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Posted: 12/31/2003 5:18:02 AM EDT
I was watching Carol Costello this morning on CNN (my cable co doesn't offer Fox) and she related a story about an incident in suburban Chicago wheras a car thief broke into a private residence, was shot by the homeowner, and then stole the homeowner's car (if I got the story straight).  Almost as an afterthought, Carol mentioned that the homeowner faces a fine because the neighborhood he lives in does not allow guns, and then she went to Chad Meyers for the weather...anyway, Chad Meyers mentioned the story, and made a comment that shouldn't the Constitution overide a local rule about gun ownership, and then Carol mimicked a homeowners association type whining about no guns in the neighborhood.....watching it I could tell that Carol Costello and Chad Meyers didn't share the standard leftist view of anti-gun.
Carol Costello and Lou Dobbs IMHO are the only bright lights on that channel...
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