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Posted: 9/20/2009 4:44:46 AM EST
...Any where but here!

I'm in Jekyll Island working INSIDE at photo convention listening to BAD gun theory talk & wishing I was at the silencer shoot even if it is raining!!!!!!1!!

.40S&W loaqded to 330 grains at 1500fps
.44mag in a 6 1/2' & and he could hit a silloute twice because the recoil was to much, this from a rather LARGE muscled headed dude! I asked what he totes & he showed me his Berretta .25 Tomcat At least he has a gun.
More 1911 .45ACP being the end all...yea its good but not THE END ALL!!!

I'm sure there is more GOODNESS to come.

Okay now back to the Silencer shoot thread.

PS Treedawg I'll be coming through Dublin Wednesday. I'll stop by & say hey.

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