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Posted: 10/22/2001 8:20:57 PM EDT
Arnold in the terminator. Is it? "Plasma rifle in 40 watt range"
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 10:18:21 PM EDT
"Hey, just what you see here buddy."
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 10:20:02 PM EDT
I think that he asks for a "Phased"Plasma Rifle in the 40 watt range Chuck
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 10:47:42 PM EDT
Plasma rifle with watts? Please, everybody knows that superheated plasma requires a great deal more energy output than that, usually only acquirable through Fission/Fusion-type processes. You'd have to carry a portable nuclear reactor with you to get that to work. And [i]phased[/i]?? Geez, what are these guys thinking! Plasma can only be formed in a non-phased singularity chamber! Silly movie writers, they can't get anything right.
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 11:24:41 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 11:29:46 PM EDT
Jewbroni the scientist. [img]http://www.stopstart.btinternet.co.uk/sm/notworthy.gif[/img]
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