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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/22/2001 12:16:47 PM EST
President Bush is no longer in office and we have all these new anti-terorism laws, office of homeland security, and huge budgets for national law enforcement agencies. Sure right now most of the power, money, and authority is being used to try to track down terrorists. But can you imagine what would happen if Bill Clinton and Janet Reno would have had all theses "tools" at their disposal? What if Gore or Hillary wins in 2004 or 2008. What's going to happen when a liberal anti gets elected again? At some time it will happen. What's even scarier is some states classifying "terrorists" as people who participate in paramilitary training or hold views against the government or UN. Sounds to me that with the wrong person in office, if someone were to speak out against the government trying to register everyone firearms, that person would be labeled a paramilitary type terrorist. Anyone else concerned about this?
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Link Posted: 11/22/2001 12:21:27 PM EST
If I'm not mistaken, all of these new laws 'sunset' in two years. It will be up to the Congress elected in the 2002 election to determine whether these laws need to be continued! So don't forget to vote (Republican) in 2002! Eric The(Hey!I'mInShreveportToday!)Hun[>]:)]
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The new law might sunset, but think about who would be losing power if it, the government. Do you really think the government is just going to give up their power and throw away the millions of dollars in equipment used to monitor civilians? That's not to likely. Even if the new law does sunset, what about the Office of Homeland Security and all the new authority it has been given? This article is what prompted this post. It goes right along with my above comment. [url]dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nyt/20011122/ts/ridge_to_seek_big_increases_for_fight_on_terror_1.html[/url]
Tom Ridge, the director of homeland security, said today that he would seek substantial new spending in President Bush's next budget, placing a priority on more agents and equipment for strapped federal law enforcement agencies and urgent improvements in public health facilities. .... For example, he said he thought "biometric" cards that read fingerprints and scan eyes could be used in visas to allow the government to make sure the same person who applied to come to the United States was the same one to arrive. He said such cards could also allow the government to learn whether the person had left when the visa expired.
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Mr. Ridge might want "biometric" cards for visas. How much you want to bet the anti's want "biometric" cards for gun owners?
Link Posted: 11/23/2001 10:19:34 AM EST
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