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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/6/2002 4:35:08 AM EST
I do not like the GLOCKs, not because they are in anyway inferior, but because GLOCKs use such a strange grip angle. When shooting a GLOCK I always feel that I have to aim down and to the right to be on target. I realize that is very subjective, just doesn't feel right for me.

Right now I have three different 9mm polymer guns, a SiGPro 2009, a Gen 1 HS2000 and a Star UltraStar. My favorite is the STAR UltraStar. IMHO, the UltraStar may well be the best Compact 9mm steel, alloy or polymer framed pistol period. I am continually amazed by how nice this relatively unknown pistol is.

The HS2000 (now sold by SA as their XD) is slightly larger than the STAR. It's fast, accurate and has been totally reliable. I installed PT night sights, blue front, green rear. It has had many thousands of rounds through it and has yet to malfunction.

The SiGPro is about the same size as the HS2000. In many ways it is SiG. It is accurate, reliable and has a great trigger. I don't like the changes SiG made on takedown. On the SiGPro line you push out the slide lock lever, similar to what you do on an HP or on the STAR. But it does not have a separate way to lock the slide back as on the HPs and you can't just push the slide retention pin out as you can with the STAR.

So, of the ones I have I'd rate the STAR #1, the HS2000 #2 and the SiGPro as #3. The funny part is that the STAR was the least expensive, the HS2000 next and the SiGPro the most expensive of the group.

In this picture the SiGPro 2009 is on the top, the STAR on bottom.

Here is the HS2000 (top) next to a SiGPro.

Here is a view of the working end of the SiGPro (left) and my STAR. Notice how much lower the STAR barrel is. Also, note that the slide on the STAR rides inside the frame instead of the more common, slide over frame.

Finally, a closer look at the STAR UltraStar.

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