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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 8/6/2003 12:22:13 AM EDT
I'm looking for a little feedback for advice about Springfields Loaded Long Slide 1911. I've been throwing around the idea of a new 1911 (in a future a ways). I was browsing through the various manufacturers finally stumbled upon this beast. I have yet to hear any real feeback. I know they are new, but certainly there are a few out there. It seems Springfield Armory has a fairly good following for Quality. And as I'm not looking for a $1500 dollar and up Custom 1911, this seemed like to good happy medium. Can anyone comment.

Probably high on my priority list is something that will hold up. I want it fairly accurate, but I don't compete or anything like that. I would also like a fairly tight fit with an acceptable trigger. It seems I get so many mixed reviews, they make it sound like the only 1911 worth buying an outrageous Les Baer, STI, or Wilson. I'm not into THAT top end of gun. But if the Long Slide is as good as it seems, I would be willing to spend the $ on something like that. Any comments. On the Long Slide or the reputation of Springfield Armory in general? Maybe even compared to the other 1911 makers, Kimber, Colt, Para??

Thanks in advance.

Link Posted: 8/6/2003 9:17:54 AM EDT
Sa has long passed Colt in sales # as well as quality. Kimber hit them pretty hard for a while but it seems now Kimber is having some teething problems as well.

Just I'm clear, when you say "long slide" are you referring to their 6" model? The standard 1911 is a 5" barrel.

I'm not sure I'd want to get the extra size as holster fit would be a bit of aggravation, IMO.

SA is a good quality firearms with a lifetime warranty. The only downside I can say is that they use a two-piece barrel instead of a one-piece. All this means is that the accuracy won't be quite as good. Some shooters may never be able to tell the difference so that may not be a concern for you?

I won two SA 1911s, one in .45acp & one in 9mm.
Link Posted: 8/6/2003 9:03:39 PM EDT
I'm looking into getting my first 1911 and have decided on the SA mil-spec. I am curious as to why you want the long slide? I'm actually curious as to why anyone would want it considering the standard 1911 is a 5 incher. Do people hunt with this gun? I know the .45 is more dependant on the length due to it's weight but what are you gaining in a pistol? I'm not criticising, I'm honestly curious.
Link Posted: 8/6/2003 9:35:51 PM EDT

Originally Posted By shotgun:
Do people hunt with this gun?

The 6" long slide alledgedly gives more accuracy. IMO, it would take a professional shooter to gain the advantage. Might be fun to find out though?
Link Posted: 8/7/2003 8:50:10 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/7/2003 8:51:10 PM EDT by GunDraw]
Accuracy is one claimed attribute. Along with that, the extra length makes porting very convenient, AND, the extra length balances the gun better for the recoil of 45 Super, as this gun (Ported model) lets you use it interchageably with 45 ACP. I got very interested in the Long Slide as it is something very unique to add to any aresenal.

Link Posted: 8/12/2003 2:58:18 PM EDT
ANYONE, ANYWHERE, have one of these things??
Link Posted: 8/14/2003 9:07:40 AM EDT

Originally Posted By GunDraw:
ANYONE, ANYWHERE, have one of these things??

Unless they're a Bullseye shooter, I'd say very very few do or would.
Link Posted: 8/14/2003 9:55:27 AM EDT
Gundraw; I have the SA Standard 6' Longslide. Always intrigued by the AMT Longslide, but wary of their reputation. Went for the Standard version because of price over the Target Model and did not want the blast of a ported barrel. It is a fine firearm with the weight, sight radius helping with accuracy, the slide may recoil a little more slowly but it is hard to distinguish. One piece, two piece bbl, who cares when some are shooting the plastic guns. Have any SA bbls failed to your knowledge? Some info may be picked up on the 1911.com site at the SA listing. If Rob Latham is satisfied with the Springfield, can we be more discriminating? Anyway, go for it. I have a Colt NM and the Springfield Longslide and feel I need no others. Hope this helps in your quest. Jeep
Link Posted: 8/14/2003 10:07:20 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Jeep98:
If Rob Latham is satisfied with the Springfield, can we be more discriminating?

If you think Latham is using a stock two-piece barrel, you're sadly mistaken.

Why do you think Brownells sells SA two-piece barrels for $60 & good barrels for $150 & up?
Link Posted: 8/15/2003 10:43:07 PM EDT
FYI...Springfield mil-specs with stainless barrel bushings have a once piece barrel.

the parkerized one has a two peice.

I have an operator with a stainless bushing/once peice and its plenty accurate for me, especially with the wilson group gripper/FLGR combo.

Keep an eye out for that when buying, I know the stainless ain't mil-spec, but its ok. Its much better.
Link Posted: 8/16/2003 5:40:57 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Marksman14:
FYI...Springfield mil-specs with stainless barrel bushings have a once piece barrel.

the parkerized one has a two peice.
May I ask your source for this bit of info?

Keep an eye out for that when buying, I know the stainless ain't mil-spec, but its ok. Its much better.
I've read of two SS SA 1911 slides breaking on their owners, none of the other ones.

Link Posted: 8/16/2003 6:23:28 PM EDT
I have a SA 6" V-16 stainless. I have to admit I like it. It came with the extra spring and set-up for .45super. Its a fun gun. I am not real sure about accuracy, but it tends to be reliable. I use the .45super spring and mainly shoot .45ACP FMJ through it, so ammo selection is narrowed down to higher powered loads.

I used to have a pic of it, but I guess it got deleted. If you want, let me know, and I'll take another one or two of it.
Link Posted: 9/3/2003 6:20:31 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/4/2003 8:10:58 AM EDT
MBSK01, Nice Looking piece.

I guess more than anything, i want a 1911, I can always feel suits my abilities. I don't want to spend that amount of $ on a gun I find is not able to out-shoot me. Something I can really get in tune with, and when I'm done, be able to utilize it for it's full value, not wish I had something "a little more accurate" or "a little more reliable" ect.

I'm not familiar with two piece barrels to a large extent, what is the huge problem?


Thanks for the feedback everyone
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