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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/21/2001 11:44:38 PM EST
It's the damndest thing, my pinkie finger's tip has been tingly numb for the last week. I have not hurt it in any way (I don't think) it just started by itself. What could this be? It does not hurt but is kind of annoying. TIA JDP
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 4:53:02 AM EST
JDP, I am not a doc but FWIW if it is as you state and it is not going away - it sounds as though you have impingement or pressure on a nerve. That pressure could be from overuse of you hands / wrist (carpel tunnelish deal) or further up the line - neck, shoulder, elbow. When you say 'numb' do you mean stick it with a pen and not feel it kinda numb? Or do you mean 'pins and needles' kinda numb? Is it spreading or radiating to your other digits? Wrist? Elbow? If it persists - go seen an othopedic surgeon. Mean time, have your best gal give you a good massage from the head / neck area -> shoulder -> elbow -> wrist -> hand. Additionally, assess what you do which may be causing pressure on a nerve. Do you use you hands in a repetive fashion for several hours aday? Carry a heavy backpack? Etc. Good luck.
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 5:26:09 AM EST
...too much pressure on the Ulnar Nerve (base of palm, where it meets the wrist). Marines know this as "Sling Palsy"(my pinkie was numb for 4 months after boot camp). So don't worry. It happens from bike-riding and typing, too.
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 5:44:51 AM EST
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 5:55:47 AM EST
Everytime the palm of my mother's hand started to itch, she knew she was going to come into some money.
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 6:19:41 AM EST
You have "bonus eruptus", which is a disorder where the skeleton tries to leap out the mouth and escape the body. Your only hope is "transdental electromicide".
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 6:24:21 AM EST
Originally Posted By DK-Prof: I'm not that kind of doc, but it defeinitely sounds like some sort of nerve pressure. It could also be further up your arm, or in your spine that the problem is (unlikely, but maybe worth checking). Herniated discs in the spine can press on nerves that can easily cause numbness as far down as the fingers. If it starts to radiate up your arm, then the problem is most likely in your spine. If it stays in the hand, it is hopefully more localized. Or, you could just take the rubber band off. [:D]
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Right on target ! Carpal Tunnel Syndrome generally affects the "Thumb Side" of the hand, whereas numbness or sensory deficit ont the "Pinky Side" is most probably caused by a pinched nerve in the cervical spine area. (herniated disc, etc...)
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 6:50:55 AM EST
I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV. Clearly a case of overuse syndrome, caused by repetitive stroking motions. Have you also noticed a deterioration in your eyesight? What about hair growing in the palms of your hands? Complexion clearing up? [}:D]
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 7:07:19 AM EST
It sounds like you have an impingement or pressure on your ulnar nerve. The ulnar nerve innervates the pinkie side of your hand, , the pinkie, and half of the ring finger. The nerve may be impinged in the elbow or the wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome is an impingement of the median nerve in the wrist. It causes numbness and weakness in the thumb, pointer, middle, and half of the ring finger on the palm side. This does not appear to be your problem. If you have a primary care physician, I would recommend having him look at it, and then ask him for a referral to see an orthopedic surgeon.
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 7:43:20 AM EST
If it is in the neck it has to affectthe long,ring and pinky.The ulnar nerve will affect the ring and pinky.Paresthesias of only the pinky have to be below the wrist or due to circulation.Smokers sometimes get this due to decreased circulation.Can be an early sign of Raynauds.It is the 8th cervical nerve that enervates the pinky.
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 7:43:22 AM EST
A guy at the place I worked at had tingling in his fingers and was diagnosed as having suffered a mild stroke.
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 8:51:54 AM EST
Why waste you time on this board with this just go to a doc!
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 8:53:27 AM EST
Originally Posted By Imbrog|io: A guy at the place I worked at had tingling in his fingers and was diagnosed as having suffered a mild stroke.
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That is why I posted my first post on this subject. Go to the doctor.
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 10:32:17 AM EST
[green][size=3][b] Thanks fellas for all the responses! I didn't think that [u]anyone[/u] would respond. [/b][/size=3] [/green] It [u]is[/u] the "pins & needles" kind of numbness, just like I took a rubber band off the finger, but with no such rubber band. I'll try the massage thing first and if nothing works I'll go see a Doctor. This is a great excuse to get a free massage out of the girl. Thanks again!
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