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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/5/2005 6:03:18 AM EDT
My cousin the MP at Ft Polk called us last night. He said that they took in a bunch of people and put them in a pretty nice area. He then told us that within 2 hours it was trashed. Apparently not all the superdome people made it to Houston. Ft Polk has some and they are fucking it up too.

I've been volunteering doing security at the biggest of our shelters. The people here aren't bad at all, In fact most of them seem to be in better spirits than I would be. I have a damn strong hunch as to why, but can't say due to possible COC violation. The main problem we've had was with locals messing with them. The other big problem is the insane rumor mill. On at least 5 different occaision's we've heard that a minimum of 4 buses were headed to us. Last night at 11 they told us 900 to 2,000 would be there by 2 am. The Governer's office told us this. Never heard anything else about it. It's crazy. One of our local wal mart stores has hired 40 of them which can be a very good thing and probably will be. (I hate waiting 20 minutes in sporting goods to buy ammo) Another huge problem is the 300-400 locals showing up to orientation every night and filling out forms with their friends and listing exactly what they say they want to do and the hours they want to volunteer, and then not showing up when called our flat out saying no. About 1 in 15 is doing what they said they'd do. Wife volunteered for 16 hours yesterday. A good 2 hours of that calling people with only 4 people showing up. They were showboating to look good for friends. Pisses me off.
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