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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 10/4/2003 8:23:25 PM EDT
While at the range last weekend, the guiderod in my Springfield Armory Micro-compact 1911 snapped. The rod sheared off where it connects to the spring retaining plate. It was a stock Springfield part, and I know they say to replace the spring every 300 rounds, but man... A broken guiderod with less then 1000 rounds on it? How often do you guys replace this stuff? I put new springs in it around 500 rounds, but that was like $12.00 and I never thought about the guiderod. I have a one piece Wilson Combat rod and springs on the way, and I sure hope I don't have to replace this one so soon... (Not what I would call "Cheap") Whadda think?
Link Posted: 10/5/2003 5:21:15 PM EDT
Strange. The guide rod has very little pressure on it. I'd say you got the rare bad part.
Link Posted: 10/5/2003 5:42:49 PM EDT
I have that same gun with probably close to 400 rounds through it no problems. I would agree with BobCole that rare bad part.
Link Posted: 10/6/2003 3:41:19 AM EDT
Whew... It is a relief to hear that... Kind of had me a little worried. It's my carry gun, so it can't fail!!! Must just be one of those things... Thanks for the reassurance guys...
Link Posted: 10/6/2003 4:10:31 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Stright_Shooter:
It was a stock Springfield part, and I know they say to replace the spring every 300 rounds, but man...

Yikes! That's like changing your oil every 300 miles....
Link Posted: 10/6/2003 4:42:44 AM EDT
Link Posted: 10/6/2003 5:00:10 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Aimless:
Seriously, it says to change the spring every 300 rounds? If that's the case I'd dump that bad boy, what PIA! How about the little Kimbers? do you have to change the spring in them all the time? that little ULTRA cdp is nice, but expensive.

No kidding; who wants to change springs every trip to the range?
Link Posted: 10/6/2003 7:18:40 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/6/2003 7:19:14 AM EDT by Emoto]
Was that a MIM part, or machined from solid stock? Oh, and how has Springfield responded?
Link Posted: 10/7/2003 12:30:46 PM EDT
Who told you to replace that spring every 300 rounds? I've got the same gun and haven't heard anything about that. Nothing is in the manual about it either.
Link Posted: 10/7/2003 2:50:08 PM EDT
I just got an E-mail back from Springfield. I was pleased with their response to both issues...

1)They said that the guide rod should not have broke, and that this is not a problem that they have been experincing. He said that they would send me out a new one at no cost. He also said that they would like to take a look at mine to evaluate what may have happened, and he gave me an address where I can send the broken one in if I would like. (I will... If the manufactuer cares about quality, I am all for helping them out!)

2)He also said that I do not need to change springs every 300 rounds. Now that I think about it, I belive that I read that on a site for... well... You know... A site for a spring manufactuer! Go figure! He said that their springs should be good for thousands of rounds, and as long as the slide is functioning properly, and returning to battery every time, that I shouldn't have to worry about the spring to much.

I figure that I will put the one piece Wilson rod in it and keep the one they send me as a spare.

He did also mention that as you reduce slide / barrell length, you increase the forces exerted on many parts. This is due to less length of travel and weight to absorb the energy. He did say that it is no where near enough that things should start breaking though. (Kind of makes sense in theroy, never really thought of it that way though...)

Live and learn eh?
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