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Posted: 10/11/2001 4:45:48 PM EDT
The Taliban Rap. by A.Rex M’ Homeys ain’t no commies, no, they be the Taliban, A bunch O’ fanatics callin’ “getting’ our a**es kicked;” Jihad. YO! M’ name’s Bin Laden, & my crib be in a cave, ‘cause right now m’ a**’s bein’ bomb’d by U.S. of A. YO! We got our women cover’d in cloth, and our kids got AK’s And our Jerry Garcia beards ain’t jus’ a trendy phase. But we ain’t no hippys! No we can’t stand peace! So take your Berkley Birkenstocks, and stick ‘em someplace deep. Got that thing on m’ head… (besides the price), you’ve seen it there, That be the turban coverin’ the smoke from my hair. That’s right, last night, those bombs came a little close, My homeys Omar, Shikhar, and Akhmad is all but toast! YO! I am FAMOUS, don’t get me wrong, you’ve seen me coast to coast! Got my pics on posters, on the news, and in Sniper’s scopes. Uh-huh, So far I’ve been lucky. That’s right, Willy Clinton was the man! He kept me outta trouble, but Bush’s gona Nuke Afghanistan! G.W. Uh-huh, that boy G. He be talkin’ like he got a contract out on me. What it be, that I’d like to see, But no way fool, No I ain’t afraid! I’m just down here in the dark, ‘cause I like livin’ in a cave. Good acoustics brutha, good for makin’ raps, And good for keeping my OBL’s a** from steppin’ in a trap. Truth, those U.S. Special Ops, they be a nasty bunch, I hear they eat pork, C-rats, and bugs and would eat my a** for lunch. But MY homeys ain’t no p*ssys, They’re almost all Sixteen! You should see what they can do to a flag with gasoline. And our stinky unbathed stench, is Bio-warfare all alone! E.T. made a visit once, and his a** went headin’ home! So bring it on you Yankees, bring in your tanks and guns, Come get it on in Afghanistan and let’s start havin’ fun. Make sure you bring some ammo, make sure you bring some beer Cause what started on September 11th, is gona finish here. [+]:D]
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