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Posted: 8/18/2002 11:37:53 AM EDT
Ok, I'm putting in an order for some SA .223 from AIM Surplus (aimsurplus.com), and I noticed that they have .45ACP FMJ ammo for $89/600rds ($7.50/box). Said ammo is described as 'WWII dated USGI', 50rds/box, with the boxes stored in a 'sealed steel can'.

I've got a 1911, and where I live, the going rate is $10.55/box (with tax). This is a 'range gun' (no CCW in WI), so FMJ vs HP is not an issue (I normally shoot FMJ).

My question is: Is this ammo worth buying? Will the age affect it's usefullness as range-only ammo?

P.S. I put this here because the pistol board has no 'ammo' section that I could find...
Link Posted: 8/18/2002 12:30:49 PM EDT
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Link Posted: 8/18/2002 4:10:12 PM EDT
Thanks... Very usefull info...

Since I allways give my .45 a good scrubbing after I shoot, the corrosive ammo should be OK...

I just have to make sure I never forget to clean...
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