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Posted: 1/8/2003 5:55:22 PM EST
SOURCE: CHML HAMILTON PROGRAM: ROY GREEN SHOW DATE: JANUARY 6, 2003 - TIME: 09:05 LENGTH: 6 MINUTES GUN REGISTRY ROY GREEN (HOST): Bob Runciman the Ontario Security Minister on air with us on Friday just before he made the announcement to the nation that Ontario was calling on the federal government to suspend the gun registry. That call has been echoed by Toronto Chief of Police Julian Fantino who joins us this morning. Chief, good morning. JULIAN FANTINO (TORONTO CHIEF OF POLICE): Good morning. GREEN: Happy New Year to you. FANTINO: And the same to you and your listeners. GREEN: Thank you very much. Chief your view of the gun registry and why you believe it should be suspended. FANTINO: Well obviously I'm reacting or responding to what has been deemed to be quite a significant problem by the federal Auditor General with regard to the study or the inquiry they made as to how this whole process has been ongoing, the extraordinary cost overruns and so forth and so on. So we're talking about taxpayers' money. We're talking about the greater public good. We're talking about ensuring that the things we do actually do profit in a positive way what is expected in our community in terms of safety, security and those kinds of issues. And I'm very devastated by the amount of gun-related violence that we're experiencing here in the city of Toronto; a tremendous increase over years gone by. The difficulty of course is that we haven't yet come across any situation where the gun registry would have enabled us to either prevent or solve any of these crimes. GREEN: Quite a statement. FANTINO: Well it's a true statement. GREEN: Chief so if you can give us a bit of an insight into the concerns you have about the illegal guns entering the city of Toronto. We've been hearing that, estimates are that illegal gun entries into this country are up fifty percent in the last several months and that could be, according to some, even a much larger percentage if we were to know the true figures. FANTINO: Well the numbers of guns of our streets are indeed significant. Not only that, there's an element of people in our society, younger folks if you will, who are predisposed to violence and using firearms very indiscriminately in public places, and the results of that for us has been quite a significant impact on violence in the city. But yeah, they are available. They are readily available. There's no shortage of them and I believe sincerely that the kinds of money that we're spending trying to put a bureaucracy together which at the outset I thought would be a tremendous help, is not helping us in trying to stem the tide of illegal guns, the crime guns as I call them. And we need help and we need support in order to go after those who import and smuggle and traffic in firearms that end up in the hands of criminals, that end up creating death and trauma and mayhem in our communities. So when you look at the amount of money that appears to have been spent to put this gun registry together, I would have liked to have had that numbers of dollars available to me to put on the street, in terms of police officers to go after the criminals and the gunmen, and stem the tide and flow of guns into our communities. GREEN: Chief Fantino, what happens if someone were to present him or herself to your police department and say, I have an unregistered firearm with me? I have an affidavit of ownership and I'm not planning to register it. Calgary police refused to lay charges against Mr Palmer. What would you do? FANTINO: Well I haven't directed my attention to creating a policy for my department. I believe that our people use common sense and I believe that they are entitled to use discretion, and I would expect that they deal with every circumstance on the basis of common sense and discretion, and I'm not about to put out a policy that in essence gives anyone an excuse to break the law. The law is the law; we know that and I can't help but feel for those people who are not in compliance. Law-abiding citizens otherwise I suppose, but you know this is something that is of a political nature. It's policy that is made at the federal level and as you know we're duty bound to deal with the laws for what they are - we're not in the position of making the laws. I just wish that the federal government would respond. We've seen amnesties before. Maybe this is something that the government should very seriously consider at this point in time. We don't want to make criminals out of honest, decent, law-abiding citizens. So I have a lot of concerns over this whole issue. GREEN: Chief, one more question for you. You were in favour of the registry initially. You say, you've quite eloquently expressed your concerns. Is this a concern that you're expecting to hear from your fellow chiefs of police across the country now? FANTINO: Well I'm speaking for myself as Chief of the Toronto Police Service. I'm speaking on behalf of me solely. I'm not pretending to speak on behalf of anyone. But I'm very disappointed with the way this whole thing has gone, the extraordinary amount of money that has been in many respects squandered. And I should give you one personal example. I too have registered a long rifle, a long gun, and during that process I found it to be quite frustrating and the seesaw back and forth over documentation, and I complied to the letter, but the bureaucracy caught me up too and the phone calls and the wait and the paper back and forth over what. I mean for instance the big hang-up was that I did not put down in the form the town where I was born. I put the country where I was born, in Italy, but I didn't put down the town. The town is not even on anybody's map. And that was the big hang-up and I was threatened that if I didn't comply with this I would not be issued a certificate. And this is after correspondence back and forth. It is just ridiculous. I mean, so yes I was supportive. I'm no longer supportive of it. GREEN: Chief thanks for the time this morning and again Happy New Year to you. FANTINO: And the same to you. Thank you.
Link Posted: 1/8/2003 6:07:58 PM EST
got a link?
Link Posted: 1/8/2003 6:17:35 PM EST
No I got this from another site where it was posted.. Damn thing is I normally listen to this radio show but today I missed it!
Link Posted: 1/8/2003 6:29:25 PM EST
bummer I guess I can look up 'roy green show'...
Link Posted: 1/8/2003 6:43:14 PM EST
Before (If) the registry is dismantled Canada will give the gun lists to the UN. Criminals WILL NOT register their guns Ms. Cukier! CRC
Link Posted: 1/9/2003 12:50:19 PM EST
Speaking of the UN.... Hows this quote sound to you... The registering of hunting rifles is the first step in the social re-engineering of Canadians". - Liberal Senator Sharon Carstairs. "...... disarming the Canadian public is part of the new humanitarian social agenda." - Foreign Affairs Minister Lloyd Axworthy at a gun control conference in Oslo, Norway, 1998.
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